true dogs llc provide high quality long lasting n.
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High Quality Power Chewer Dog Toys PowerPoint Presentation
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High Quality Power Chewer Dog Toys

High Quality Power Chewer Dog Toys

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High Quality Power Chewer Dog Toys

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  1. True Dogs, LLC provide high quality, long- lasting dog toys. Many people think of dogs playing with their toys while they are at home alone, and the family is out at work or school. But not every toy is safe for your pup to be left alone with. The materials a dog toy is constructed from and how it's put together are very important when it comes to durability. 1

  2.  At True Dogs, LLC we specialize in dog toys and treats that are made right here in the USA. Our products are good for your dog. We’re committed to doing business in ways that are good for people and the planet.  We use natural rubber for toys. Soft rubber toys are great for puppies who are teething.  Our Power Chewer Dog Toys are durable and easy to clean. Our high quality interactive dog toys are suitable for all dog sizes. 2

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  4. Dog toys are outstanding psychological stimulators that give confidence active play and minimize periods of boredom to the dogs. It helps to reduce the risk of destructive behaviours obvious in your pet dogs. or mind seeking 4

  5. At True Dogs, LLC we think it matters what you put in your dog’s mouth. That’s why we use natural rubber. Natural rubber comes from trees and is a renewable resource. Our products are good for you, your dog, and the planet. 5

  6. Dogs love toys, and the thing they love most about toys is destroying them. Dog toys are mostly important for those small puppies that are growing their teeth and their gums get paining. Our Super Chewer Dog Toys are durable, easy to clean and relatively safe. 6

  7. $1199 With a durable rope attached, the grenade becomes an ideal reward toy/prey toy for your working K9. 7

  8. $1599 Durable natural rubber Training Dummy that floats and squeaks. Designed for dogs 30- 65 lbs/15-30 kg. Perfect for working with dogs on retrieving skills on land and in water 8

  9. Boulder, Colorado, USA 435-760-0778 9