life long learning for the standards professional l.
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Life-Long Learning for the Standards Professional

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Life-Long Learning for the Standards Professional - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Life-Long Learning for the Standards Professional William E. Kelly Professor of Civil Engineering The Catholic University of America Washington, DC SES Annual Conference New Orleans, LA August 12, 2003 ABET Update ABET – “Engineering standards” required in current criteria for engineering

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life long learning for the standards professional

Life-Long Learning for the Standards Professional

William E. KellyProfessor of Civil EngineeringThe Catholic University of AmericaWashington, DC

SES Annual Conference New Orleans, LA August 12, 2003

abet update
ABET Update
  • ABET – “Engineering standards” required in current criteria for engineering
  • Does not appear to be major stumbling block
  • What it means in different engineering areas still being defined
ansi education update
ANSI Education Update
  • Education committee
  • Current activities
ansi ad hoc committee on standards awareness and education
  • Oversees and Coordinates ANSI’s Education and Outreach Initiatives to fulfill National Standards Strategy (Formed in March 2001)
  • Committee Goal: Develop a long term strategy to include standards in engineering and business schools, to educate the next generation of business leaders on the strategic impact of standards and conformity assessment
  • ANSI Board voted to make the Committee a permanent committee on May 2, 2003
current activities
Current Activities
  • E-Learning
    • “Why Standards Matter” – free
    • Fee-based courses “U.S. Standards System”; “International Standards System” (in preparation)
  • Outreach to faculty – engineering, business, public policy
    • Mailings
    • E-learning
  • Broaden committee participation
formal education is short
Formal education is short!
  • No matter how well we prepare the standards professionals of the future in college, most of what they learn will still be on the job.
  • All engineering graduates have some exposure to engineering standards and they are also expected to have “a recognition of the need for, and an ability to engage in life-long learning.”
  • Students use the Internet as an integral part of their on-campus learning and will be prepared to use the web as an integral part of their learning on the job.
  • ANSI’s leaning portal is a good place to introduce on-line learning for standards.
  • For engineers, there are a number of opportunities to build on students’ college on-line learning experiences.
  • For example, some engineering licensure examinations include questions on codes and standards and on-line courses that address these topics would help them prepare for the exam and build their standards knowledge.
continuing education
Continuing Education
  • State continuing education requirements for licensure
  • On-line courses on standards topics could be used to earn the required professional development hours (PDHs).
  • Opportunity for SES and other organizations like ANSI to provide on-line courses to fulfill these requirements and build an engineer’s standards knowledge.
continuing education9
Continuing Education
  • Universities
  • Professional societies
  • Recognition of CEU
  • Certification
specialty certification
Specialty Certification
  • Specialty certification increasingly important in engineering and may be used along with licensure (or alone) and education to define the engineering practitioner of the future.
  • Certification is increasingly important in all professions
  • SES’s well-established certification program could fill a need here.
  • Accredited personnel certification
body of knowledge
Body of Knowledge
  • University training
  • Life-long learning
  • Certification
  • Define for
    • Standards professional
    • Engineering
    • Business
    • Public policy
  • As certification becomes more important as a credential in professional practice, recognition of the certifying organization will increase in importance.
  • ANSI is now accrediting personnel certifiers to the new ISO/IEC 17024 standard – “Conformity Assessment – General requirements for bodies operating certification of persons.”
  • A guidance document is being developed by the IAF which would ultimately mean mutual recognition and mobility for the certification holder.
charting the future
Charting the Future
  • Life-long learning and all that this entails including e learning, continuing education, and certification will be important to all professionals including the “new” standards professionals.
  • Working together, the standards profession must define how this is to be accomplished for standards professionals and can also play an important role in defining life-long learning for all professionals.