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New Trends in eLearning On Learning Objects Terminology Quality Organisations / Institutions/ Projects LOs Evaluation PowerPoint Presentation
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New Trends in eLearning On Learning Objects Terminology Quality Organisations / Institutions/ Projects LOs Evaluation

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New Trends in eLearning On Learning Objects Terminology Quality Organisations / Institutions/ Projects LOs Evaluation - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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New Trends in eLearning On Learning Objects Terminology Quality Organisations / Institutions/ Projects LOs Evaluation Integrating RSS-LOM and weblogs in Timsoft VLE eLearn TS. Carmen Holotescu - Director Timsoft Ltd, Romania What means eLearning

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Presentation Transcript
New Trends in eLearning
  • On Learning Objects Terminology
  • Quality Organisations / Institutions/ Projects
  • LOs Evaluation
  • Integrating RSS-LOM and weblogs inTimsoft VLE eLearnTS

Carmen Holotescu - Director Timsoft Ltd, Romania

What means eLearning
    • eLearning means the use of multimedia technologies and Internet

quality materials, simulations

 online resources

 collaboration, sharing,


Current situation
  • “eLearning: Designing tomorrow’s education” initiative – CE, 24 May 2000
  • eLearning Europa
  • Many schools and universities offer online modules for their courses, online courses, or even degrees online; 75% companies use eLearning in their training programs
  • eLearning Romanian Projects – universities, schools, firms
  • Accreditation: by the Open Distance Learning ( ODL ) Commission of the Ministry of Education, Research and Youth
  • eLearning Programme 2004-2006: “Promotion of digital literacy, creation of European virtual campuses, e-Twinning of schools in Europe and promotion of teacher training and transversal actions for the promotion of e-learning in Europe”
New trends in eLearning
  • Learning Objects - LO - a bit of reusable digital content that can support learning
    • RSS-LOM
  • Repositories - LO repository is a system for organizing and managing learning objects ( static )
  • Content Syndication - instead of packaging and distributing content, access to original content is made available to a wider audience on an as-needed basis -> immediacy and flexibility
    • weblogs, RSS - World Live Web
  • Personalisation - content selection, based on individual needs
  • Learning Environments - using simulations to support learning, open for communication, syndication

Stephen Downes ( ):

From Classrooms to Learning Environments: A Midrange Projection of E-Leaning Technologies -

Learning Object Terminology

Rory McGreal - Learning Objects: A Practical Definition

2003 - Stephen Downes RSS-LOM Standard: RSS is a LO implementation -
  • LOs Syndication
Quality Organisations / Institutions/ Projects (1)

  • Multiple perspectives of quality in e-learning
  • To find a concept for handling this multitude.
Quality Organisations / Institutions/ Projects (2)

Education-Observatories  - - eLearning related projects carried on by the MENON Network

    • eLearning policies (eWATCH and POLE)
    • eLearning market, practices and research developments (L-Change)
    • eLearning measurement through ad hoc indicators (DELOS)
    • eLearning products and processes quality (SEEQUEL)
    • eLearning projects and practices adopted in EU funded actions(eLearn)
    • students' perspectives and expectations on eLearning (SPOT+)
    • regional dimensions of eLearning (ReLL)
    • future development scenarios (L-Change and LEONIE)
Quality Organisations / Institutions/ Projects (3)

Objectives:To produce a common reference methodological framework for Quality in ODL in Europe, taking into account cultural differences, experiences, needs and best practices, linked to ongoing normalisation work.


Forum: framework where the Commission, Member States and the social partners cooperate to improve the quality of vocational training

Quality Organisations / Institutions/ Projects (4)
  • in USA

Quality Matters - Project implemented bySloan Consortium - to help learning organizations continually improve the quality, scale, and breadth of their online programs

Quality Organisations / Institutions/ Projects (5)
  • Lifia - Learning Innovations Forum – Canada -
  • EIfEL - European Institute for E-Learning -
    • The Open eQuality Learning Standards - Open eQLs – European Pan-American Agreement
LOs Evaluation

Projects which establish LOs Quality criteria. The last 4 projects provided methodologies to assess the quality:

  • Wisc-Online -
  • Reusable Learning Objects - Queensland Department of Employment and Training, Australia -
  • Project DESIRE - Development of a European Service for Information on Research and Education -
  • MERLOT - Multimedia Educational Resource for Learning and Online Teaching (MERLOT)
  • LORI – Learning Object Review Instrument - in eLera – E-Learning Research and Assesment network -
  • Stephen Downes “Projecting Quality” Proposal presented at MADLaT Conference ( ) -
  • Westhern University of Timisoara: A Predictive Model for Learning Objects Quality Evaluation
Timsoft experience in eLearning
  • Timsoft Ltd – - is an active actor in eLearning:
    • Products:
      • eLearnTS - Virtual Learning Environment - with versions in Romanian and English, which is used for online courses, online communities, e-collaboration, online workshops
      • IntraTS– Intranet application for information management, communication and collaboration
      • eTestTS–for online testing – dynamic building of online modules and questionnairs.
    • offers online courses – IT, Management, Councelling, Training the eTrainers
      • for 3 universities, firms, individual learners
    • hosts Romanian eLearning Community
    • eJournal; Weblog; eLearning Resources
    • organizes international online workshops – partner e-Learning Centre UK –
    • Partner in Educational Projects
  • Authoring system - An authoring component used by the space administrators in creation and edition of the materials.
  • Registration system - The database with the participants specific information.
  • A content delivery function - The content may be in the form of text, images, sounds, animations.
  • A navigation model - Syllabus, members list, links, search. Students Portfolios
  • Synchronous tools - Chat-room allows the members to communicate in real time between them and with the instructors; Live Chat .
  • Asynchronous tools - public,private,gated conferences
  • Security system - A component for controlling the access to the virtual environment.
  • VLE was recently extended with RSS feed, RSS-LOM Editor, authoring tool based on XML for tutorials, evaluation
Integrating RSS-LOM in eLearnTS
    • build/import modules as RSS-LOM
    • blogs, links collections described as RSS-LOM
    • LOs as RSS-LOM are freely distributed, can be also imported in LOM compliant LMSs
    • standards aggregators/RSS readers are used: Bloglines, Serence
    • OPML file similar with a repository
    • personalization, evaluation
RSS-LOM Editor
    • Used the LOM metadata presented in International LOM Survey: Report -
    • RSS-LOM modified for syndication using standard aggregators
Syndication –

RSS-LOM LOs are published using

standard aggregators: search, evaluation, personalization

RSS-LOM, RSS, weblogs used in Timsoft online courses
    • RSS-LOM – courses modules, resources
    • RSS collections proposed by facilitators, participants
    • Private RSS for each course – announcements, new messages
    • Weblogs – ePortofolio
  • RSS Reader -