what are your dreams goals and ambitions l.
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What are your Dreams, Goals and Ambitions ?.. PowerPoint Presentation
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What are your Dreams, Goals and Ambitions ?..

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What are your Dreams, Goals and Ambitions ?.. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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What are your Dreams, Goals and Ambitions ?. Are you an employee..? Or are you a self employed..?. If the answer is Yes…!. I hope .. And I am sure.. You have an ambition and a dream .. Definitely you are calculating every penny of your earning and saving to achieve your goal..

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Presentation Transcript
Are you an employee..?
  • Or are you a self employed..?
if the answer is yes
If the answer is Yes…!
  • I hope .. And I am sure.. You have an ambition and a dream ..
  • Definitely you are calculating every penny of your earning and saving to achieve your goal..
  • What is the duration as per your calculation to achieve your goal..?
  • I hope .. Its around one and half decade.. And more may be ..!!
do you know this could you find your status
Do you know this..?Could you find your status..?

Income per month

  • Poor – Earners of US $ 2,000
  • Middle Class – US $ 8,000 – 9,000
  • Affluent - US $ 9,000 – 88,000
  • Rich – More than US $ 88,000
  • Ultra Rich – US $ 1,000,000
who is a financially successful man
Who is a Financially successful man..?
  • The moment he takes a decision the moment he fulfils..


The Latest Mercedes or BMW or Hummer !

No.. Problem…!

A rest house in a beautiful Hill Station…!!

No.. Problem..!!

A Pleasure Trip Round the World…!!!

No… Problem…!!!

by doing your current job how many years do you need to achieve to be a financially successful man
By doing your current Job…How many years do you need to achieve to be a Financially Successful Man..!!

I can guide you to Achieve the GOAL.. By that .. We both can be the very Successful… & We both can pull many of our ‘Loved Ones’ to be the ‘Successful Ones’

questnet vision mission core values
QuestNetVision .. Mission.. Core Values
  • A conglomerate multinational company with diverse business interests around the globe
  • Providing opportunities, Creating success and touching a billion hearts
  • To inspire people to help others through “RYTHM” (Raise Your Hands to Help Mankind)….
on which it is built
On Which it is Built..!!
  • Truth
  • Service
  • Courage
about company
About Company
  • Created in 1998 with a paid up capital of 10 million US $ Registered with the British Virgin Islands
  • Head Office at Hong Kong
  • Offices around 20 countries in the world like Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, India, UAE etc…
  • Asia’s Largest e-commerce Company
  • The world’s 3rd Largest e-commerce Company
  • Recognized by U N O’s FAO
  • Certified by Microsoft
  • Authorized Coin & Medal distributors of the 2008 & 2012 Olympics
  • Only distributors of Medal & Coins of FIFA
  • Numismatics
  • Holiday Memberships
  • Technology
  • Life style
if i say you can earn us 3 000 a day that also
If I say….You can earn US $ 3,000 a day…that also
  • Working from anywhere in the world
  • Never setting an alarm clock
  • Spending more time with your family
  • Enjoying personal freedom and financial independence
  • Achieving personal growth and recognition
  • Taking vacations whenever you choose
  • Having the time and money to enjoy the finer things in life
  • Taking advantage of one of the simplest yet most rewarding business opportunity throughout the world
  • Living your Life, the way YOU want to Live
  • Being yourself your own Boss
yes you can
Yes.. You can
  • QuestNet will Take you up for all these ..
  • Whatever you do is just involve in the business by purchasing a product of QI which is about 1 UV
  • This takes a cost around 500 US $ and qualifies you for an Independent Representative of the company
  • Then your future starts for your extraordinary income and incredible pleasure

The Next step for you is.. just bringing for you two associates.. by selling the products of QI …that isone on your Left & one on yourRight.. Here you are determiningyourlife long partners of your business


Your Left and Right associates have to do the same what you have did.. that is… They have to bring two associates for each of them in their Right and Left

now could you guess your speed of marketing
Now.. Could you Guess your speed of Marketing..?
  • How many days will you take to bring two associates on your left and right..?
  • The answer will be different according to the circumstances and ability of every individual.. The most common answer is ..a week.. or two..!
  • Let us assume it to a month.. means ..’A’ will bring two associates in the duration of a month.. and ‘B & C’ will be also in the same speed
  • And let ‘BL, BR, CL & CR’ also take the time which A, B & C have taken..

