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2011 Census Output Consultation Event Introduction PowerPoint Presentation
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2011 Census Output Consultation Event Introduction

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2011 Census Output Consultation Event Introduction - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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2011 Census Output Consultation Event Introduction Update on current position Census outputs Key aims Current position Today’s presentations Introduction Questionnaire development New Qs on population characteristics: National identity Citizenship Language New Qs on population base:

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2011 Census Output Consultation Event Introduction

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Presentation Transcript
Update on current position

Census outputs

Key aims

Current position

Today’s presentations


Questionnaire development

New Qs on population characteristics:

National identity



New Qs on population base:

Entry to UK & intention to stay

Reason for 2nd residency


Usual residence (3-12 months, 12+months)


Taking place in



Isle of Anglesey


155,326 Households

Update- Census rehearsal

Paper responses

Approx 30,000 (@14th Oct)

Internet data capture

Approx 2500 Submissions (@14th Oct)

Contact centre

1088 calls of which 605 went to an advisor

19 type talk

16 language helpline

181 calls to the Welsh helpline

32 calls in Welsh

Update - Census rehearsal some early numbers

Recruitment & training

3 Area Managers - all in post

16 Co-ordinators - all in post

Distributors/Special Enumerators /Collectors on target

Field operations


Hand delivery - Completed 4th October

Post Out -Completed 3rd October

Special Enumeration

Delivery completed


Early collectors started 5th October

Main follow-up started yesterday

Update - Census rehearsal some early numbers

Census Order

Submission to ministers Oct 2009

Debated in both Houses

Approval by privy council December 2009


Key aims

New dissemination keeping pace with innovation (API/Flexible tables/visualisation)

Greater comparability with 2001 stable OA geography

UK harmonised outputs

Common SDC methodology

Many more improvements which will be covered in….

Census output plans

Output strategy

Funding mechanism

Dissemination plans

Disclosure control

Output geography

Output content

Future consultation

Today’s presentations


ONS 2011 Census Outputs

Presentation Overview

  • Aims and Vision
  • Challenges
  • Addressing the challenges
  • Where we are now
  • Next steps

ONS 2011 Census Outputs


  • To ensure greatest possible value via widest possible use of census outcomes.
    • Right Content
    • Right functionality
    • Awareness
    • Ensuring user confidence
  • Ensuring value for money


  • Web as the primary dissemination route
  • Flexibility for end users to create own products
  • Utilities to enable bulk download of data via the web
  • Data explorer functionality provided jointly with external partners
  • 2001 comparisons which exploit the now stable geography
  • Increased set of products ensuring maximum analytical use
  • CD/DVD products to supplement on-line delivery
  • Microdata products provided via secure mechanisms
  • UK Wide Approach with common disclosure control

Standard pre-canned tables

Flexible tables - User defined via hypercubes

vision illustrated web
Vision Illustrated - Web

Web Interfaces provided by ONS, Partners & Others

Single Query Management Interface (API)

ONS Data

vision illustrated analytical uses
Vision Illustrated – Analytical Uses

Expanded to cover linkage with other ONS, GSS and Admin data sources

Census as a Sample Frame and for QA of other survey sources

Expanded for


Linkage with LS

Focus on …. reports

Funding Dependant

Funding Dependant

key challenges
Key Challenges

Agreeing technology & extent of partnership working

What will ONS provide? What will partners provide?

