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Uganda Christian University Archives

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Uganda Christian University Archives. A Project of the Yale University Library Digital Repository Service. Project History . The Uganda Christian University Archives Project began as a collaboration between the Yale University Divinity School Library and Uganda Christian University.

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uganda christian university archives

Uganda Christian University Archives

A Project of the

Yale University Library

Digital Repository Service

project history
Project History

The Uganda Christian University Archives Project began as a collaboration between the Yale University Divinity School Library and Uganda Christian University.

the church of uganda anglican and the founding of uganda christian university
The Church of Uganda (Anglican) and the founding of Uganda Christian University

Bishop Tucker Theological College, founded in 1913, was the leading theological college in the Anglican Church of Uganda. Encouraged by the basic educational facilities at Bishop Tucker Theological College, the Provincial Assembly of the Province of the Church of Uganda resolved to make Bishop Tucker Theological College one of the campuses and also the headquarters of a broad-based federal university. Uganda Christian University was born from Bishop Tucker Theological College. The university was established by the Province of the Church of Uganda and licensed by the Government of Uganda, Ministry of Education in 1997.

the archives
The archives

Because of the close relationship between the Uganda Christian Church (Anglican) and Uganda Christian University, the archives of the Church are held at the university.

yale divinity library the day missions collection
Yale Divinity LibraryThe Day Missions Collection

The Divinity Library’s Day Missions Collection was established in 1891 by George Edward Day, professor of Hebrew language and literature in the Divinity School, and his wife, Olivia Hotchkiss Day.

latourette fund
Latourette Fund

In 1981, an endowed fund was established from the estate of Kenneth Scott Latourette, a professor of missions at Yale Divinity School, to support the Day Missions Collection of the Divinity Library.

latourette fund1
Latourette Fund

Income from the Latourette fund supports the Kenneth Scott Latourette Initiative for the Documentation of World Christianity, which was created to preserve and provide access to the documentation of the history of Christian missions and of the life, thought, and practice of Christianity outside the west.

latourette fund2
Latourette Fund

Over the past several years Yale Divinity School Library has partnered with institutions worldwide and with commercial microfilming vendors to microfilm published and unpublished materials that complement the holdings of the Day Missions Collection at the Divinity Library.

uganda christian university pilot project
Uganda Christian UniversityPilot Project

Funds from the Latourette initiative were used to set up a pilot project in 2006 to microfilm materials from the archives of Uganda Christian University, starting with the archives of the Church of Uganda.


Paul Stuehrenberg and Dorothy Woodson met with representatives from the UCU and IDC Publishers in May-June 2006 to discuss the microfilming.

From left to right: Frederick Mukungu (UCU Librarian), Paul Stuehrenberg (Yale Divinity Library), Christine Byaruhanga (UCU Archivist), Dorothy Woodson (Africana Curator, Yale University Library), Frans Havekes (IDC Publishers).

agreement between yale university divinity school library and uganda christian university
Agreement between Yale University Divinity School Library and Uganda Christian University

A formal agreement between Yale and UCU was drafted and signed by Ann Okerson of Yale and Stephen Noll of UCU in 2007.

the microfilming process
The microfilming process
  • The pilot project was to produce 50 reels of microfilm.
  • Preparation of the materials was done by UCU.
  • Martha Smalley visited UCU in September 2006 to advise on the preparation of the materials.
the microfilming process and the creation of the digital files
The microfilming process and the creation of the digital files.
  • Filming of the pilot project was done by IDC Publishers of Leiden, beginning in December 2006 and completed in July 2007.
  • Digital files (.jpgs) were first created in order to create the microfilm.
the digital files
The digital files.
  • The Divinity Library received a hard drive with the first digital files providing 50,000 images in September 2007.
  • Paul Stuehrenberg heard about the library’s Digital Repository Service at an LMC meeting and approached Meg Bellinger about housing the UCU digital files in the DRS.
the digital files1
The digital files.
  • Paul, Martha, and Amy met with Meg Bellinger and Audrey Novak on September 14 to discuss the UCU files as a possible candidate for inclusion in the DRS.
  • Paul applied for and received approval for funds from the Yale International Associates Program to bring Christine Byaruhanga, the archivist at Uganda Christian University, to come to the Divinity Library in April through June 2008 to work on updating the finding aid with more detailed descriptions of the material.
the digital files2
The digital files.
  • Meanwhile, Amy, Martha, Bill Landis, and Youn Noh meet to work out a plan for updating the finding aid so that it can be linked to the digital images.
  • Youn Noh works on creating METS records that will be the metadata for the images.
  • Jeffrey Barnett and his team work on the actual linking of the images to the finding aid.
the digital repository service
Currently in testing.

First projects include finding aids, rebooks, and statcats.

UCU Project would be first to tie a finding aid to digital images.

The Digital Repository Service

Christine Byaruhanga, archivist at Uganda Christian University, came to the Divinity Library in April 2008 as part of the University Library’s International Associates program.


Christine was at the library for 3 months, and while here worked on enhancing the finding aid for the collection with more detailed descriptions.