The Third Month will be as you see in the following diagram.. That is 8 new arrivals in your net..! This willearn for you another320US $..

amazing here you have to consider one thing
Amazing…. Here you have to consider one thing…
  • You paid a sum of amount for purchasing a product from the company and for that the company has delivered a valuable product…
  • So your investment for this project is ‘Zero’
  • And no business is there in the world which you can do with a zero investment..

This is nothing but a true‘Business’…And .. Staying as a serious business man to a span of two to three years…. There will be no wonder if you earn a sum of 3,000 US $ daily..

how will you get your earned commission
How will you get your earned commission…?
  • When you become an Independent Representative……
  • You will be allotted a tracking center and an IR number
  • A virtual office (you can access with your own desired password)
  • A private website
  • An accessible private account with your personalized pin code
when you accessed in your accounts
When you accessed in your accounts …
  • You will be asked for your option for payment
  • By Cheques..?
  • By E Card..?
  • By Telegraph Transfer..?
Cheques will be sent to you to your mailing address within twenty one days – Free of cost
  • E card option for inter-company transactions – Free of cost
  • TT will be done within a week to any of the Bank you selected in the Globe in which your account is ..and will cost you an amount of 30 US $ for each transaction..
here is one important and excellent message for you
Here is one important and excellent message for you
  • Wherever you are working at present…the income will be there only when you are Physically and mentally alright.. If not… ??
  • When you are alive and working ..Your family members will get the favor of your income.. if not…??
  • Is there anything to pay them after you..?
  • Simply the answer is ..’no’
  • You have income only if you are active..
  • So your income is “active income”
questnet provides you the passive income
QuestNet Provides you the “Passive Income”
  • Once you are activated and started to earn income from QuestNet it never stops till you did not stop…
  • Even after you… your nominee will get the same income as per your net’s development..
  • It never stops ..till you stop it..
  • It is called “Passive Income”
  • “ Raise yourself To Help Mankind”
  • This is the Fundamental Theme of the Business of QuestNet..
  • QuestNet changed the lives of Millions..
  • There are Two Million IRs are there as per today’s account.. Tomorrow …..?
  • You can do a global wise business
  • Can develop your personality and status
  • Deep and Bright achievement
  • Unlimited income

Visit Today

  • http://quest.net
  • www.in-voice.com
  • www.rci.com

There is a Moral Story

  • There was a wiser old man
  • One young boy was always kidding to make him fool
  • But never the old man failed to win
  • One day the young boy caught hold a beautiful butterfly and kept close inside of his palms
  • And came to the old man with both of his palms closed each other

And ….

  • He asked the old man ..look gentleman..! I have a beautiful butterfly inside of my palms.. Can you say that it is alive or dead..?
  • The old man had a long breath and started to think.. Really it is a problem to answer.. Because if he says that it is alive .. May be the boy could kill it and if he says that it is dead he could leave it free to fly..
  • The wiser man just answered “the life and death of this beautiful butterfly is in your hands my son”…
  • The boy laughed and let the butterfly to fly and ran away..

What are you going to do..?

  • Opportunities never will come again and again
  • Especially golden opportunities are seen very occasionally in the life
  • It is really fantastic, great and amazing opportunity to achieve your goal..
  • Take care.. Have a nice time..
  • Bye.. Bye
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Feel Free to contact me.. I can be always with you.. This is because for our success.. This is because for our financial freedom.. We both together can pull up many of our loving ones to the path of success…

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