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gm to sell chevy with a fresh campaign l.
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GM to sell Chevy with a fresh Campaign PowerPoint Presentation
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GM to sell Chevy with a fresh Campaign

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GM to sell Chevy with a fresh Campaign
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GM to sell Chevy with a fresh Campaign

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  1. GM to sell Chevy with a fresh Campaign

  2. GM vs Ford • After paying the full amount as loan, GM has shifted its focus to accelerate its sales. In accordance with the same GM wants to give new tag line to its Chevy. The tagline is expected to be marketed as "Excellence for All." For its trucks, GM is considering a phrase like "Most dependable, longest lasting," they said. • GM share of U.S. market is now 18.7% which is down from 20% in 2008. So, to give tough fight to its biggest competitor Ford- GM is trying to promote and focus solely on its cars and trucks and no longer rely on "celebrities and lawn mowers". Considering that 70% of GM sale originates from Chevrolet, it’s quite obvious to make plans to boost the sales and re gain the market share.

  3. Its all about sales! • "Nobody can predict how well a campaign will resonate with consumers," Mr. Martin said Sunday. "At the end of the day, it is all about the product.“ • The whole new theme for marketing Chevrolet trucks is expected soon and for the time till GM launched its revamp version of heavy-duty Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra pickups this summer. • Auto sales will improve further with the recovering economy and the encouraging result of auto sales for the month of April 2010. However, the emergence of Korean car brand is giving more competition to all the U.S. car makers.

  4. GM is BACK • Producing a successful campaign is even more critical, given the economic and competitive environment, said analyst Joe Phillippi of AutoTrends Consulting Inc. • Ford is enjoying its huge sales digits soaring up to 37% from a year earlier. This has been also because of its good publicity that it was able to avoid bankruptcy and filing for any bailout. GM has to still return its last bailout amount and this bailout had affected its goodwill badly. • Anthony Tribunella, the director of Auto relief group says,” It would be a herculean task for GM to retain customer’s confidence and to popularize striking new campaign for Chevy. However, Mr. Whitacre had done it before and will strategies to regain its market share.”

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