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Cameron Indoor and The Crazies PowerPoint Presentation
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Cameron Indoor and The Crazies

Cameron Indoor and The Crazies

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Cameron Indoor and The Crazies

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  1. Cameron Indoor and The Crazies By Seth Allen Frank

  2. Cameron Indoor Stadium • Built in 1939 • First Game January 6th, 1940 • Seating Capacity 8,534 • Have Won 632 of 771 Home Games 82% Winning Percentage • Home To “Cameron Crazies”

  3. Cameron Crazies • Group started in early 70’s • Known as the most intellectual fans in sports • Often called teams 6th man when at home

  4. The Crazies' Top Taunts Chris Washburn comes in with North Carolina State after having been charged with stereo theft : CC’s: A shower of album covers during pregame introductions. Adrian Branch of Maryland visits in the wake of a marijuana possession bust. CC’s: Huge sign, with the greeting, "High, Adrian". Steve Hale of arch-enemy UNC drops in after having suffered a punctured lung the previous game. CC’s: "In-Hale! Ex-Hale!"

  5. The Crazies' Top Taunts • When Calvin and Janet Hill attended Grant's last home game, the Crazies chanted, "One more kid." • After a bad call, they used to yell, 'The refs, they suck, they really, really suck,' “ Jay Bilas • When (referee) Dick Paparo would come in and make a bad call, they'd chant, 'You suck, Dick!' " This infuriated Coach K, who insisted that the Crazies cease and desist. After the next bad call by Paparo, the crowd chanted, "You suck, Richard."

  6. Duke Baby Duke!!!!! • During an exhibition game against an Australlian team, a 5-7 visitor, preparing to shoot free throws, was serenaded with "Shrimp on the Barbee!" • "Adrian Branch had some problem offcourt, maybe a marijuana arrest," Bilas says. "As he was getting ready to shoot a free throw, Duke students behind the basket all stood up and yelled, 'Freeze! Police!' Even the other guys on his team had to laugh."

  7. What Others Think Of The Cameron Crazies • A columnist portrayed the Duke population as "8,000 students majoring in Smartass." • Maryland coach Lefty Driesell claimed not to be bothered by the signs because, he said, "I can't read . . . I went to Duke." • “There’s only one word to describe this place,---- it’s a zoo.” Al McGuire –CBS Sports • “Cameron’s creative harrassment, booming noise level, and unusual seating makes Duke one of the toughes road games in America.” -USA Today-

  8. Coach K Mike Krzyzewski 23rd season as head coach at Duke 11 time coach of the year 3 national championships 564 career victories Bobby Knight was his coach at Army Later worked with Knight for 2 years at Indiana as graduate assistant

  9. Duke At Cameron

  10. Sources • Bradley, Norm. “Confessions of A Cameron Crazy.” ESPN MAGAZINE, June 2002. • Vander Hook, Sue. “Cameron Crazies! The Duke Blue Devil Story.” September 1999. Creative Education Publishing. • •