Metadata collection and delivery

Ensuring solution integrated with data dissemination

Number of exact fit Geographies

Alignment of disclosure issues with user requirements

2001 to 2011 Comparisons

Establishing what is comparable

Disclosure control

What constitutes a ‘safe’ hypercube space

Degree of DC for each level of geog hierarchy

Agreeing table / hypercube content

What products in what form

Microdata provision

Products and delivery Mechanisms

other challenges
Other challenges

Analytical Uses

What are the opportunities

How best to exploit these

Back-end tabulation tools

Statistical software tools procurement

Funding Mechanisms

HMT bid

Partnership working


QA of tables

Output Timetable


Reduce risk of need for revisions

addressing the challenges
Addressing the Challenges

Commencing User Consultation October 2009

Prototyping technical Web Dissemination tools

Processing, Storage, API

And evaluation of metadata solutions

Partnership working is integral

Assessment of 2001 to 2011 definitional differences

Continual alignment of:

output content requirements

technical solutions

disclosure control policy

licensed / safe setting outputs

microdata content

where we are
Where we are

Prototype API built

Further enhancement for Spring 2010

Engagement with partners for ‘front end’ functionality

Exploring integrated Metadata solutions

Formulating microdata strategy with dissemination options.

Engaging User communities

Continual Disclosure Control research

Driving forward analytical uses research and planning









Output Strategy – key milestones

Dissemination systems built, populated with 2001 data

User content consultation concludes

Prototype dissemination system

Processing & Quality Assurance


Census Day 27.03.2011

Outputs strategy signed off

Front-end functionality refinement

funding proposals drafted

next steps
Next Steps
  • Continue technical delivery
    • Demonstrate Prototype & agree partnership proposals Spring 2010
    • Beta Release of data/metadata systems in Summer/Autumn 2010
    • Populate 2011 System with some 2001 data December 2010
  • User Consultation Round
    • Launch Content Consultation round October 2009
    • Publish Proposed 2011 Outputs Product set in June 2010
  • Disclosure Control
    • UKSDC approach agreed September 2009
    • Complete alignment of Disclosure Control/Technical constraints and User requirements April 2010
    • Publish detailed SDC methodology in relation to content and functionality requirements June 2010
  • Finalize proposals for
    • Funding Mechanisms
    • Microdata delivery
    • Analytical Uses
  • 2001/2011 Comparisons
  • Meeting EU Regulations

Funding Mechanisms

  • 2001 Model
  • 2011 Approach
  • Addressing the challenges
  • Where we are now
  • Next steps

2001 Model

  • Up-front Funding
    • Central funding
    • Census Access ‘Invest to Save’ Funding - £2.1m
    • 5 Census Access Partners - £700k
    • 1 Microdata Partner
    • Value Added Suppliers –‘Geodemographics’
    • Extended Functionality via partners (CASWEB, SASPAC)
  • Charging
    • No charge for Web or electronic deliveries
    • Customised Products and Microdata Charged

2011 Model

  • Funding
      • Central funding – level for 2012/2013 onward tbc
      • Engagement with Partners to explore joint funding mechanisms
      • Extended front end functionality.
      • Value Added Suppliers –‘Geodemographics’
    • Charging - Intentions
      • Standard Outputs to be free at point of delivery
      • Distribution Licenses Charged
      • Customised Products Charged
    • Dependency on central funding for 2012/13 onwards

Partnership working

  • Engage with potential partners to explore joint funding mechanisms
  • Establish partnerships for delivery of front end functionality
    • What does ONS Deliver ?
    • What do Partners Deliver ?
    • Best value for money to meet user needs.
  • Others – non partner development made possible by API.
partnership working front end functionality
Partnership workingFront End Functionality

Web Interfaces provided by ONS, Partners & Others

Single Query Management Interface (API)

ONS Data

value added resellers geodemographics
Value Added ResellersGeodemographics

Complement the Census Product Set

Important Channel for feedback on this sectors requirements

Currently engage with 6 VARs

Seek to continue existing arrangements

Consider further opportunities

customized products
Customized Products

Customized products via Census Customer Services will be provided – extent dependant on technical solution

A charge to recover staff and material cost will be levied

Consortia commissions and cost sharing encouraged


Partnership discussions Oct – Dec 09

Firm Partnership Proposals including indicative roles/amounts Feb 2010

Final HMT Funding Decision Summer 10?

FUNDING SETTLEMENT – How you can help !!