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West Midlands Regional Conference The contribution of strategic housing role to place shaping Dave Marr Government Offi PowerPoint Presentation
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West Midlands Regional Conference The contribution of strategic housing role to place shaping Dave Marr Government Offi

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West Midlands Regional Conference The contribution of strategic housing role to place shaping Dave Marr Government Offi - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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West Midlands Regional Conference The contribution of strategic housing role to place shaping Dave Marr Government Office for the West Midlands Content of presentation Progress on housing to date; Key issues for the future; What we mean by “strategic housing role”;

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West Midlands Regional Conference The contribution of strategic housing role to place shaping Dave Marr Government Offi

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West Midlands Regional ConferenceThe contribution of strategic housing role to place shapingDave Marr Government Office for the West Midlands

content of presentation
Content of presentation
  • Progress on housing to date;
  • Key issues for the future;
  • What we mean by “strategic housing role”;
  • How we take things forward.
what has been achieved so far
What has been achieved so far?
  • Housing policies have improved quality of place and secured better outcomes for people:
    • housing supply increased from 130,000 new homes in 2001/02 to over 180,000;
    • PPS3 provides local authorities more flexibility in how they plan for housing;
    • number of non-decent social homes reduced by more than 1 million;
    • over 1 million vulnerable people helped to live independently each year through Supporting People;
    • Housing Act 2004 powers have helped to improve standards in the private rented sector;
    • significant reductions in homelessness;
    • In WM, housing market area partnerships and progress on urban renaissance.
key themes looking forward
Key themes looking forward
  • Responsive services and empowered communities, as well as greater devolution to help councils in their place shaping role (Local Government White Paper);
  • Package of measures & investment aimed at making social housing fairer, more effective & personal, building on the Hills Report (Yvette Cooper’s speech on 12 December);
  • Regulation of social housing to encourage better management, tenant voice and tenant empowerment (Cave Review & Housing & Regeneration Bill);
  • Joining-up delivery of housing and regeneration, and supporting local authorities in creating prosperous and cohesive communities (Homes & Communities Agency & Housing & Regeneration Bill).
  • Delivering more affordable, sustainable homes as part of wider place shaping activity (Housing Green Paper);
delivering more homes
Delivering more homes
  • Housing Supply Challenge:
    • Growth in households continues to exceed supply of houses
    • Despite recent improvements, housing completions remain historically low

Ratio of house prices to earnings

(lower quartile) 1999 and 2006

  • As a consequence
    • As demand has grown faster than supply affordability has worsened in all regions
    • The lower quartile house price to earnings ratio increased from 3.84 in 1999 to 7.12 in 2006.
  • Households waiting for social housing has risen by 60% in 10 years
  • 0.5 million households are living in overcrowded accommodation
  • Households in temporary accommodation has doubled in 10 years
government response
Government response
  • Housing Green Paper announced
  • plans to increase housing supply over time to deliver two million new homes by
  • 2016 and three million by 2020
  • new housing target to deliver 240,000 additional homes a year by 2016
  • Reinforced by PBR/CSR 07
  • New Growth Points, including for the first time areas in the North of England
  • Proposals for 10 eco-town schemes
  • New £500million Housing and Planning Delivery Grant over the next 3 years
  • New £300 million Community Infrastructure Fund
  • New Planning Charge to support infrastructure
  • Higher target of 200,000 new homes on surplus public sector land by 2016
government response 2
Government response 2

Not just more houses – but better and more affordable homes

  • Confirmation of target to ensure all new homes are zero carbon by 2016
  • £8bn programme for affordable housing from 2008-11 with increases in every region
  • at least70,000 affordable homes to be built a year by 2010/11
  • at least 45,000 of these homes to be provided for social rent
  • plans to help at least 25,000 households into Low Cost Home Ownership per year
  • new opportunities for councils to build additional social rented and shared equity homes on their land through new Local Housing Companies and ALMOs
importance of place shaping
Importance of place shaping
  • 3 million houses - places or estates?
  • Place shaping is about authorities making the right links across key functions:
      • housing; planning; economic development; regeneration; social services; transport;
  • Place shaping involves
      • strategic leadership bringing together agencies and partners
      • joint vision for the future through the SCS and LDF core strategy
      • spatial planning – to shape places and facilitate sustainable development
      • delivering outcomes
  • Understanding the needs and preferences of local people & local communities;
  • Pulling together partners to secure local delivery, through LSP and LAA.
what is the strategic housing role
What is the strategic housing role?
  • The strategic housing role is at the heart of place shaping:
      • planning & facilitating new supply;
      • using evidence & intelligence to plan future housing need across all tenures;
      • planning and commissioning housing support services to help people live in their home;
      • making best use of existing housing stock;
      • working in partnership to secure effective housing & neighbourhood management on an on-going basis.
what does the strategic housing role mean in practice
What does the strategic housing role mean in practice ?
  • Appropriate collaboration at regional, sub-regional and local levels
  • Integrating housing strategy with the Sustainable Community Strategy, LDF Core Strategy and LAA
  • Aligning housing with other functions (e.g. economic development, health, social services, education, transport);
  • understanding & influencing housing markets, addressing affordability;
  • making full use of existing levers and powers in respect of existing and new housing stock;
  • working closely with Homes & Communities Agency & partners;
the broader picture
The broader picture
  • Needs to be seen in the context of LGWP, Housing Green Paper, Planning WP, SNR, Climate Change Bill etc
  • Significant responsibilities at LA level to develop an effective spatial vision for your area:
      • New economic development duty
      • Leading role in carbon reduction
      • Leading role on housing supply
      • New responsibilities on skills
      • Leading role on developing the new single regional strategies and work at sub regional level through MAAs etc
what help is available
What help is available?
  • New powerful tools in place to shape and fund infrastructure – esp if tied to prudential borrowing:
    • Supplementary business rate
    • New planning charge – underpinned by infrastructure plan and LDF
  • Housing Green Paper contained measures to empower the local authority strategic housing role:
    • Housing & Planning Delivery Grant to direct extra resources to councils delivering high levels of housing
    • new ways for councils & ALMOs to build homes on council land;
    • councils able to make better use of existing stock and bring empty homes back into use with help from Empty Homes Agency.
  • Yvette Cooper’s 12 December speech provided support for making social housing fairer, more effective and personal:
    • reducing overcrowding through a national Overcrowding Action Plan, making best use of existing stock & plans for larger homes;
    • increasing mobility and choice for tenants;
    • delivering more mixed communities.
    • confirmation of Regional Housing Pot allocations.
  • IDeA capacity building programme - providing practical support for authorities’ strategic housing role and wider place shaping activities;
involves some challenges
Involves some challenges ....
  • …. for Government:
  • to ensure that the new local performance framework, including Comprehensive Area Assessment, recognises the importance of housing in the context of place shaping;
  • to provide further guidance on the strategic housing role, and the integration of housing strategies within Sustainable Community Strategies.
  • …. for partners locally
  • to work effectiveness in partnership with local authorities to plan and deliver a joined-up approach to addressing housing need across all tenures;
  • to help develop and deliver wider LAA priorities;
as well as challenges for local authorities
.... as well as challenges for local authorities
  • Strong local leadership essential for place shaping;
  • Understanding, and balancing, the needs

and aspirations of all residents;

  • Pulling together partners across local, sub-regional and regional levels to deliver strategic housing activity;
  • Ensuring the skills & capacity necessary to prioritise strategic housing activity;
  • Ensuring that housing contributes fully to LAAs.