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cmf week of prayer 17 th 23 rd february l.
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CMF Week of Prayer 17 th - 23 rd February PowerPoint Presentation
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CMF Week of Prayer 17 th - 23 rd February

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CMF Week of Prayer 17 th - 23 rd February
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CMF Week of Prayer 17 th - 23 rd February

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  1. CMF Week of Prayer17th- 23rd February Be gracious to me, O Lord, for to you do I cry all the day. Gladden the soul of your servant, for to you, O Lord, do I lift up my soul” Psalm 86:3,4

  2. CMF Students’ Prayer Week 17th – 23rd Feb 2008 “Be gracious to me, O Lord, for to you do I cry all the day. Gladden the soul of your servant, for to you, O Lord, do I lift up my soul” Psalm 86 v 3+4 • Follow on from conference and in response to the challenge of being a witnesses to the ends of the earth • Medical students across the nation are going to join together and pray for God’s kingdom to be built! • Opportunity to deepen our commitment to prayer. • In groups and individually - challenge to give up a set amount of time each day to pray for CMF • A time to commit all our efforts to God as a national body, that we would impact the world and God’s glory shine forth. • Prayer slides (reps and website) and handout

  3. Medical Ethics Day Conference • Saturday 3rd May, 10am - 5pm, London • Increasing need Christian medics to engage with world of medical ethics, our responsibility • Equip students with skills: • Evidence-based dialogue • Writing • Public speaking • BMA • Media • House of Lords/Commons • Flyers “Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves; ensure justice for those who are perishing. Yes, speak up for the poor and helpless, and see that they get justice” (Prov 31:8-9)

  4. Junior Doctors Committee • Praisefor a well-attended and inspiring Junior Doctors Conference at the end of last year. For enthusiastic new members of the Committee replacing those that are moving on  • Prayerfor the Junior Doctors' Handbook, currently in the final stages of editing and aiming for publication during the second half of 2008. For plans afoot to build an organised network linking junior doctors' CMF groups nationally

  5. British Medical Association • The BMA offers us a fanatastic opportunity to speak up on the things we should be speaking up about! Please Praise God For • So many CMFers attending the introductory meeting about getting more involved with the work of the BMA at the National Students Conference. Please Pray For • Those who came to the introductory meeting at conference would feel inspired and not intimidated to speak out in the Lord’s name and that He blesses any applications for positions from Christians • The BMA Medical Students Conference - that the weekend will be full of good discussions that trigger positive action by the MSC in the coming year, in particular motions submitted on ethical issues.  Bless all who attend conference with wise words but especially the CMF guys!

  6. Human Fertilisation and Embryology Bill • HFE bill poses a huge threat to the family, life and humanity (see for more details). Three main concerning aspects are: • Animal-human hybrids • Co-modifying children and creating them fatherless • Liberalising abortion law • This bill has just passed through the House of Lords without ammendment and is due to enter the House of Commons in February. Please Praise God For • Number of pro-life organisations working together • The opportunities to speak out about what the Bible says about God’s creation and the value of human life • The possibility that the abortion law could be tightened Please Pray For • Unity between pro-life organisations and strategic use of limited resources and man-power • The abortion law will not be further liberalised and CMF’s following proposals would be accepted: • Reduce upper time limits of abortion • End discriminatory abortion of the disabled • Provide balanced evidence-based counselling independently of the abortion service • Christian doctors and medical students to contact and influence MPs • For Damascus road experiences for those in opposition • MPs to be allowed to vote according to conscience on all areas of this bill (currently they have to vote according to party politics, but thankfully do have a conscience vote on abortion – this is our greatest opportunity!)

  7. Other ethics stuff! CARE NOT KILLING • Care Not Killing is an alliance with the aim of ensuring existing laws against euthanasia and assisted suicide are not weakened or repealed and to promote more and better palliative care. Although the Joffe Bill (seeking to legalise euthanasia) was defeated last year, it is expected further legislation will start making its way through Parliament soon. Please Praise God For • The Joffe Bill being defeated last year • Please Pray For • Those already involved with CNK and that more would join • The alliance to be effective in stopping progress of any further legislation SPECIAL STUDY MODULES SSMs vary depending on location, but mainly focus on Christian ethics, they are run by local Christian doctors Please Praise God For • These happening in various medical schools around the country Please Pray For • Interest for non-Christian students to take these modules and to hear and be transformed by the gospel • More medical schools to run them • Christian doctors running/teaching them

