online nutrition services proposal www vitabot com l.
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Online Nutrition Services Proposal vitabot PowerPoint Presentation
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Online Nutrition Services Proposal vitabot

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Online Nutrition Services Proposal vitabot - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Online Nutrition Services Proposal Outline Introduction Improving Your Business About the Service Microwaves ® Corporation Vitabot is Developed Through, and Managed By Microwaves ® Corporation

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Online Nutrition Services Proposal vitabot

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Presentation Transcript
  • Introduction
  • Improving Your Business
  • About the Service
microwaves corporation
Microwaves® Corporation
  • Vitabot is Developed Through, and Managed By Microwaves® Corporation
    • Microwaves develops manufactures and markets and sells innovative products and web based information services
a new business tool
A New Business Tool
  • Vitabot: Far More than Just Nutrition
    • Vitabot is an extremely affordable way to significantly improve many aspects of your business
    • Increase Sales
    • Increase Number of PT Clientele
    • Increase Website Traffic
    • Improve Member Satisfaction & Retention
helping you close the sale
Helping You Close the Sale
  • An Incredible New Service - For All Members
    • Give your members far more than they expect.
    • Nutrition services are typically considered to be an extra expense.
    • The perceived value of personalized nutrition analysis and planning is typically between $12-$50/Month. Sometimes even more.
    • The ability to provide this highly valuable unique service to your members at no extra charge gives you an extremely compelling new sales angle, resulting in significantly improved sales rates.
increase pt clientele
Increase PT Clientele
  • More Initial PT Consultations
    • Getting members to set up initial consultations with trainers is one the most important parts of your PT system.
    • By requiring your members to meet with your PT staff to activate their free nutrition accounts, you create a very compelling reason for new and existing members to set up a meeting with a personal trainer.
    • This system will help your PT revenue to soar.
more traffic for your website
More Traffic for Your Website
  • A Website Without Traffic is Useless
    • You've put a lot of effort and expense into your website.
    • Now your members will have another strong reason to visit it.
    • Your members access their nutrition accounts through your website.
    • When your members visit, you can inform them of your promotions, services, and events.
improve retention rates
Improve Retention Rates
  • Keep Your Members and PT Clientele
    • Better Nutrition -> Better Results.
    • Better Results -> Better Retention
    • Good for your trainers, and your club as a whole.
    • Free nutrition analysis and planning for all members will give better results, increasing pt and club retention rates.
low cost very high return
Low Cost - Very High Return
  • For a typical club, the total cost of this program can be covered by the additional revenue from just a few new members
  • Considering the improved sales rates, increased PT clientele, higher website traffic, increased member satisfaction, and improved retention, the value of this program is very clear.
  • Nutritional data and requirements from USDA and Institute of Medicine (no fad diets)
  • Personalized goals and nutritional requirements
  • Personal multi-page nutrition notebook
  • Patent pending interactive report card/food suggestion system provides a unique method for planning meals and optimizing daily nutrition
  • Helps you build your meal plans by making suggestions from your favorite foods
  • Identifies problems, and helps you correct them