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CONSUMER HORTICULTURE Bob Westerfield - Consumer Ornamentals Marco Fonseca – Master Gardener Program Wayne McLaurin – Consumer Vegetables Gerard Krewer – Commercial and Consumer Fruits Vegetables Ornamentals Fruit Master Gardener Gardening Trends in the U.S.

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consumer horticulture


Bob Westerfield - Consumer Ornamentals

Marco Fonseca – Master Gardener Program

Wayne McLaurin – Consumer Vegetables

Gerard Krewer – Commercial and Consumer Fruits





Master Gardener

gardening trends in the u s
Gardening Trends in the U.S.
  • Home gardening and landscaping – #1 hobby in U.S.
  • 85 million households participate
  • Consumers spent an average of $450.00 per year on landscape and garden
  • Georgia Value – 1.2 Billion dollars spent in retail garden centers each year
georgia trends
Georgia Trends
  • Consumers more educated and environmentally sensitive
  • Steady increase in the past 10 years in call volume for agents and specialists
  • 1997 – creation of Consumer Horticulture/Master Gardener Coordinator position
  • Need for more volunteer assistance through the Master Gardener Program
georgia master gardener program
Georgia Master Gardener Program
  • Program began in 1979 around Atlanta with 150 people in 4 counties
  • Currently we have trained over 9000 volunteers in 110 counties
  • Currently have 3000 active Master Gardeners
  • In 2001, MG’s returned over 100,000 hours of volunteer time across the state
  • Value of volunteer time and travel close to 1.5 million dollars.
other mg products
Other MG Products
  • Horticulture therapy
  • Wildlife habitats
  • Junior master gardener program
  • Demonstration gardens
master gardener funding
Master Gardener Funding
  • Program generates approx. $32,000 per year through book sales
  • Program funds 20 hour per week program assistant position
  • Proceeds fund complete operating and travel budget for the coordinator and assistant
  • $30,000 in recent grants have funded an advanced Master Gardener Coordinator position
georgia master gardener association gmga
Georgia Master Gardener Association (GMGA)
  • Supports state program, ie conferences, advanced training
  • Offer small grants for MG projects
  • Purchased equipment for state program
  • Publish quarterly newsletter for all members
horticulture faculty involvement in the master gardener program
Horticulture Faculty Involvement in the Master Gardener Program
  • Creation of State Master Gardener Coordinator Position in 1997
  • Hort. Faculty currently teach 60 to 75 MG classes a year
  • Development of Advanced MG training in 1998
  • Development of resources such as slide sets (powerpoint) , administrative manuals, and text book
Continued …
  • MG web page ( and list serve
  • Advanced training
  • State and regional conferences
  • Collaborative state projects
sample publications
Sample Publications
  • Growing Vegetables Organically
  • Home Vegetable Gardening
  • When to Harvest Vegetables
  • Conserving Water in the Vegetable Garden
  • Herbs in Southern Gardens
  • Authored “Herbs in Southern Gardens”; over 1,000 sold.
  • Powerpoint slide series for landscaping with herbs.
commercial horticultural waste management
Commercial Horticultural Waste Management
  • Organized interagency committee of university, state, regional and local governments.
  • Helped acquire $2.7 million Bioconversion, Research and Education Center at The University of Georgia.
    • Established Facility Operators Training Workshops at Bioconversion Center.
    • Trained 190 Administrators and personnel
  • Developed 15 demonstration/research state projects on compost/waste utilization.
state wide results from horticultural waste management initiatives
State-Wide Results from Horticultural Waste Management Initiatives
  • 38 compost processors and 553,600 tons/year processed.
  • 63% of local governments that now chip yard trimmings.
  • Nursery use of recycled material; 600,000 pots with incorporated sawmill waste.
consumer horticultural waste management
Consumer Horticultural Waste Management
  • Co-created first state-wide home composting program
    • Trained over 800 compost volunteers (Handbook developed and utilized in 22 other states.)
    • Instrumental in creating 94 permanent composting demonstration sites.

Consumer Ornamentals

Robert Westerfield

consumer ornamental trends
Consumer Ornamental Trends
  • Trend towards drought tolerant and “bullet-proof” plants
  • Organic and BMP alternatives
  • More educated audience with information overload (not all correct)
  • Need for quick electronic transfer of information
  • People less likely to attend seminars.
  • Agent specialty training
faculty involvement
Faculty Involvement
  • Commercial and Consumer Faculty involved – 50% of Q and A are homeowners
  • Select publications –
    • A compilation of Low-Maintenance Plants for Georgia Landscapes
    • Coping with Watering Restrictions in the Landscape
    • Environmentally Friendly landscape Practices
    • Best Management Practices in the Landscape for Homeowners
    • Xeriscape: A Guide to Developing a Water Wise Landscape
other consumer involvement
Other Consumer Involvement
  • Agent trainings – (winter school, tours and in-service trainings)
  • Consumer newsletter – Timely Tips, Hort Alert, Hort Fax
  • Center for Urban Agriculture (web page)
  • Field days and open houses
  • Digital diagnostics
  • Multi-state collaboration
  • Grant of $157,000 for nonpoint source pollution resource development (BMP booklet, training manual, and programs)
  • Radio Program
  • T.V. involvement –”Gardening in Georgia”
  • Metro Agent List Serve
current faculty
Current Faculty
  • One general specialist for most of home fruit calls (half of all calls are homeowner)
  • Tri-state funded apple specialist
  • Peach specialist
  • Specialized Agents
faculty involvement26
Faculty Involvement
  • Select publications:
    • Grafting Fruit trees in the Home Orchard
    • Home Garden Series, ie. apples, figs, pears, etc.
    • Numerous news articles
  • Master Gardener Support
  • County Agent Trainings
  • Multi-state agent Trainings
consumer horticulture needs
Consumer Horticulture Needs
  • Tenure track credit for teaching master gardener programs
  • Continued update of materials – slide sets, powerpoint presentations, manual
  • Travel money for specialists to assist agents with programs
  • Electronic delivery of programs, ie GSAMS or a web based MG program
  • Train the trainer program to encourage more MG participation in teaching classes
needs continued
Needs continued
  • Specialized agent training
  • Additional computer support to add fact sheets and brochures to web site
  • Creation of strong computer data base for agents and master gardeners
  • Continued faculty computer training to enhance current skills, ie powerpoint
  • Full-time home fruit specialist