decision making at ud l.
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Decision Making at UD

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Decision Making at UD Prepare: What is My Character? What are the things I value? What wisdom does my faith tradition, my family, and other communities I belong to bring to this situation? What kind of person do I want to become? Case Study

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prepare what is my character
Prepare: What is My Character?
  • What are the things I value?
  • What wisdom does my faith tradition, my family, and other communities I belong to bring to this situation?
  • What kind of person do I want to become?
case study
Case Study

You are a first-year student at UD, and close to panic! There is just no way you can juggle your current load of schoolwork and your part-time work-study job, your responsibilities to Ghetto Force, UD’s ultimate Frisbee team, and your romance with your significant other. A crisis is coming because you have three midterm exams the week after your six-month anniversary (your significant other is very excited about your romantic dinner date).

You also have newly increased responsibilities and hours at your job in KU, and Ghetto Force has two away meets during the same week. You can’t study for your exams and do everything else – in fact, you’re not even sure how you can juggle your new work hours and your practices, much less fit in the promised dinner date!

Something, in fact several things, have to give.

But what?

identify what s going on
Identify: What’s Going On?
  • Who/what is involved and will be impacted, both in the short and long-term?
  • Do I need to gather more information about the situation? Is there more I should learn that could guide my decision?
  • What talents/skills do I bring to the table?
  • Who could I talk to for more insight/wisdom? Can I learn from what others have done in similar situations?
  • What is God inviting me to notice here?
consider what are my options
Consider: What are My Options?
  • Create a list of different options for approaching the situation.
  • Consider these questions for each possible option:
    • Does this option reflect my values?
    • How does it affect the quality of the relationships in my community and the community as a whole (Common Good)?
    • How does this option impact the equality, dignity, and well-being of all?
    • Do the long-term outcomes of this option outweigh the short-term effects?
    • What are my conscience and emotions telling me?
  • How can prayer guide me in my discernment?
decide act what am i going to do
Decide & Act: What am I Going to Do?
  • Which option leads me to act as the sort of person I want to become?
  • How do I carry out the decision?
  • How and where do I find support for the decision I have made?
what did you decide

What did you decide?

Group Sharing…

reflect what happened
Reflect: What Happened?
  • Did my decision help me become the person I want to become? Do the people I care about respect my decision?
  • How did my decision impact my responsibility to the community and its members and the gifts I have been given?
  • How do I show my gratitude for the positive aspects of the decision? How can I make a positive change out of the negative aspects of this situation?
  • Do I need to make any apologies or ask for forgiveness?
  • What habits do I need to adapt to make good decisions in the future? What steps do I need to take now in developing these habits?

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