The ROI of Enterprise Search:
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The ROI of Enterprise Search: Increase Revenue, Reduce Cost, Reduce Risk Robert Tennant CEO, Recommind Gilbane Conference, November 2007. Recommind Background. What we do

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The ROI of Enterprise Search:

Increase Revenue,

Reduce Cost,Reduce Risk

Robert Tennant

CEO, Recommind

Gilbane Conference, November 2007

Recommind background l.jpg
Recommind Background

What we do

  • Enterprise-class search, categorization and eDiscovery systems for organizations with large, dynamic information environments

  • Recognized leader in the legal industry; also strong in media and pharma

  • Rapidly growing leadership position amongst financial, energy, healthcare and government

    How we do it

  • Award winning, patented, concept-based search platform provides the industry’s most accurate and automated search results

  • Focus on using sophisticated search and categorization technology to address specific, critical business issues

    Who we are

  • Based in San Francisco with offices in New York, Chicago, Atlanta, London and Bonn

  • Founded 2000; privately held, profitable

Users are lost in information overload l.jpg
Users Are Lost in Information Overload of Large Organizations

Legal Holds


Enterprise Search
















Collaboration System

File Shares

Records Management

Document Management

Content Management

Time Tracking


Pfizer makes key investment in its information architecture l.jpg
Pfizer Makes Key Investment in its Information Architecture of Large Organizations

Fortune 39

Revenues: $50 Billion+

Employees: 100,000

Worldwide Offices: 100+

  • Deploying MindServer Legal Enterprise Search & Projects & Expertise

  • Ties into Senior Management Initiative to improve efficiencies in the office of the Corporate Counsel

  • Connecting multiple information systems holding both unstructured and structured information (e.g. Documentum, File Shares, Notes, etc)

“ Pfizer needs to improve its information architecture if it is to be able to continue to scale and improve its business. Organizing and finding the information people need in the organization is no longer an option, it is a requirement that can not be ignored.”

- Senior Management, Pfizer

Novartis implements radar for their information cockpit l.jpg
Novartis Implements RADAR For Their Information ‘Cockpit’

Fortune 168

Revenues: $37 Billion+

Employees: 100,000+

Worldwide Offices: 140+

  • Deploying MindServer Enterprise Search & Projects & Expertise

  • Realization of Knowledge Management initiative to build virtual teams to work together efficiently and effectively across offices

  • Connecting 13 different internal information systems (intranets, Documentum, Notes, file shares, etc) and 14 external for-fee and free sources (including Allen & Overy, PLC, and the FDA)

“ The most important benefit Recommind delivers is easy access to existing information that users were unaware existed.”

- Head of Information Management, Novartis

Morrison foerster connects it all with mindserver l.jpg
Morrison & Foerster Connects It All With MindServer ‘Cockpit’

AM Law 25

Revenues: $750 Million +

Employees: 3,000

Worldwide Offices: 15 +

  • First Firm to Deploy Projects & Expertise Across Firm

  • Indexed Document Management System, HR Databases, Matter

  • Databases, Elite Information, Precedent Library, ….

  • Latest roll out includes Interaction (CRM), FileSurf (Records), and

  • Portal (SharePoint)

“Sharing knowledge across our distributed firm is imperative for our ability to scale and succeed as a global firm”

- Oz Benamram

Director of Knowledge Management

Where is the value of information access in this use case l.jpg
Where Is The Value of Information Access (In this Use Case)? ‘Cockpit’

  • Enterprise Search

    • Productivity and lower frustration from being able to find things

  • Business Intelligence

    • Understanding customer needs

    • Understanding internal projects and expenses

  • Expertise Identification

    • Understanding internal expertise/resources

    • Understanding who customers are and what is being done for them

  • Litigation/Legal Hold

    • Legal compliance – required by FRCP

  • E-mail management

    • For legal compliance, for productivity, for collaboration

  • E-Discovery

    • For substantively lower legal bills

Accessing information l.jpg
Accessing Information ‘Cockpit’

Enterprise Search

Expertise Identification

Global Client Analysis

Business Intelligence

Litigation/Legal Hold

Slide11 l.jpg

Search Results ‘Cockpit’

Slide12 l.jpg

Filtering Results ‘Cockpit’

Slide13 l.jpg

Document View ‘Cockpit’

Slide14 l.jpg

People Results ‘Cockpit’

Slide15 l.jpg

Person View ‘Cockpit’

Slide16 l.jpg

Customer Results ‘Cockpit’

Slide17 l.jpg

Contact Results ‘Cockpit’

Slide18 l.jpg

Project View ‘Cockpit’

Value to the organization l.jpg
Value to the Organization ‘Cockpit’

  • “Soft Costs”

    • Productivity Gain:

      • 25% of Junior lawyer time is spent searching (25% of which is wasted time)

         Lost productivity ~= $7.8M annually

    • Revenue Gain:

      • Finding information that otherwise wouldn’t be found

        • Priceless (at least $1M annually of business otherwise lost)

  • “Hard Costs”

    • $2.5M annually of actual recorded revenue is written off as a result of inefficient search

    • Other hard costs: actual staff reduced, etc.

  • Organizing information l.jpg
    Organizing Information ‘Cockpit’

    Email Filing




    Value to the organization24 l.jpg
    Value to the Organization ‘Cockpit’

    • “Soft Costs”

      • Productivity Gain:

        • New project team members take significantly less time to come up to speed.

          • ~= $ 3-4M in productivity recovered

      • Revenue Gain:

        • Finding information that otherwise wouldn’t be found

          • Priceless

  • “Hard Costs”

    • Secretarial pool is now 17% smaller  $2.5M in annual savings

  • Managing risk l.jpg
    Managing Risk ‘Cockpit’

    Next Generation e-Discovery

    Document Review

    Categorization & Analysis

    Slide26 l.jpg

    Screenshot ‘Cockpit’

    Value to organization l.jpg
    Value to Organization ‘Cockpit’

    • US companies face huge amounts of litigation — $1 billion-plus companies average 556 lawsuits each

    • On average 50-60% of those require retrieval of electronic data

      • Legal Hold

        • The average litigation hold/retrieval at a typical company costs that organization $35,000 (some are much more expensive (Intel))

          • The math: 278 x 35,000 = $9.7M annually

      • E-Discovery Production/Review

        • Can range up to $5-10M a production!

    • Not just eDiscovery costs: Judgments and fines:

      • $1.4 billion, $253 million, and $29.2 million…..

  • Takeaways?

    • Talk to your legal department!!

  • Slide28 l.jpg

    Questions? ‘Cockpit’