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Measuring Penny

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Measuring Penny. Written by Loreen Leedy Cyberlesson by Katie Gulley. Introduction. In this lesson, we are going to review measuring!!! Why do we measure? What types of things do we measure?.

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measuring penny

Measuring Penny

Written by Loreen Leedy

Cyberlesson by Katie Gulley


In this lesson, we are going to review measuring!!!

Why do we measure?

What types of things do we measure?




Dog Biscuits

Stuffed Animals

Measuring Tape



before reading
Before Reading

Measurement Review:

We are going to spend a little time reviewing measuring. Click on the websites below to begin your review.

before reading5
Before Reading

With a partner, list and measure 10 classroom objects with dog biscuits.

Measuring with Dog Biscuits

Class Discussion: Can you measure a dog’s tail with dog biscuits?

Let’s take a picture walk through Measuring Penny!

during reading
During Reading

In Measuring Penny, Lisa measures more than just length.

As I read, listen for other things Lisa measures.

after reading
After Reading

As a class, we are going to chart the measurement tools Lisa used in Measuring Penny.

after reading8
After Reading

With your partner, you will complete a measurement worksheet. List the different measurement tools we read about in Measuring Penny, as well as naming 3 things you could measure with each.

Using Different Measurement Tools

beyond reading
Beyond Reading

Click on the website below to review measurement.

Measuring Pets

Using your stuffed animal, you will complete the following Measuring Worksheet.

Measuring Your Stuffed Animal

beyond reading10
Beyond Reading

Writing Activity

Write a descriptive paragraph about your animal. Click on the following link to complete the Writing Activity.

Writing Activity




Leedy, L. (1997). Measuring Penny. New York: Henry Holt and Company.

teacher page
Teacher Page
  • This lesson is designed to be implemented in a second grade classroom as a review of all measurement concepts.
  • The Introduction will be implemented as a whole-group.
  • Part One of the Before Reading is done on computers with a partner.
  • Part Two of the Before Reading is completed with a partner, then the whole-class will gather for the discussion questions in the Before Reading.
  • The During Reading and the follow-up discussion in the After Reading is completed as a whole-group.
  • Part Two of the After Reading is completed in pairs.
  • Part One of the Beyond Reading on the computer is completed in pairs.
  • Independently, students will measure their pets and complete the writing activity in the Beyond Reading.