session number 100 caveat emptor raising your hr technology market iq l.
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Session Number 100 Caveat Emptor – Raising Your HR Technology Market IQ PowerPoint Presentation
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Session Number 100 Caveat Emptor – Raising Your HR Technology Market IQ

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Session Number 100 Caveat Emptor – Raising Your HR Technology Market IQ - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Session Number 100 Caveat Emptor – Raising Your HR Technology Market IQ. Freddye Silverman , HRIP Vice President, Eastern Region Jeitosa Group International. Freddye Silverman, HRIP.

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Session Number 100 Caveat Emptor – Raising Your HR Technology Market IQ

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Presentation Transcript
session number 100 caveat emptor raising your hr technology market iq

Session Number 100 Caveat Emptor – Raising Your HR Technology Market IQ

Freddye Silverman , HRIP

Vice President, Eastern Region

Jeitosa Group International

freddye silverman hrip
Freddye Silverman, HRIP
  • Former VP of HR Technology Solutions at Cendant, independent consultant for five years, now VP, Eastern Region at Jeitosa Group International
  • In the HRIS field since 1986, with responsibility for HR technology strategic planning and oversight of global HR systems and the U.S. payroll system
  • Active IHRIM member since 1988 and past president of the Association, certified HRIP
  • Jeitosa Group International provides global, strategic and functional human resources information technology support to Global Fortune 1000 organizations.
level setting
Level Setting
  • Source credit is given
  • No recommended products – vendor neutral and not all products or providers in any category may be mentioned
  • Not a case study
  • As always, find the best fit for your requirements, environment and culture
  • Movement in the Market
  • Talent Management, eLearning, Compensation
  • Workforce Analytics and Workforce Planning
  • Enterprise 2.0
  • Deployment options
  • Product evaluation and selection
recent merger acquisition activity
Recent Merger/Acquisition Activity

A volatile marketplace makes decisions more difficult

recent merger acquisition activity7
Recent Merger/Acquisition Activity
  • Clients looking for a ‘holistic solution’
  • Organizations looking to round out offerings and improve market penetrations
  • Undervalued companies are good deals for cash-flush acquirers

Continuing speculation about consolidation, PE buys, gorilla gobbles (e.g. ADP, Kronos)

why should i care beware the fairy tales of consolidation
Why should I care?Beware the fairy tales of consolidation
  • We will continue to support all product lines fully
  • We are delighted with our new colleagues and expect to retain all of them
  • Our customers will see only improvements in support, product roadmaps and overall happiness
  • We will have ‘out of the box’ integration soon
  • We have complimentary architecture
  • This acquisition now gives us the deepest features and we are the only vendor with a complete solution

Source: Naomi Bloom, Jason Corsello

leaders and innovative players by segment
Leaders and Innovative Players by Segment

Source: Forrester Research 2010


Creates ‘passive candidate database’ also – people who have given references and checked box to ‘Keep in touch’

skillsurvey goes mobile
SkillSurvey Goes Mobile

SkillSurvey Mobile

  • On-the-go access anytime, anywhere
  • Use your iPhone, BlackBerry, Droid, or Windows-enabled Smartphone
  • No hassle for recruiters, candidates, or references

Integrated with Taleo now; talking to ADP/Virtual Edge and Kenexa/BrassRing

e recruiting

The age-old question:

Is technology really the problem or are vendors taking the blame for broken processes and poor change management during and after implementation?

  • April 2011 Bersin and Associates study of talent acquisition market
    • Almost 50% of surveyed organizations are looking to switch their TA vendor
  • Why such market churn?
    • SaaS – advantage of ‘low barriers to entry’ is a disadvantage when it becomes ‘low barriers to exit’ – easy to switch without substantial financial penalty
    • Saas contracts usually 36 months – many contracts signed in 2008 prior to down market now up for renewal
    • Akin to churn in mobile phone market where people jump from one carrier to another hoping for better service, phone selection, price, reception once cell number portability was offered

Source:Bryon Abramowitz blog, The HR Technologist, 4/7/2011

talent management evolution v 2
Talent Management Evolution v.2

2011 Update:

Very little buzz about the SF or Silk Road ‘core’ modules

Employee Central

SuccessFactorsBusiness Execution Software


Oracle eBusiness Suite HCM

the increasingly rare bird
The increasingly rare bird
  • Sonar6 – based in New Zealand
  • “Finally, performance reviews that don’t suck”
  • Performance Reviews and Succession Planning only
  • Winner of 2009 PWC High Tech Award
  • Leads in the user experience area (Bersin)
  • Performance mgmt should not be about automating performance…but about making, supporting and visualizing decisions…that drive corporate performance. We need more products like Sonar6. (Corsello)
tm matrix


TM matrix

You must dig and define the functionality

There is often a disconnect between how the TM system sees the organization of labor in a company and how the job structure is maintained in the core HR system. This will hijack any efforts at integration. Evaluate the data structure and quality of your core HR system fully!

