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Sun Kissed Tanning Tips PowerPoint Presentation
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Sun Kissed Tanning Tips

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Sun Kissed Tanning Tips - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Sun Kissed Tanning Tips

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sun kissed

Sun Kissed

Tanning Tips

Bask in sun to get the perfect summer

glow with these 5 tanning tips!

Moistur?in? & Hydratin?

Moisturize your skin the night before you plan to

sunbathe, concentrating more on areas that tend to

dry quickly or else it may lead to uneven tan. Also

keep yourself hydrated by drinking plenty of liquids

when you are exposed to the sun.

Protec? Your Eye?

While sunbathing, there can be direct sunlight

exposure so make sure that you wear a hat or keep

your eyes closed so that your eyes do not get burnt

away, a phenomena known as photo keratitis.

Avoi? Over?p?ur?  T? UV Ray?

Overexposure to sun may cause sunburns. The

United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

says that UV strength is greatest from 10 a.m. to 4

p.m. during sunny summer days. Thus, choose the

right time for an outdoor sun-based tan.

Ea? Su? – Friendl? Foo?

Dark Chocolate is packed with flavonoids that

prevents sunburns and caffeine helps to lower the

risks of Skin Cancer. An antioxidant found in

tomatoes, other red and orange fruits and veggies

helps to protect from the sun.

Us? A Sunscree? To?

Sunscreens labeled "broad-

spectrum" provide protection

against both UVB and UVA rays.

They help to prevent additional

skin damage so don't forget to

apply a lotion every two hours to

avoid getting sun burnt.

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