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Top 5 Reasons to Intern at Electronic Arts PowerPoint Presentation
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Top 5 Reasons to Intern at Electronic Arts

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Top 5 Reasons to Intern at Electronic Arts
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Top 5 Reasons to Intern at Electronic Arts

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  3. Top 5 Reasons to Intern at Electronic Arts PRESENTATION TITLE

  4. Reason #1: Quality of Work • Interns are hired to perform significant work, not to pour coffee, answer the phone, and surf the net! • Each department considers its interns a valuable asset, and expects them to deliver! • Examples: • Marketing: Web development, production and execution of marketing plans for current and future products. • Creative services: Packaging for The Sims, technical writing for various game manuals. • Engineering: A.I. programming for Bond 3. • Animation: Background crowds for Tiger Woods 2004. • Lighting/Rendering: Lighting for Lord of the Rings ROTK. • IT: Programming for Oracle ERP database.

  5. Reason #2: EA Academy Organization • EA’s internship program is carefully organized and executed to maximize the work experience! • List of objectives/expectations prepared upon arrival; detailed feedback on your work throughout the work period. • Weekly lunch seminars with key EA leaders from various areas within the organization. • -Bing Gordon: One of EA’s original founders • -Tom Frisina: VP - Worldwide Distribution • -Nancy Smith: EVP – North America Marketing • -Rusty Rueff: SVP - Human Resources • -Will Wright: Creator of The Sims, et al

  6. Reason #3: Other Interns & Employees • Large internship program features interaction with students from other schools across the country: • -U. of Oregon Sports Marketing • -Carnegie Mellon Engineering • -Ringling School of Animation • Work with the “best of the best.” Gain insight from the knowledge of your peers!

  7. Reason #4: EA Culture State-of-the-art fitness center

  8. Reason #4: EA Culture Two modern, full-service cafeterias

  9. Reason #4: EA Culture Lunchtime soccer, sand volleyball, etc.

  10. Reason #4: EA Culture Got Games?

  11. Reason #4: EA Culture • Any company can provide great amenities. What truly sets EA apart is the environment in general: • EVERYONE TRULY ENJOYS THEIR JOB!!!

  12. Reason #5: Location, Location, Location • EAHQ: Redwood City, California • 20-30 minutes south of San Francisco • Home of soon-to-be world series champions! • Weekend activities galore…

  13. Where do I sign up?????? • The best way to apply for an internship is to use EA's online recruiting system, EA Recruiter. • Register with EA Recruiter and establish a search agent that will automatically notify you when EA Academy positions become available. • Potential interns must be currently enrolled in school. We also will make exceptions for new college grads that have not been out of school longer than 6 months

  14. Resume/Portfolio Submissions: What we want to see • Reel Format:Where at all possible, please use a VHS tape that is clearly labeled with your name and the position for which you are applying. • If using CDs or web sites to convey your skill, the contents should be easily accessible - Adobe® PhotoShop® or JPEG files for textures and other images, Microsoft® Word documents for resumes, etc. • If movies or videos are included, please be sure to encode it in a self-executable file or include a shareware / freeware copy of any programs required to open your files. • Portfolios will not be returned. Please be sure not to include original artwork. As with the demo reel, it should include a good cross-section of your skills and abilities.

  15. Resume/Portfolio Submissions: What we want to see • The following are suggestions for work you may want to include in your reel: • It's important to have an understanding of at least one 3D package (Maya or 3D Studio Max) • If possible, include a 2D portfolio with still renders (wire frame / shaded / then textured). • Indicate poly counts. • Include time estimates of how long it took to make something. • Display level of detail (LOD) experience. • Include work that displays or includes: • Excellent understanding of form, proportion and composition • Drawing skills • Concept sketches (preferably with a follow-up of the execution of the concept) • Model sheets • Life drawing, including still life • Color marker comps, etc

  16. Resume/Portfolio Submissions: What we want to see • Animator • Include animations that demonstrate weight, good timing and fluid, overlapping motion. • Try to convey emotion with your character's movements. • Include a human walk cycle (avoid using only robots in your animations). • If possible, include samples of traditional animation, which will display your knowledge of animation fundamentals. • Object/World Builder • Reels should show diversity and flexibility. Include a variety of model types such as animals, machines, cars, environments, etc. Avoid using spaceships and robots. • Try to include both realistic and fanciful worlds and objects. • Show a textured and an untextured version of the same model in a well-lit environment. • If possible show a pencil sketch and a 3D model built from the sketch. • Turnarounds: 360 views of models. Original models are best - it's far easier to copy an existing model than to create your own.

  17. Resume/Portfolio Submissions: What we want to see • Character Modeler • Experience with skeleton creation. (Shown in wireframe on model, will demonstrate joint placement.) Also include facial models and rigs. • Experience with models that match production sketches. • Models should be properly weighted and proportioned. • Include samples of figure drawing, maquettes or sculptures. • Show an understanding of more than just low poly modeling - hi res, spline, etc. • Turnarounds: 360 views of models. • Please include wireframe models on a turntable being sure to include the software used and polygon count in the attached reel breakdown. • Texture Artists • Include samples of drawings and/or paintings, which display an understanding of value and colour. • Display a familiarity with Adobe PhotoShop, Painter™ and/or other 2 and 3D painting tools. • Show samples of work from photographic reference. • Try to include samples of seamless, tiled textures.

  18. Resume/Portfolio Submissions: What we want to see • Concept artists • 2D portfolio is the most important. • Effective storyboards that convey the action and cameras of a scene. • Ideally would show concept art before and after use eg: drawing - model sheets - models. • A wide variety of subject matters and styles is very important. • The ability to mimic styles is important. • Display that you know how to do model sheets. • Show lighting experience and the ability to communicate that visually. • Display an understanding of how art translates to NTSC. • It may be beneficial to show some experience with textures (smaller sizes, etc.).

  19. Next Gen Game Makers • Pattern of achievement • Love of media and gaming • Experience or education • Computer science • Visual engineering and art • Design

  20. Join Us. We See Farther! Phillip Gee Lisa Dennis