Source: Bryon Abramowitz, Random Thoughts blog

elearning market
eLearning Market
  • Mature technology, long-term vendors
  • Global market to reach $107 billion by 2015 according to industry analysts
  • Has proven to:
    • Reduce operational costs
      • Centralizes content
      • Lowers logistics cost
    • Simplify training programs
      • Enables uniformity in content delivery
    • Provides flexibility in learning activities
      • Anytime anywhere learning
      • Access to worldwide mentoring resources
      • Control of training calendar from multiple locations
elearning market scan
eLearning Market Scan

Many offer other TM modules, some are pure play

lms a la facebook feathercap by xerceo
LMS a la Facebook – Feathercap by Xerceo
  • Sign up as an administrator or training manager – no charge to create a community
    • Service plans – ongoing maintenance and development
    • Configurable private secure full featured learning environment
  • Add team – use template to import learners
  • Content management
    • Use template to import from Articulate, Lectora, Presentor, Adobe Captivate
    • Can build content using their content mgmt system – pull from wikis, blogs, websites
  • Share courses, set up instructor led events, enroll learners, run reports
  • Ease of setup and reasonable cost
ventana value index
Ventana Value Index
  • Don’t just look at the graphics – read the research
  • Always read the ‘vendors not included’ waiver
  • was part of the initial assessment but then was acquired by Kenexa which did not communicate its plans for the application’s future
  • HRsmart did not respond to inquiries or provide access to its customers and applications
  • Cornerstone on Demand, Excentive, Ultimate Software and Workday were not part of Ventana’s research coverage in 2010 but are being assessed for coverage in 2011.
workforce intelligence workforce planning workforce optimization
Workforce Intelligence / Workforce Planning/Workforce Optimization

Workforce Intelligence

Workforce Planning

Getting the right number of people with the right skills, experiences and competencies in the right jobs at the right time – U.S. Dept of Heath and Human Services Office of Human Resources

The confluence of talent management and analytics

Market players



Aquire (combines aspects of intelligence and planning)

Nakisa (workforce visualization)

Human Concepts (Org Plus) – visualization and analytics

  • Using metrics and (predictive) analytics to gain business insight
  • Market players
    • Doublestar Workforce Insight
    • eThority Data Talent
    • Microstrategy
    • Embedded third party tools with intelligence, e.g. Ultipro with Cognos, SuccessFactors with InfoHrm
    • Proprietary point-and-click and native SQL tools, e.g, Nuview
    • Oracle – BI module, melding Siebel and Hyperion functionality into HCM
    • SAP – Business Objects
the best of human capital metrics dvd
“The Best of Human Capital Metrics” DVD
  • Highlights from seven sessions of a Conference Board meeting
    • Managing Tomorrow, Today: the Predictive Analytics Model, Jac Fitz-enz
    • How to Apply Analytics to Business Problems, Jess Harriott and Jeff Quinn (Monster)
    • A better Way to Account for Human Capital Costs, Stephen Wehrenberg (USCG)
    • Workforce Analytics that Drive the Bottom Line, Shyam Patel, (People Report)
    • The New Face of Workforce Planning, Tom Glasscock and Jennifer Murnane
    • Advancements in Analytics, John Gibbons, David Scarborough
    • From Reactive to Predictive Analytics, Jac Fitz-enz

HR still has trouble telling the story…

As in talent management, where many years in we are still just automating performance reviews rather than driving business outcomes…

Josh Bersin


State of HR Metrics – survey results summary

  • A range of methodologies and software are in place across (mostly informal) metrics systems
    • Most HR organizations characterize their HR metrics system as informal and the majority of systems are partially automated.
    • Among those systems that are automated, a wide variety of vendor and consultant-provided software is used.
    • HR execs also use a variety of measurement frameworks, although balanced scorecard and custom-built frameworks are most common.
  • Majority of HR executives are not confident in the effectiveness or impact of their metrics system
    • Less than 1/3 of respondents agree that their HR metrics approach is effective and few believe their system is as effective as those used by other functions.The majority of HR executives are not confident that HR metrics are useful in prioritizing Hr activities and investments, are linked to corporate strategy, provide line managers with the information they need to make workforce decisions or contribute to improvements in HR or corporate performance.