  8. Events coming up Please pray people would come to these events and God would challenge, stretch and grow all those who come. As well as practicalities and God’s help and guidance for speakers. • PRIME conference – Leicester, March 8th, London, May 7th Considering the spiritual aspects of health in the context of whole person medicine • Answering Other Faiths – London, 15th March Leaning how to engage with people of other faiths and explain the gospel) • Student Leaders Conference – Telford, 4th-6th April Training weekend for new CMF group leaders • BMA Medical Students Committee – 5th April Please pray for Christian BMA Reps who attend and motions submitted by CMFers e.g. for refugees not to be refused healthcare, proper counselling for women pre and post abortion • National Graduate Conference – 25th – 27th April Issues such as disillusionment, loss of sense of vocation will be considered and a look at the future in relation to our crucified and risen saviour. • Ethics Day – London, 3rd May Learning skills relating to speaking out on ethics e.g. evidence-based dialogue, writing letters to MPs, newspapers, public speaking, media • National Students’ Committee Meeting - 10th May NSC meet to discuss ways best to resource and support CMF groups around the country • ICMDA Eurasia conference – Austria, September 7-14th Students and doctors from across Europe will come together to learn about an unlimited God, who helps us limited human beings, in relation to the complexities of personal and professional conduct. As well as the above there are various regional conferences, Electives Days, Confident Christianity (evangelism training) and Saline Solution (sharing faith with patients) courses around the country

  9. Scotland

  10. University of Edinburgh Please Praise God For • His goodness in providing support for student work in Edinburgh (financial, hospitality, etc.) • A year in which we have seen God moving in Edinburgh, and what we feel is only the start the great things He has to come! Please Pray For • CMF Edinburgh would be guided to be God’s tool amongst medical students in Edinburgh, meeting their specific needs in a caring and loving way. • Guidance for the future of CMF Edinburgh; what God wants to do in the next year; a new leader; and ultimately to see people saved.

  11. Aberdeen • Thank God for the great venues we have and for the generosity of the Barker’s who so often provide meals for us all • Pray for a greater enthusiasm from members and committee to get involved and out there • Pray that folk would come along to organised events and that we would be able to get alongside the CU more • Pray that more first years would get involved

  12. Dundee • Does Dundee need a 2nd cmf rep? Please pray. • That CMF would become a more visible and influential presence within the hospital and med school. • That good relations would be developed with the CU

  13. Glasgow Please Praise God For • Thank God for the encouragement and inspiration that the 5 Glasgow members who were at the conference received - Pray that God will use those 5 to encourage and inspire the rest of the CMF Glasgow members who were unable to attend as we meet together this week. Please Pray For • Pray for our ethics evening this Friday night (15th) which includes a talk from a representative of SPUC (society for the protection of unborn children) especially that we'd be challenged to speak out about our concerns surrounding the HFE Bill. • Pray that arrangements for an outreach evening at the university in April (which we are currently planning) will come together quickly and without opposition and that God would use that event to speak to both Christian and non-Christian students.

  14. St Andrews Please Praise God For • Good regular attendance most weeks an interesting discussions • Cake sale in med school leading to chats about who we are etc. Please Pray For • Building links with CU involvement in some shape or form with the mission fortnight at the end of Feb • Guidance in finding a second rep as Rebecca has decided to hand over • Social with Dundee this term • Continued prayer for several members who are not yet committed Christians- and thanks that they keep coming!

  15. Ireland

  16. Trinity College Dublin Please Praise God For Recently appointed CMF rep – Ruth (4th Med). The start of weekly meetings after church (only 4-5 people attending) Please Pray For Ruth as she leads this new group A pre-clinical CMF rep (currently none) More and committed members

  17. University College Dublin Please Praise God For 12 Medical students went to the National Student Conference (8-10 Feb, 2008) All of the international medical students committed to coming and participating in meetings. Please Pray For A pre-clinical CMF rep Reaching out to local Irish medical students. (So far , those who are involved in CMF are international – Malaysian, Singaporean, Canadian, and South African)

  18. CMF Dublin Please Praise God For A successful Saline Solution last year The Dublin CMF Meetings with doctors and medical students from UCD, RCSI and TCD – the three medical schools in Dublin. CMF reps in all three schools (this time last year, we only had one CMF rep in Ireland!) Please Pray For Pre-clinical CMF reps (in UCD, Trinity, and RCSI) – (all the current reps are already in clinicals, or going into clinicals next year) Vision for the future Planning and implementation of the “ CMF All-Irish Conference” (7-9 Nov, 2008) open to Northern Ireland and Republic of Ireland Medical students, doctors and other medics.

