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embedding e learning engaging your organisation l.
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Embedding e-learning Engaging your organisation PowerPoint Presentation
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Embedding e-learning Engaging your organisation

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Embedding e-learning Engaging your organisation
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Embedding e-learning Engaging your organisation

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  1. Embedding e-learningEngaging your organisation Policing Learning Technologies Conference 2nd April 2008 Laura Overton Director, Towards Maturity Project Feedback from workshop delegates on the day is included in this presentation in purple Please do not reproduce without permission

  2. How engaged is your organisation? 1 With Learning in general? Overall rate about 7/10 10 With Learning Technology? Overall rate about 2 or 3 /10

  3. Engaging your organisation with learning Technologies What challenges to you currently face? How do we measure outcomes? Technical infrastructure Managerial barriers – business rules and attitudes Trainer capability and attitude Learner motivation Content not perceived to have value No protected learning time No Ownership/validation Miss selling by managers ( mandated learning as interesting) Enagement with learning No senior management buy in or lead by example Not integrated into other offerings Bad experiences in past Please see examples in resources (last page) of how other organisations have addressed some of these issues

  4. Challenges to increasing use of e-learning in next 3 years

  5. Where do we want to be?

  6. Who are the most influential stakeholders in your Police Force? Greatest supporters? Greatest supporters across different forces included Project managers, in force learning mentors, chief officers, area commanders, trainers, learners Greatest challenge/ gatekeeper? This same list also appeared in other forces as the greatest gatekeepers Via the elearning advisory group - can you start to encourage peer to peer engagement across forces eg get an engaged chief officer to create a podcast interview that can be used with others etc

  7. L&D staff Senior Management Sponsors within the force Line Management Learners Local learning Champions Engaging Stakeholders – Who and why? Build vision Create priority Define success Own specific initiatives Incorporate learning as part of solution Influence management & define success Influence and motivate individuals Allocate time Support Participate in training Apply knowledge Improve performance Motivate, engage and support Ensure local relevance

  8. Top 3 stakeholders • Those new to e-learning influenced more by Training Department and support functions (HR,IT) • Mature users place learners and line managers as most significant stakeholders in success

  9. Engaging key stakeholders • Engaging appropriate stakeholders at the right implementation stages • Asking the right questions using the right language Examples provided – using management to help define outcomes at the beginning so that they are engaged before you get to demonstrating value Use learners in design process Use pilot evidence (from peers) to engage others in the main role out Review your last pieces of communication to your audience ( email, promotion web site etc) Put a red line through any jargon - what are you left with? ( learning jargon or technology jargon)

  10. Business Need • Individual Need • Alignment to Strategy • Expectation of results • L&D skills currency • Learning Design • Supporting Learners • Assessment • Learner/business • Feedback • Measurement • Communicating benefit Defining impact/ Results required Building Capability Learner Context Demonstrating Value Ensuring engagement Work Context • Business context • Technical environment • Managerial support • Skills and Attitudes • Influencing Stakeholders • Peer to peer collaboration • Informal Learning • Empowerment • Learner’s environment • Motivation • Work life balance

  11. Action plan for 3rd April!

  12. Resources • www.Towardsmaturity.com • Please register to Towards Maturity for ongoing access to free case studies. • The following case studies may also provide insights to some of the challenges identified earlier: • BAE Systems – engaged learners and senior managers, address issues of previous bad experience, strong integration with work • Care UK - demonstrating value and aligning to needs, engaging learners and managers • Frontline – engaging stakeholder across locations, use of communities to link staff together, strong integration with work delivery, innovation • NHS – varying IT infrastructure, enaging business with design • Other employer stories also found at on Towards Maturity site