How many think your HR executives would agree with those statements?

Corporate Leadership Council

Member Survey: Exploring the Measurement Challenge

Fall 2001!

Not too much has changed in 10 years…

Analytics is an ongoing challenge

all of your data in one place finally
All of your data in one place.Finally.

Consolidate all data systems…

into one user-obvious interface.

DataTalent Workforce performance, empowered.

workforce analytics
Workforce Analytics

Track key metrics and automate HR reporting.

Get at-a-glance insight from dashboards.

DataTalent Workforce performance, empowered.


“We live in a society bloated with data but starved for wisdom.”

Elizabeth Lindsey

Ethnographer and National Geographic Fellow

enterprise 2 0 using web 2 0 tools to connect and collaborate
Enterprise 2.0 – Using Web 2.0 tools to connect and collaborate

Web 2.0

  • Community
    • Architecture of participation
    • Collective intelligence
    • User-created content
  • Technology
    • Web platforms
    • Rich Internet Applications
    • Mobile platforms

Social Applications

  • Social Networking
    • Locating interesting people and content
    • Social profiles
    • Social network analysis
  • Social Collaboration
    • Working with interesting people and content
    • Wikis and blogs
    • Instant messaging
    • Virtual worlds
    • Collaborative office
  • Social Publishing
    • Sharing interesting content
    • Social tagging
    • Social validation
  • Social Sourcing
    • Using social sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook, etc to source employment candidates
  • Social Learning
    • Combining traditional LMS features with social networking tools like Facebook for collaborative learning
social software applications
Social Software Applications
  • Checkster – online reference checking
    • Candidate provides behavioral self-assessment
    • Reference sources complete same assessment for the candidate
    • Comparison report of both assessments generated
  • Rypple – collaboration software
    • “Work better, together”
    • Web-based software used by teams to stay on track
    • Set goals, get feedback, coaching and thanks
    • Supercharges communication, gives people control of their own performance and development
and the word is app
And the word is … App
  • Word of the year for 2010
  • Apple announced its 10 billionth download at the beginning of March 2011
  • Uses of cellphones:
    • 1 – email/texting
    • 2 – apps
    • 3 – talking
  • Mobile World Congress, February 2011, Barcelona
mobile apps are expanding
Mobile Apps are expanding
  • Buck Consultants
    • Benefits Genie Lite and Benefits Genie – to keep track of health benefits and store key health info that can be shared with a PIN for privacy
    • iPhone and iPod touch to search for job listings ‘on the go’
  • Kenexa 2x Mobile
    • access to Kenexa Recruitment, Onboarding and Performance Mgmt solutions on iPhone and Blackberry. Approve reqs, job seekers can view and apply for positions
  • HRSentry
    • Two mobil apps for iPad geared to small business owners and HR pros
    • Access to glossary of HR terms and definitions, federal law info and updates, guide to creating an employee handbook
  • Cybershift Workforce Management 3G
    • Lets managers and employees view and manage time and attendance data via Blackberry
  • PeopleclickAuthoria Collaborate
    • Allows managers to approve reqs, view reports and dashboards, candidates can scan openings and apply for jobs via Blackberry, Android and iTouch
in the cloud a throwback to 70 s 80 s mainframe timesharing
In the Cloud(a throwback to 70’s-80’s mainframe timesharing)
  • Public cloud solutions – purest vision
    • E.g. Amazon Web Services, Google,
    • Attempt to become one-stop shop for all of an enterprise’s needs
    • Centralize all services in a few data centers to deliver global services at acceptable performance
    • abstracts away all complexity of a physical IT infrastructure
    • Via thin-provisioning and virtualization, can offer a limitless data center infrastructure at low monthly cost
  • Private cloud solutions
    • Take public delivery model and scale it down to deliver computing capacity for the individual enterprise
    • For very large organizations, could reach same economies of scale as public vendors
    • Consolidate storage and applications, virtualize infrastructure, provide acceleration to branch offices and mobile workers
    • Manage services differently via chargeback – ‘sunk’ data center costs are retrievable as a profit center
    • Will not abandon IT investments but will shift operation models to mimic public cloud

