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Computer & Internet Troubleshooting 101 PowerPoint Presentation
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Computer & Internet Troubleshooting 101

Computer & Internet Troubleshooting 101

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Computer & Internet Troubleshooting 101

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  1. Computer & Internet Troubleshooting 101 Santa Ana College Nealley Library

  2. Agenda • Part 1: How Can the System Team Help You? • Part 2: Common Internet Problems • Part 3: Common Technical Problems • Part 4: Common Voyager Problems • Part 5: Virus • Troubleshooting Wrap-up • Handouts: Agenda, PowerPoint Presentation 2002 Library In-Service

  3. How Can We Help You? Part 1

  4. The System Team 2002 Library In-Service

  5. Technical Support 2002 Library In-Service

  6. Library Technology Plan 2002-04 2002 Library In-Service

  7. Technical Support Request Form 2002 Library In-Service

  8. Common Internet Problems Part 2

  9. Printing Web Pages • Always advise users to do a Print Preview before sending print job • Print Selection: In Explorer 6.0, select text first, use Print Selection function to print • Nothing prints • Check for paper in printer • Make sure printer is on • Make sure printer is attached (to computer or network) • Reset your printer (turn it off and back on) 2002 Library In-Service

  10. E-mailing Web Pages • In our public workstations we are not able to send web pages or links by e-mail. • When students ask your assistance to e-mail the current web page, ask them to copy the URL and e-mail that to themselves using an e-mail service on the Internet. 2002 Library In-Service

  11. Browsing Problems? • Click Refresh • Close and re-open browser • Try browsing to the top level domain name only (rather than the specific page) • Try the URL in a different browser • Clear cache: Tools / Internet Options / General tab / click Delete Files in the Temporary Internet Files section • Clear history: Tools / Internet Options / General tab / click Clear History in History section • Wait and try again later 2002 Library In-Service

  12. Searching for Diversity Tabs to Other Databases • Images • Google Groups • Video • Audio • News 2002 Library In-Service

  13. Acrobat PDF Documents Having trouble reading, opening, or printing Acrobat file? • Right Click on the link to the PDF • Choose "Save Target as..." from the pop up • Save the PDF to your hard drive (remember where you are saving it and the name of the file) • When the download is complete, go to that downloaded file • Double Click the file • Read or print the file 2002 Library In-Service

  14. Common Technical Problems Part 3

  15. FAQs Q. If, when starting up the computer, you get the message "non-system disk" A. Check the diskette (A:) drive and remove any disk in it, then try again. Q. If the computer is on, but not working properly: • Make sure that the cable that runs from the computer to the monitor is firmly connected at both ends. • Close all open applications. Re-open the application that you want to use and see if it works now. • If applications won't close, simultaneously press "Ctrl," "Alt" and "Del" keys or. Click on Task Manager box, click "end Task". • If that doesn't work, turn off the computer (not the monitor), wait a few seconds and turn the computer back on. If the computer still doesn't work, fill out the Technical Support Form; call Hugh. 2002 Library In-Service

  16. Printing from Network • If the Pay for Print Workstation stops taking print queues, reboot the machine from the keyboard (which is located at the back of the printer) 2002 Library In-Service

  17. Common File Types • doc – Word Document • pdf – Acrobat Document • ppt - PowerPoint • rtf – Rich Text Format • txt – Text File • wpd – WordPerfect Document • xls – Excel Spreadsheet • htm – Web Page • jpg – jpeg Graphic Format • gif – Graphic Format • zip – Compressed Format 2002 Library In-Service

  18. File Search File disappeared or you can’t find it • Change file type box to look for All Files (*.*) • Search for file by file name or contents of file • Start / Find /Files of Folders • search filename*.* • click Advanced tab to search for word inside file Guide to Wireless Laptops 2002 Library In-Service

  19. Common Voyager Problems Part 4

  20. FAQs • Q. The Computer Catalog is too slow. • A. The default timeout value is set at 10 minutes. During peak time it can be changed to 5 minutes or lower to improve access time. Most of the time Internet speed is controlled by traffic on the Internet or on the network. 2002 Library In-Service

  21. Troubleshooting Tips When there’s trouble… • check cables and connections • find out what changed and/or what just happened • capture all error messages on the Technical Support Request Form • use Alt+PrintScreen to capture error • paste the screen in a Word document (Ctrl + P) • describe the conditions that create the error • try a reboot Place completed form in the Request Form Box. 2002 Library In-Service

  22. Virus Part 5

  23. Danger to Public Workstations • The most danger to a public access computer is from the floppy disk used by one patron and forgotten in the floppy drive. That disk might contain a virus that then infects the public access computer if it is rebooted while the forgotten disk is in the drive. 2002 Library In-Service

  24. Norton Antivirus Corporate Ed. 2002 Library In-Service

  25. Updating the Virus Definitions • Updating the virus definitions files is normally automatically done for us. • Manual Update: Go to Symantec website at: • Download the most current file to your hard drive • You can replace the old virus definitions files with a new one executing the downloaded file. 2002 Library In-Service

  26. Troubleshooting Wrap-up Summary

  27. Troubleshooting Resources • How-To (Guides) - A potpourri of information to help libraries manage Internet access, computers and technology in general. • Materials from Past Workshops - Materials from past workshops including exercises, handouts and the PowerPoint presentations. • Computer Tune-Up - The page provides information on basic computer maintenance as well as useful tips for optimizing your use of Windows. 2002 Library In-Service

  28. Questions 2002 Library In-Service