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Niche Mini Sites Income - Practical Tips

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Niche Mini Sites Income - Practical Tips - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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My unsuccessful experience with niche mini sites. It's income potential. Why it may not be the best option for you. And tips for building profitable niche blogs if you want to.

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Niche Mini Sites My Failed Dreams With Small Niche Content Blogs And Back To What is Really Profitable!

What were my expectations? How did it get dashed? What is most profitable? Visit the link below to read full article…

niche mini sites
Niche Mini Sites
  • You've probably heard about how profitable niche mini sites can be from someone who has had reasonable success with it.
  • And you're wondering if starting a niche blog might just be the right move for you now to make some quick money or increase your online earnings.
  • It could just be. But then, maybe it wouldn't.
  • Find out from a practical experience. Visit…
my experience with niche mini sites and niche site income
My Experience with Niche Mini Sites And Niche Site Income
  • May last year I announced a mini niche site challenge after seeing the success a blogger had with it.
  • I prepared for it as much as I knew how. I did a thorough research, optimized my blog, wrote quality keyword-focused content and built quality backlinks.
  • After about 10 months old the site is still not making any real money and worth only $150. After all the time I put in and abandoning my primary site. Is that what you call profitable?
  • Read full story…
what is really profitable business online
What is Really Profitable Business Online
  • Except in exceptional cases , successful niche site monthly income is nothing much, usually between $100-300. In few cases up to $500.
  • The only way you can build a long term income with it is if you build several of them and take them to success, which is a lot of work.
  • So to build a passive income of $2000 from niche mini sites you'll have to build at least 4 of them. Whereas a single authority site can easily make you more money than that. Read full article and get more tips. Visit…