Hybrid cloud – combines public and private cloud

why sharepoint
Why SharePoint?
  • The most ubiquitous portal platform on earth
  • Extremely easy to create, maintain and organize content, pages
  • Provides a highly personalized, customized role-based experience
  • Powerful search engine
  • Robust collaboration features
  • Integrates with all ERPs and HR point solutions
  • Deployable on-premise or hosted/SaaS
  • Accessible via browser, smart phones, tablets
  • Accessible from inside and/or outside the firewall

Source: Towers Watson, IHRIM Webinar, Creating a Consumer Grade HR Portal Using MS Sharepoint

sharepoint hr portal


Part Time

SharePoint HR Portal


New Hires


HR/Field HR

HR Service Center

HR Portal

Single Sign On

HR4HR Collaboration

On Boarding

SPDs / Compliance

Career Framework

SharePoint Functionality

Content Management

Design, Layout



Data Integration

Content Workflow

Web 2.0 Features

Automated Alerts


Portal Administration

Authentication & ID Mgmt

Content Storage (SQL)

Case Mgmt


Talent | Reward



Towers Watson

SaaS Apps

Client on-prem



Reward Stmt





Content, Data, Apps


Health care







Source: Towers Watson, IHRIM Webinar, Creating a Consumer Grade HR Portal Using MS Sharepoint

how a pre configured sharepoint portal works
How A Pre-Configured SharePoint Portal Works
  • Personalized and targeted content
  • Pre-configured information architecture
  • Pre-configured page templates
  • Pre-written “work events” and “life events”
  • Pre-configured forms library
  • News, announcements publishing and automated publishing (RSS)
  • Built-in content management & workflow (for editing, reviewing, approving and publishing)
  • Quick Links to key content and apps
  • Links to providers & 3rd party apps
  • Unlimited depth of content (layers, subsites)
  • Integrated “Ask HR” Issues and inquiry tracking
  • Single sign-on
  • Document Library
  • Social networking
  • Audit and archive of compliance content
  • On-premise or Hosted – identical features and deployment time

Source: Towers Watson, IHRIM Webinar, Creating a Consumer Grade HR Portal Using MS Sharepoint

pre configured sharepoint hr portal

Personalized content is targeted and filtered

Pre-Configured SharePoint HR Portal

Access to personal info


Powerful search delivers tailored results that can include other related sites in the search scope

Intuitive navigation, mega menus, get use to most common content in 1 click.

Live chat or email for additional information and assistance

Quick Links exposes important content typically only found deeper in the site

Single-sign on to essential data and apps creates a seamless online experience

Interactive content, such as videos and online polls, engage users

Special call-outs draw attention to important information – even when content resides underneath the home-page level.

Rate or share interesting articles

News is targeted based on location, role or any other available data element.

Featured stories appear on home page, all past stories easily accessible in archives.

Content on topics like Wellness or financial planning, can be RSS feeds from external sources.

Source: Towers Watson, IHRIM Webinar, Creating a Consumer Grade HR Portal Using MS Sharepoint

