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Alberta Sheriffs

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Alberta Sheriffs. Supporting strong communities. Alberta Sheriffs. Alberta Sheriffs. Alberta Sheriffs. Close to 700 members Provincial jurisdiction Appointments by the Director of Law Enforcement Support the work of law enforcement partners to help reduce crime so Albertans feel safe.

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alberta sheriffs

Alberta Sheriffs

Supporting strong communities

alberta sheriffs4
Alberta Sheriffs
  • Close to 700 members
  • Provincial jurisdiction
  • Appointments by the Director of Law Enforcement
  • Support the work of law enforcement partners to help reduce crime so Albertans feel safe
alberta sheriffs5
Alberta Sheriffs

Traditional Role

  • Security Operations (Courts/prisoner transport)
  • Protection Services (Legislature Security)
  • Executive Protection (Premier)
alberta sheriffs6
Alberta Sheriffs

Security Operations

  • Prisoner transport
  • Courthouse cell block/perimeter security
  • Assisting police agencies
alberta sheriffs7
Alberta Sheriffs

Security Operations

  • More than 400 members
  • Security for 74 courthouses
  • Transfer of prisoners
  • Out of province escorts
  • Assist police at major events
  • Year three of Comprehensive Court Security Plan implementation
alberta sheriffs8
Alberta Sheriffs

Protection Services Government Centre

  • Provincial buildings, Legislature
  • McDougall Centre
  • Control Centre
alberta sheriffs9
Alberta Sheriffs

Protection Services Executive Protection

  • Premier and family
  • Cabinet ministers and MLAs
  • Dignitaries
alberta sheriffs10
Alberta Sheriffs

New and Enhanced Roles

Sheriff’s role expanding into other important areas

alberta sheriffs11
Alberta Sheriffs

New and Enhanced Roles

  • Traffic operations
  • Safer Communities and Neighbourhoods
  • Targeting those with outstanding warrants
  • Counter-terrorism and crisis management planning
alberta sheriffs12
Alberta Sheriffs

Traffic Operations

  • 153,901 collisions in Alberta in 2007*
  • 24,530 injuries*
  • 458 fatalities*
  • Cost to society: $4.7 billion a year**

*Alberta Traffic Collision Stats 2007 Report – Alberta Transportation, Office of Traffic Safety

**Alberta Transportation

alberta sheriffs13
Alberta Sheriffs

Traffic Operations

  • Established in Sept 2006
  • Currently 105 traffic sheriffs on Alberta highways
  • Support Alberta’s Traffic

Safety Plan

alberta sheriffs14
Alberta Sheriffs

Traffic Operations

  • Joint Forces Operations with enforcement partners (RCMP, municipal police, Commercial Vehicle Enforcement)
  • Traffic sheriffs support allows RCMP to focus on more serious crimes
alberta sheriffs15
Alberta Sheriffs

Safer Communities and Neighbourhoods Unit (SCAN)

  • Safe Com recommendation
  • Launched October 1, 2008
  • Respond to community concerns
  • Use civil process to target properties used for illegal activities
  • Work with landlords to resolve problems
alberta sheriffs16
Alberta Sheriffs

Fugitive Apprehension Sheriffs Support Team (FASST)

  • 200,000 outstanding warrants in Alberta
  • Two teams, Edmonton and Calgary in operation since February 2008
  • Work with local police service
  • Plan to move into communities outside Edmonton and Calgary
alberta sheriffs17
Alberta Sheriffs

Surveillance Support

  • Two teams, Edmonton and Calgary
  • Support police investigations into gangs, organized crime and homicides
  • Third team to support Safe Com recommendation on repeat offenders
  • Trained to provincial standard
alberta sheriffs18
Alberta Sheriffs

Alberta Security and Strategic Intelligence Support Team (ASSIST)

  • Administers Alberta’s Counter Terrorism, Crisis Management Plan (ACTCMP)
  • Sets Alberta’s threat level (currently low)
  • Works with industry to prepare for and mitigate human-induced, intentional acts
  • Works with industry partners to determine and rank critical infrastructure
alberta sheriffs19
Alberta Sheriffs

Energy Security Section

  • Responsible for security for the Energy Resources Conservation Board and Alberta Utilities Commission (formerly EUB)
  • Conduct threat assessments
  • Work with partners to develop critical infrastructure plans
  • Regulatory obligations
alberta sheriffs20
Alberta Sheriffs

Professional Standards Branch

  • Question of Sheriffs’ oversight
  • Professional Standards Branch investigates conduct complaints
  • Appeal process for complainants
  • Criminal complaints turned over to police of jurisdiction
alberta sheriffs21

Alberta Sheriffs

Supporting strong communities