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Legal Process Outsourcing - “Next Step of Being Outsourced” PowerPoint Presentation
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Legal Process Outsourcing - “Next Step of Being Outsourced”

Legal Process Outsourcing - “Next Step of Being Outsourced”

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Legal Process Outsourcing - “Next Step of Being Outsourced”

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  1. Legal Process Outsourcing- “Next Step of Being Outsourced” YANTRAM BPO SERVICES PVT LTD #902-903" SamedhTower, Besides Associated Pump,C.G.Road, Ahmedabad-380009Gujarat. India Your logo here Dial : 408-705-2785 Dial : 91-79-26425472

  2. Service Offerings IPR Portfolio Management • Trade Marks (TM) Management • Copyright Services • Patent Portfolio Management • Legal Research & Analysis (UK and USA Markets) • Litigation Support • Legal Auditing • Contract Drafting Legal & Para-Legal Support Services • Business Research (Across the Board) • 50 State Business Survey • Data Extraction • Analysis and Report Development • Information Management and Storage Business Information & Market Research • Incorporation of Company (anywhere in the lobe) • Board / Shareholder’s Meeting Resolution & inutes • Resolution & Minutes Library Management • Document management (Archival and etrieval) • Preparation and Development of Reports Corporate Services

  3. Executive Summary Your logo here

  4. Domestic Offshore In-house Outsource

  5. Outsourcing : Compelling Reasons

  6. Market Spending For Legal Services KPOC RESEARCH

  7. 2008 LPO Research • Customers • 2008 is projected to attract 920,700 new customers • 27% of first-time customers have become repeat customers • Legal Financial Turnover (in USD Million) • Average transaction in the United States for any Legal matter involves = $20,000/- per case

  8. Offshore BPO Supply Regions, 2007 Central/Eastern Europe Ireland Bangladesh Canada Nepal Pakistan Onsite Spain China Israel Vietnam Barbados/ Dominican Republic Philippines Mexico Morocco / Tunisia India Jamaica Singapore Ghana Nicaragua Srilanka Senegal Australia Thailand Nearshore: Easier travel Cultural similarities Time zone Malaysia Mauritius Fiji Offshore: Lower costs Time to market Resources Quality South Africa New Zealand Longer-Term Prospects Current Priorities Aspiring Countries

  9. Cross-Border BPO :Getters & Gainers Philippines (capitalizing on a strong telecom services base) India (best mix of breadth and depth of labor with strong English language skills and 24x7 support) Jamaica (answering the call or low cost call centers) Mexico (technical labor base for Latin America) China (Asian language skills and large labor pool)

  10. Why India?? • 40%-60% cost reduction for offshored process • Differential in wages from the US 0r UK parent location at approx 70%-80%. • Interaction costs increase 10%-20% bcoz of India being a remote location….thus net savings of 40%-60% • Labour cost arbitrage, the reason for cost savings likely to exist for next 20-30 years Cost • Faster turnaround time • Time zone difference • 24X7 service • Learning curve effect, given increased activity across companies and increased centralization within company Productivity • Established methodologies and processes being rapidly adopted for better performance • Well defined quantifiable metrics for quality and process • Access to highly qualified – skilled pool Quality India’s value proposition Your logo here

  11. Legal Outsourcing: Scope Of Activities • Patent Services: • Patent research and analysis : Landscape studies, patent appraisals and valuation studies, infringement analysis and prior art searching. • Patent application drafting: Various stages of filing of patent application (prior art searches, patentability assessment, patent landscaping, drafting specifications, drawings etc) may be outsourced to an Indian Party. • Patent prosecution: Indian companies are helping US attorneys in the patent prosecution process, from providing a technical assessment of the prior art cited by a patent examiner to drafting responses to the examiner’s objections. • Legal Support: • Drafting and revising contracts/ agreements: Employee contracts, Non disclosure contracts, licensing and supplier agreements etc are initially drafted by trained Indian Lawyers and sent for review to US attorney. • Legal Research: Lawyers sift through large quantities of data using electronic database and the Internet, to provide focused research to law firms and attorneys. Legal research is conducted for all sorts of US laws including case and statutory law. • Legal Counsel: Outsourced legal counsel services for an in-house firm (with or without legal department) or a legal firm, encompass most of the areas: Antitrust, bankruptcy, construction, Corporate, Criminal and civil rights etc. Paralegal Support: Document Processing, production and management (includes word processing, legal transcription, legal coding, document conversion, keyword and XML tagging and archiving

  12. Building Blocks To Constructing A Successful LPO People Process Technology

  13. Strengths At A Glance • HR Management • Enough human resource • Quite easier to motivate and retain people • Infrastructure • Better Infrastructure facilities at very low cost • No need to arrange cabs etc • Best Net Connectivity Other Advantages • English Language Proficiency • Expertise in New Technologies • Quality Assured (A grade) • Unexpected Cost Advantage (40% less than the metro) • Entrepreneurship Abilities • Excitement about BPO/KPO in the area • State Government Support and Policies

  14. Professionals Availability Ahmedabad

  15. Information Transport System User name with safe password Internet usage US/UK Contact Email Usage Ahmedabad Phone Lines Regular phone no. in US/UK Skype Usage

  16. Learning!! Legal working is both a business and a profession. “The business of law is more about know-how (knowing how to research, analyze, and write in a particular way) rather than knowledge of any particular law”.

  17. We Hope that this Presentation has been Quite an Informative of the domains we expertise in. Power Your Business with Yantram THANK YOU