deployment options
Deployment Options

Build and maintain internal infrastructure

Buy and maintain internal infrastructure


Software as a service, “right to use” vs license, vendor-hosted

Subscription model – multitenancy

Web-based software

Not ASP – limited to configuration not customization

Single code base deployed across all customers

Hosted License

Outsource the infrastructure without giving up ownership

Personalization of application

Example: Oracle on Demand

Outsource – specific functions or CHRO

saas be aware
SaaS – be aware
  • What it is: leased and hosted configurable web-delivered multi-tenant applications
    • No infrastructure responsibilities but you still have to pay attention to the maintenance and upgrades since your application is changing
  • What it’s not: open your browser, key in the URL and bam! you’ve got a system
  • Great delivery model, implementation still a challenging project
    • Significant time/dollar/resource effort, although typically shorter in duration than in-house
    • Client must understand and define their business processes to select and configure correctly - “otherwise you pave the cow paths” (Kutik)
    • Must convert historical data - cleansed, normalized, mapped
  • Service and integration with internal systems must be addressed
  • Biggest concern at many companies is loss of control and data exposure
  • New acronyms – Plateau Talent Gateway
    • PaaS – platform as a service
    • CaaS – content as a service
    • XaaS – anything as a service
software vendor information
Software Vendor Information
    • Filter by platform, number of users, features, number of employees, location, budget
    • List produced displays paid advertisers first, followed by complete list of all vendors in smaller print
    • Complete tool, view scored list of products closely matching listed needs
    • Learn the capabilities of listed systems
    • Determine needs by weighting importance of each feature or option
    • View Detailed Comparison Screens
    • View pre-recorded Demos
  • Research and advisory firms
    • Gartner ‘magic quadrant’
    • Forrester
    • Aberdeen
    • IDC
    • Ventana
items to consider for planning
Items to consider for planning
  • Staffing
    • Without an appropriately staffed HRIS group to deploy, own and continuously market the applications, the effort will die on the vine
    • Hybrid skill set – high tech, high touch
    • If you depend on an internal IT group, what is their skill set? What type of technologies can they support?
  • Define your key drivers
    • Determine organizational direction
    • Global expansion?
    • Emphasis on talent management?
  • Economics
    • Funding availability
  • Timing
    • The world moves quickly; if process and technology rollouts don’t keep up you’ll set yourself up to fail
    • Short term planning (up to 1 year) should be your target
caveat emptor
Caveat Emptor
  • The 80/20 rule applies
    • In most cases 80% of the functionality will be common
    • What’s that 20% difference and does it matter to you?
    • A long list of features doesn’t matter unless they match your requirements
  • Use scenario-based requirements for demos
    • Send to the short-list vendors ahead of time so they can prepare
    • Allow the requisite exec summary and system overview
    • Always remember what your drivers are
    • Make sure all scenarios are addressed
    • Save the glitz for last and be a healthy skeptic (demos are meant to be smooth)
  • Reality checks
    • Search reference lists for comparable situations – software versions, services selection, consultant roles
    • Bad marriages lead to ugly divorces
    • Best practices aren’t necessarily the ‘best’ for your company
    • Beware the stylish haircut – look in the mirror and make an honest self-assessment
roi and roe



Return on Investment

  • Why would the CxO write the check for technology procurement?
  • Don’t automatically accept the incumbent system due to investment – those are sunk costs and ongoing TCO may be higher than other alternatives that are a better fit

Return on Expectations

  • What is your strategy?
  • What are your drivers?
  • Does the system align with your needs?
  • At the end of the day, how do stakeholders expect the system to add value and improve their work life?
how do you find a consultant
How do you find a consultant?
  • Selection should be as rigorous a process as system selection
    • Problem solver
    • Excellent communicator
    • Personally disciplined
    • Passion for doing what’s best for the client
  • Know your ‘needs requirements’ – strategic planning, project management or group therapy?
  • You must ‘click’ on
    • Approach
    • Cost
    • Personality/Culture
  • Check references
  • Use websites and referrals from similar companies/projects
the consulting landscape

Research &




Niche Centric

Broad HR




The Big Boys –





The Consulting Landscape

Gartner AMR

Forrester IDC


ERP VendorsSAP


IT body shops



CAP Gemini

Product boutiques – Oracle:


HR Technology Solutions

Beachside Consulting

(google on personal names)

Executive Alliance


Jeitosa Group Intl


Wise Consulting

Recruitment mgmt –

The Newman Group


Talent Management –

Knowledge Infusion

Bersin & Associates

BPO/IT outsourcing –



Everest Research Inst


Deloitte & Touche


Towers Watson


Boston Consulting Grp

The Hackett Group

Bloom & Wallace

blogs and conversations
Blogs and Conversations
  • The HR Technologist (Bryon Abramowitz)
  • The Human Capitalist (Jason Corsello – KI)
  • Naomi Bloom – ‘In Full Bloom’
  • Steve Boese on HR Technology – RIT professor (
  • Perceptive HR Technology (Larry Dunivan, Lawson)
  • Analyst blogs (Bersin, Gartner, Forrester)
  • Use RSS feeds for easy access
  • LinkedIn – HR Technology groups
  • Twitter
  • Filter the facts from the buzz
for more information on this or any other hr technology topic go to www ihrim org
For more information on this or any other HR technology topic go

ihrim needs your feedback please complete a session evaluation for
IHRIM needs your feedback!Please complete a session evaluation for

Freddye Silverman, HRIP

Vice President, Eastern Region

Jeitosa Group International

Thank you!

Session Number 100

Caveat Emptor – Raising your HR Technology Market IQ