  19. NUI Galway, Ireland Please Praise God For The first and (currently) only Galway medical student to sign up for CMF! Please Pray For A CMF rep for Galway. Currently, there is no CMF rep in Galway. The start of a CMF group in Galway

  20. Cork Please Praise God For • Local Christian GP expressing an interest in getting involved • Encouraging times of fellowship over Sunday lunches with both Christians and students of other faiths Please Pray For • Continued growth of the group fuelled by a desire to make Christ known to classmates • Ways to show our Christian love and concern to classmates struggling to fit in with the hedonistic culture among medics.

  21. Queens University, Belfast Please Praise God For • Development of a student committee who are becoming increasingly enthusiastic about the work of CMF at Queens • The opportunities to have a witness at main Medical school events. Please Pray For • CMF to become a strong voice for God and a society whose position is listened to and followed with regards to moral and ethical dilemmas. • That CMF and Christians will be encouraged to have a key role in the education of Medical Students through Special Study Modules and in the general medical course, teaching the proper approach to ethics, the spiritual needs of man and the creation (not evolution) of the human body.

  22. RCSI Please Praise God For • Fellowship with other Universities in Dublin Please Pray For • New committed Christian leaders to be raised up • For Christian Medics to become strong in their faith and walk with the Lord Jesus and to have the courage to live and speak openly for Him.

  23. London

  24. Barts and The London • That we would have a greater influence in the university and be willing to share our faith with others more often. • That we would be able to organise events in the students’ union successfully. • That many students would come to these events.

  25. RUMS/UCL Please pray for the following: • Amazing thanks for a host of RUMS Christian Medics events (inc bouncy castle, open-air carols and evangelism training seminars) • for a continuation and strengthening of our new bible study sessions focusing on Luke’s Gospel accounts especially relevant for medics • For our mission term – for people’s hearts and eyes to be opened • For a new committee and freshers to continue and strengthen the Lord’s work in our medical school with innovation, the Gospel and the Holy Spirit!

  26. St. George’s • Thank God for the current CU leaders, and pray for God’s wisdom and Strength as they carry on with leadership • Pray for Gods guidance as leaders consider which students to hand over to • Pray that Christians in George’s would be encouraged as a group and have a presence in the University

  27. Imperial College London Please Praise God For • Helping us through all the processes of becoming registered officially with Imperial College Union. • A large number of first timers at the conference. Please Pray For • Imperial CMF to continue growing under God’s direction with the new committee next year. • Greater awareness of CMF within the medical school and ask God to use us as an instrument to help the unsaved.

  28. King’s College London Thank God for the favour He has shown us with King’s CMF events so far this year Praise God for the financial and pastoral support of Christian doctors in our medical school Pray for regular CMF meetings on campus Pray the voice of Christians at King’s will be strong on and around campus in sharing our faith Pray for CMF leadership for wisdom in directing the group

  29. South East

  30. Brighton & Sussex Med School • Praise God that we have grown enormously as a presence in the medical school as more Christians have arrived. • Pray that the pre-clinicals would continue to grow and that God would give the clinical CMF group a permanent room for meetings in the hospital - good relationships with the Christian Drs and an opportunity to have an outreach event for students and Drs alike. • Pray that a strong new leadership will emerge in the pre-clinical year. • PRIME (?)

  31. Cambridge Please Praise God For Carol service (Dec 2007) - well attended and faithful gospel talk by one of the local doctors Saline solution day conference (Jan 08) For many Christian doctors and medical students locally Please Pray That local Christian doctors and medical students would become more involved with CMF and for someone to take the lead and head up a doctors’ group for CMF in the Cambridge area For two new reps for the student group For a greater passion for evangelism within the medical school For all three years of clinical students as they face exams over the coming months

  32. Oxford Clinical school Please Praise God For • Great encouragement with the 4th years’ explore course and gospel opportunities. • Growing relationships and good fellowship. Please Pray For • Guidance after the explore course - for steps forward not to be “lost to follow-up”. • Leaders for next year - God to bring the right people forward/wisdom in approaching people. • For us as a medical school to be Christ centred and Gospel driven.

  33. UEA (Norwich) • Thank God that new leaders have been found for the coming year. • Pray that God might give guidance and wisdom to the new leaders so that CMF may grow and flourish over the next year and beyond. • Pray that our problems with room bookings might be sorted.

