uw extension ethanol study tour team grain l.
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UW-Extension Ethanol Study Tour-Team Grain PowerPoint Presentation
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UW-Extension Ethanol Study Tour-Team Grain

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UW-Extension Ethanol Study Tour-Team Grain - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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UW-Extension Ethanol Study Tour-Team Grain Greg Andrews Mike Ballweg Chris Boerboom Dennis Nehring Purpose: Balanced and Objective Learning

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UW-Extension Ethanol Study Tour-Team Grain

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uw extension ethanol study tour team grain
UW-Extension Ethanol Study Tour-Team Grain
  • Greg Andrews
  • Mike Ballweg
  • Chris Boerboom
  • Dennis Nehring

G. Andrews-UW Extension

purpose balanced and objective learning
Purpose: Balanced and Objective Learning
  • To bring a diverse group of individuals, stakeholders, officials, educators and media on a experiential learning experience with outcomes for Wisconsin Agriculture and Industry.

G. Andrews-UW Extension

funding the ethanol study tour
A Grant request for proposals (RFP) was answered and accepted by the Wisconsin Corn Promotions Board


Provided nearly all expense paid tour for participants

Funding the Ethanol Study Tour

G. Andrews-UW Extension

selection criteria for tour
Selection Criteria for Tour

*Educators-Marketing, Feed, Grain (9)

*Elected Officials (2)

*State Agency Representation (3)

*Potential Ethanol Investors (5)

*Corn Growers (5)

*Feed Industry (3)-also investors

*Lenders, Utilities, (2)

*Statewide Media (3)

G. Andrews-UW Extension

unique timing of the ethanol study tour
Unique Timing of the Ethanol Study Tour
  • June 18-19, 2001
  • Simultaneous Timing-Coincidence???????
  • *June 18-21- Int’l Fuel Ethanol Conf. ran concurrently with our tour date.
    • Meet Industry People
    • Gain new contacts
    • Trade Show
    • Tour Site Access

G. Andrews-UW Extension

  • President Bush and EPA considers California request for waiver of MTBE ban
  • WI governor includes ethanol incentive in budget proposal
  • WI senate bill favors increased incentive
  • Minnesota reaffirms their incentive

G. Andrews-UW Extension

elements of the ethanol study tour day 1
Elements of the Ethanol Study Tour-Day 1
  • Participants own knowledge
  • Selected Educational Materials
  • Video-Renewable Fuels Assn.
  • Video-PBS “Newton’s Apple”
  • Escorted Walking Tours of Al Corn Clean Fuels in Claremont, Mn
  • Minnesota Fuel Ethanol Roundtable Event

G. Andrews-UW Extension


Educational Material Packet

G. Andrews-UW Extension


The Ethanol Process

G. Andrews-UW Extension


Ralph Groschen-Minnesota Department of Ag.

Agricultural Marketing

aka-”Ethanol Guru”

Minnesota Ethanol

Roundtable Discussion

G. Andrews-UW Extension


Dr. Jerry Fruin-Professor, Department of Applied Economics

University of Minnesota, Ethanol and Renewable Fuels Economist

Aka-”Ethanol Skeptic”

G. Andrews-UW Extension

ethanol study tour day 2
Ethanol Study Tour-Day 2
  • Bryan and Bryan International-Host
  • Breakfast Discussion on New Generation Cooperatives
  • Escorted Walking Tour of Central Minnesota Ethanol Cooperative
  • Discussion and Discovery List

G. Andrews-UW Extension


Central Minnesota

Ethanol Cooperative

Little Falls, Mn

Robyn Wells

Gen. Mgr.

G. Andrews-UW Extension


Air Quality-Stack Ht. Increased

G. Andrews-UW Extension

evaluation of program
Evaluation of Program:
  • Linkages and Contacts Made
  • Experiential Learning
  • Telephone Survey 4 Months Post
  • Media Coverage in Wisconsin about the Ethanol Study Tour to Minnesota

G. Andrews-UW Extension

evaluation participant survey
Evaluation: Participant Survey
  • Telephone Survey-4 Months Post
  • 25 of 29 Participants Responding
  • Adaptation of Logic Model
  • Select Indicators and Outcomes
  • Outcomes and “Environment” will shape decisions on any future programming.

G. Andrews-UW Extension

opinions on viability of ethanol industry for wisconsin post
Opinions on Viability of Ethanol Industry for Wisconsin-Post.

G. Andrews-UW Extension

example opinion shifts
Example Opinion Shifts
  • More optimistic after the tour
  • It made me less enthusiastic for Wisconsin
  • Now I believe Wisconsin will create…..
  • I now think it is environmentally responsible and it can help agriculture
  • Strong political support is essential so I now have lower expectations.

G. Andrews-UW Extension

participants asked did the ethanol study tour have any impact on wisconsin s incentive
Participants Asked: Did the Ethanol Study Tour have any impact on Wisconsin’s Incentive?
  • 16 Participants said yes-with some reservation.
  • 5 Participants said no.
  • 4 Participants likely got it right by saying “undecided”

G. Andrews-UW Extension

outcomes offered by participants
Outcomes Offered by Participants
  • “I use the information as a resource in drafting Air Quality Permits.”
  • “We have three feasibility projects for ethanol plant start-ups underway now.”
  • “I assisted decisions in the Town of Algoma.”
  • “I briefed Senator Harsdorf”

G. Andrews-UW Extension

outcomes continued
Outcomes continued-
  • “We have plans and investors and are now going ahead with Plant construction.”
  • “I spent more time responding to market/ethanol questions.”
  • 689 conversations and 64 group discussions/presentations from participants
  • Wisconsin Press-Feature Stories reached 90,989 subscribers.

G. Andrews-UW Extension


So Much Has Changed

G. Andrews-UW Extension

reactions since study tour
Reactions Since Study Tour
  • September 11th-Energy Security
  • New Partners Emerge: CNRED, State Departments-WDATCP, WDNR, Commerce, Transportation, WI Corn Growers, Ethanol Industry, Others
  • Plant’s Under Construction
  • Repeated calls to deliver Wisconsin’s First Ethanol Conference-Winter 2001-02.

G. Andrews-UW Extension