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Dog Mobility Power Pack PowerPoint Presentation
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Dog Mobility Power Pack

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Dog Mobility Power Pack
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Dog Mobility Power Pack

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  1. Mobility Power Pack 1-888-524-7247

  2. K9 | Mobility™ This powder supplement is liver-flavored for your dog’s enjoyment, and contains natural ingredients that have been proven to improve joint health and mobility. Benefits of Mobility One ingredient that has been shown to be clinically effective in safely improving joint health is NEM® (Natural Eggshell Membrane). NEM®, is an innovative dietary supplement that contains naturally occurring polysaccharides and proteins essential for maintaining healthy cartilage and the surrounding synovial fluid. It works by reducing joint pain and stiffness so that your dog can enjoy a greater range of activity. K9 Mobility is the first known supplement to combine Hyaluronic Acid with the other well known joint health products including, MSN (Methylsulfonylmethane), Glucosamine and Chondroitin. Combining K9 Mobility with food encourages the optimal intake and absorption of this unique supplement.

  3. K9 | ArthroMaxx™ These wafers are specially developed to support your pet’s diet and maintain healthy cartilage and joint function. Plus, it comes in a yummy chicken flavor that your dog will love! Combine traditional and proven herbal treatments. Using an integrated approach offers your dog the best chance. Following this herbal treatment, you can help your pet to reduce joint inflammation and improve health. With the combinations of K9 ArthroMaxx, K9 Mobility, and K9 Omega, you can help your dog to increase their movement in later age.

  4. K9 | Omega™ K9 Omega is the top quality fish oil supplement for dogs to increase cellular repair during cancer treatment.  K9 Omega is comprised of fatty acids 3, 6, and 9 for optimum cellular repair. Monthly Power Packs are simple, convenient and save you money!Save month by the month! You can save up to 21% when purchasing a one-month Power Pack. The Mobility Power Pack includes a one month supply of supply of these three supplements: You will receive K9 Mobility, a supplement that relieves inflammation in joints; K9 Arthromaxx, a compound that supports cartilage and joint function, and K9 Omega, fish oil. Ready to Purchase?

  5. Thank You! 1-888-4-PETMIX 1-888-473-8649