  34. Southampton Praise God for the encouragement of fellowship at the ‘junior docs and clinical students’ meetings. Praise God for enthusiastic new freshers. Pray for wisdom and guidance for pre-clinical group re: meeting up and new leaders for next year. Pray for continued support for clinical prayer group and ‘junior docs and students’ meeting.

  35. South West

  36. Cardiff • Thank God for the support of the CU and local doctors, and for the enthusiasm of CMF students and non-Christian friends • Pray for new monthly clinical meeting- for good fellowship and support • Pray for guidance in choosing new reps and organizing meetings • For follow up of recent encouraging conversations with non Christian friends

  37. Peninsula • Thank God for the provision of new, enthusiastic leaders for next year and the continuing support of local doctors. • Conference was a real blessing to all who attended. We pray for: • Continuing growth of the groups in all three sites, that a passion to see medical students saved will drive all our groups to step out in faith. • For courage and strength when we face opposition and to grow in courage. • That planning for next years fresher's events will get under way early.

  38. Swansea University Please Praise God For • The monthly student-doctor meetings that take place and for the fellowship and encouragement they are to the students • For the Drs who have taken over the running and hosting of CMF meetings this year Please Pray For • That even though we are a small number we would be a real witness and blessing to our fellow students. • That the CMF in Swansea would continue to grow over the coming years

  39. Bristol Please Praise God For • Strong pre-clinical prayer meeting and committed leaders Please Pray For • Pray for encouraging friendships and edifying meetings

  40. Midlands

  41. Derby Please Praise God For • An active CMF student group in the medical school • Challenging and well-attended talks on Abortion recently by Alex Bunn Please Pray For • The setting up of a new clinical group; • The pre-clinical group to continue – there is only one christian in the 1st year but there are others in the med school eg lecturers; • A medical school secretary to be found.

  42. Leicester Praise God for: • Encouraging and supportive CMF meetings • An amazing trip to Mozambique by some of the clinical students • the way that Leicester CMF is allowed so much freedom within the university, pray that this will continue and that other universities will also follow its lead. Please pray for: • PRIME Conference 8th March - will encourage many non-christians to challenge their beliefs. • SSM for 2nd years Jan – May • A new leader from the 1st year • The pastoral care scheme to be well used • Pray that the group will continue to grow and prosper. • Pray for a clear vision for Leicester CMF over the coming 12 months and for opportunities to open for us to reach out to people within the Med School and the patients with which we meet.

  43. Nottingham at Derby, Please Praise God For • Events He’s enabled us to put on this academic year. • The encouragement to discipleship that meeting together as med-students is. Please Pray For • 2nd years moving onto clinicals – in particular that people aren’t “lost to follow-up” • The remaining first year and the possibility of setting up a Staff-Student group.

  44. University of Birmingham Praise God for… • Enthusiastic and numerous freshers • God working in people’s hearts in the med school Pray for… • Direction and passion in the clinical years’ CMF • More opportunities to share Jesus

  45. Warwick Praise God for Carol Service and increase in vision Pray that future reps would have divine organization Pray that God would use us to bring our med student friends into relationship with Him this year!

  46. North West

  47. Lancaster Please Praise God For • Appointment Med School Secretary. Pray that David will be able to support and encourage students here. Please Pray For • Formation of a sustainable group. So far there is only 1 Christian medic from Lancaster. The others are placement students from Liverpool. • Pray for Christians to make themselves known. • That God will raise up leaders who are mature in Christ and enthusiastic about the CMF vision.

  48. Liverpool Please Praise God For • Enthusiasm of CMF students and the good fellowship we enjoy. • For the year so far, and the helpful meetings and events we’ve held so far. Please Pray For • New leadership for Easter. • Confident Christianity in April. • Boldness in witnessing. • The upcoming CMF meetings and the speakers.

  49. Manchester • Vision: To establish an active and God-focused group in the medical school and the 4 base hospitals- Preston, MRI, Hope & Wythenshawe. • To be a Christian voice and presence in these places. • To establish links with local Christian doctors, and other christian medical professionals (Dentists, Nurses etc.) • Provide alternatives to the regular medic events (eg. Something other than pub crawls!) • Actually get the zoo trip organised.

  50. Keele Please Praise God For • Charlotte the new rep! Please Pray For • Charlotte that she would have energy and time for her role as CMF rep • Pray for people to come to events organised and good foundations of the new group there.