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  1. MINI CONTACT CENTER An Offshore Contact Center To Take Care Of Your Secretarial Needs Aaragon BPO Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

  2. An Introduction To A New Concept Every call is an important call; it could be a new customer calling to place orders, an irate customer who needs to be pacified or an existing customer calling to find out about delivery schedules. Small businesses may find it difficult and expensive to have a contact center which can handle large number of customer calls. Also small businesses as well as home based businesses need constant attention, but the owners cannot be around at all times. This leaves the customer with an unattended voice messages hampering the efficiency of your business and a direct loss! So why not have your own contact centre dedicated to you and your business? Sounds expensive and impossible,? Well worry not! We have just made it simpler for you. Our Contact Centre Solution created especially for small business and professionals will take care of most customer needs. Aaragon BPO Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

  3. What do we provide? • Tele-marketing • Making cold calls to prospective customers and marketing your products or services. • Tele assisting • Answering customer calls and inquiries, giving product or service information. • Order Taking and processing • Accepting orders and processing them for quick execution. • Email Processing • Answering to queries on email. • Vendor Management • Talking to vendors for deliveries, prices and schedules, order processing and tracking. • Logistics Management • Managing orders & deliveries as per customer schedules. • Appointment Management • Managing your daily appointments and meeting schedules Aaragon BPO Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

  4. Where would all this be done? • Your contact centre will be located at our state of the art facility in Mumbai-India. Yes, it will be an offshore centre without your client ever knowing that the call has reached us in India. • Our smart and well spoken operators are trained to speak with an accent suitable for the American audience. They are polite, well mannered and trained to handle almost any kind of customer calls. • Using the VoIP technology, you will have a US based number which could also be toll-free. Using the VPN technology ,we could connect to you and your office as well. Your current number could also be diverted to the VoIP based numbers so you need not loose your original numbers. • We will be working as per your work timings and could provide round-the-clock services,if required. Aaragon BPO Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

  5. Price Advantage- Our USP! • Since we are located in India, we do have the price advantage over a local US Contact Centre. Saving you a whooping 65-70% on such expenses and making you and your precious staff free to carry on with more important and focused activities. • Price depends upon the services you require, the number of people you need dedicated to your business etc. You could send us an email and we will be more than happy to give you a suitable quote. • You could start with a lesser number of people and then build up or ramp up with an increase in business and confidence in our services. But we are sure not to let you down! Aaragon BPO Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

  6. Who would need our services ? • Small Business Enterprises • Home based portals or small to medium B2Cs or B2Bs • Shops – Customer relations, loyalty cards • Restaurants – Loyalty Cards programs • Franchisees • Professionals like doctors, lawyers, interior designers, architects, consultants etc. for their offices and clinics. • Website and portal owners for managing their portals. Aaragon BPO Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

  7. CUSTOMER Using VoIP Telephony Email Web Portals Clients US Office V P N Vendors CONTACT CENTER Customer Relations Order Processing Tele-Marketing & Cold Calling Vendor Management Appointment Management Logistic Cos COMPLETE CUSTOMER CARE AND SATISFACTION , 0 CALLS LOST &  IN BUSINESS AND SALES! How Does This Work? Aaragon BPO Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

  8. Case Studies – Nick • Nick owns a successful e-business in California, which also requires him to travel frequently. Although he does have staff at his small home based office in LA, expanding became difficult and expensive. By shifting his contact centre to us, Nick has reduced his expenses by almost 35% and has a 6% loss of calls as compared to 23% earlier. Nick is now expanding business by adding three new lines of business to his existing portal! Aaragon BPO Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

  9. Case Studies – TPL • TPL is a dynamic and upcoming pharmaceutical business with its manufacturing base in India and 5 marketing offices in USA producing zero results! This led to huge losses . By appointing us as its back office partner, we increased sales of their pharma products by having a dedicated sales team of 3 agents to call prospective users and sales zoomed. Now their US offices only manage logistics and deliveries! Aaragon BPO Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

  10. Contact Us AaragonBPO Solutions Pvt. Ltd. A111, Rd. No. 18, Wagle Estate Thane (W). Mumbai. INDIA Tel: + 91 22 2583 4534 / 4535 E-mail : URL: Write to the CEO Aaragon BPO Solutions Pvt. Ltd.