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the case for using auger cast pile for your deep foundation

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the case for using auger cast pile for your deep foundation - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Subsurface constructors provides you with experienced auger cast pile contracting as the region’s most complete specialty foundation contractor. In the appropriate soil profile, augercast piling is an economic alternative to traditional high capacity deep foundations. Learn more at:

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The Case for Using Auger Cast Pile for Your Deep Foundation NeedsIf you are planning a building project in an area with poor soil, or lack of a solid underground base, you will need to utilize one of the deep foundation techniques. Auger cast pile is one of the techniques available to engineers, a technique with a few strong advantages.Driving Home a Point -The Method of Deep Foundation People are Familiar WithHave you ever listened to the repetitive hard hits on a construction site as they relentlessly pound piling in the ground? The noise can be deafening, carrying long distances. The ground trembles each time the piling is driven by the pile driver deeper into the ground. This method of creating a deep foundation is the one most people notice and remember. They hope it is not going to be taking place near their home or business. Auger Cast Pile – The Quiet and Friendly Method The difference between using a pile drive and the auger cast pile methods are tremendous. The auger system drills a hole into the ground to the required depth and then a concrete pillar is poured into the hole. The sound level is very low. The ground does not tremble. Windows in nearby houses do not rattle and shake. The residents in the area may not even realize piles are being created.Seeing the auger cast pile system in action it quite amazing. You watch as the hole is drilled deeply into the ground with the auger. Then when the correct level of resistance or depth is reached the concrete mixture is poured in around the auger. The auger is slowly reversed out of the drilled hole spinning on the way up. The concrete continues to fill the hole. Once the auger has been completely removed reinforcement supports are inserted. The support lengths are based upon design needs which were determined by the engineers, architects, and construction firm. The amazing thing about this entire process is how it does not affect the surrounding environment or disrupt neighbors.
A Flexible Method to Creating Your Deep FoundationAuger cast piles has one other feature which stands out. Depending on design needs you can have piles created from as small as 12 inches in diameter up to 30 inches in diameter. This allows for creating a powerful foundation for almost any project. It is hard to imagine a pile driver attempting to drive a 30 inch pile.Another flexibility feature is the ability to add piles in a pre-existing structure. If you have 7 feet of clearance you can have new piles added to stabilize a foundation or to prepare for new construction. Where trying to drive new piles in an existing structure would likely lead to cracked floors or other damage, the auger method only requires adequate room to setup the equipment and get the drilling started.Every method of installing piles for deep foundations has its place, but when you are working in areas which require specialty piles, quiet, or new interior piles, auger cast piles is one method to consider. Auger cast pile is safe, stable, and environmentally friendly.