paul c stromberg dvm phd diplomate acvp the ohio state university l.
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Paul C. Stromberg DVM, PhD Diplomate, ACVP The Ohio State University PowerPoint Presentation
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Paul C. Stromberg DVM, PhD Diplomate, ACVP The Ohio State University

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Paul C. Stromberg DVM, PhD Diplomate, ACVP The Ohio State University - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Paul C. Stromberg DVM, PhD Diplomate, ACVP The Ohio State University RESPIRATORY SYSTEM VM 601 PULMONARY PATHOLOGY CASE STUDIES Case 1 (TVMDL G-861

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paul c stromberg dvm phd diplomate acvp the ohio state university
Paul C. Stromberg DVM, PhD

Diplomate, ACVP

The Ohio State University




case 1 tvmdl g 861
Case 1 (TVMDL G-861

History: A large herd of swine has recently experienced some mortality among animal showing acute respiratory signs. Your postmortem examination revealed these lungs and no other significant lesions.



Rt Lateral View

case 2 osu 89 982
Case 2 (OSU 89-982)

History: A one month old Dorset lamb was found dead. Your postmortem examination revealed the lungs pictured.


Lt Lateral View

Anterior-ventral Pattern

case 3 tamu 84736
Case 3 (TAMU 84736)

History: A 2 yr old quarter horse that was depressed, coughing, appeared somewhat thin and had “difficulty breathing” when ridden. The animal had been like this for several weeks and when it did not respond to treatment it was humanely put down. Necropsy revealed the lungs pictured. In addition, there were several masses in the wall of the colon as illustrated in the 2nd photograph



Dilated subpleural







Lateral surface

X-sec of lung

Medial surface

case 4 tamu 84197
Case 4 (TAMU 84197)

History: A 7 week oild Arabian foal presented in severe respiratory distress. The WBC = 3500 with 3300 neutrophils and no lymphocytes.


Subpleural emphysema

Atelectasis &


Normal aerated lobules

Lt Lateral View

case 5 tamu 82055
Case 5 (TAMU 82055)

History: A 7 year old Hereford bull was recently put on fresh lush rye grass pasture. He was found in the pasture depressed, unwilling to drink with a swollen throat and marked dyspnea. He died enroute to the veterinary hospital at Texas A&M University. The following 2 photos show the postmortem appearance of the lungs.


Edema & Emphysema

in interlobular septae

X-sec of caudal lobe

case 6 osu 89 1919
Case 6 (OSU 89-1919)

History: A 4 yr old Columbiana ewe with exercise intolerance, labored respiration (80-100/min) and chronic weight loss. Auscultation revealed harsh lung sounds most pronounced in the cranioventral regions. The animal was euthanized and the lungs are visible in the next 2 photos.


Rib Impressions

Poorly Demarcated

A-V Pattern

Lt lateral view

case 7 osu 81 1453
Case 7 (OSU-81-1453)

History: A 2 mo old Toggenberg goat with a history of ataxia and difficulty breathing. Temp was 104.5º and repirations = 100/min. Harsh lung sounds were auscultated and thoracic radiographs showed interstitial densities. Bacterial cultures of the sputum were negative.


Interstitial Pneumonia

Normal Lung

Lt lateral view

case 8 tamu 81895
Case 8 (TAMU 81895)

History: This is a 4 yr old Mc DLH cat that has not been eating well. He is lethargic, not very active and does not want to go outside as often as he used to. The owner thinks he has lost weight over the last several weeks. PE revealed a normal temp but muffled chest sounds and the thorax was not as compressible as it should have been. The patient was moderately dyspneic in the examination room


Normal Lung



Lt lateral view

case 9 osu 87 658
Case 9 (OSU 87-658)

History: This is a 3 ½ yr old Mc Siamese cat presented with fever of 3 wks duration nonresponsive to Abx; anorexia, depression, weakness and hypersalivation. Thoracic radiographs revealed increased interstitial densities throughout the lung fields but no masses. Lab work showed mild renal failure. Mild anemia amnd bone marrow hypoplasia. The FeLV test was negative. The next 3 photos were taken at autopsy.


Miliary foci of

immune-complex vasculitis

Lt lateral view


Miliary Foci of

Immune-complex vasculitis


case 10 tamu 88306
Case 10 (TAMU 88306)

History: This is a 3 mo old male Chow presented for vomiting, diarrhea, wt loss and “difficulty breathing”. The PE revealed a Temp = 105º F, mucopurulent nasal and lacrimal discharge, tarry stools and a rapid but weak pulse. The patient was markedly dyspneic and harsh lung sounds were auscultated.




Middle Lobe


Lt lateral view

case 11 osu 87 2827
Case 11 (OSU 87-2827)

History: This is a 12 yr old make Schanuzer that presented because of CNS signs and difficulty breathing. The neurologic exam revealed boith upper and lower motor neuron deficits in the limbs and a loss of a menace Rs as well as an equivocal Horner’s Syndrome in the Lt eye. Survey radiographs revealed an extensive fluid density mass obliterating 90% of the Lt thorax. FNA of the pleural fluid contains atypical epithelial cells. The next two photos were taken at autopsy.


Lt lateral view

Lt caudal lobe

Lt cranial lobe

Middle lobe



Metastatic Pulmonary


case 12 osu 92 1772
Case 12 (OSU 92-1772)

History: This is a 13 yr old Fe DSH cat presented for decreased appetite for several wks and lethargy for the last 3 days. There is acute onset of Rt forelimb paresis. On PE the patient exhibited dyspnea and thoracic radiographs showed pleural fluid and interstitial densities in the Rt caudal lobe. An ECG produced a sinus tachycardia. The next 2 photos were taken at autopsy.


Rt Side

Metastatic Renal CA

Rt Lung




Lt Side

Ventral View


Normal Kidney

Renal Adenocarcinoma

X-sec of Rt Kidney

case 13 osu f 1047
Case 13 (OSU F-1047)

History: This is a 9 yr old FeS Chihuahua presented because 1 wk ago the owner noticed the patient’s breathing became “noticeable”. The patient was in poor condition with pronounced dyspnea and indistinct lung sounds. The posture suggested a ruptured diaphragm. Thoracic radiographs revealed marked fluid density involving nearly the entire Lt side of the lung and vague small interstitial densities in the Rt lung. The next 2 photos were taken at autopsy.


Pulmonary Carcinoma



case 14 osu 87 2918
Case 14 (OSU 87-2918)

History: This is a 12 mo old make Sprague-Dawley rat from the Northwest Career Center. It had been eating but losing weight. It was treated with a pyrethrin insecticide last week for lice. On presentation, the rat was emaciated, weak and ataxic with labored respirations. No oculonasal discharge was noted but “increased lung sounds” were auscultated.


Caudal Lobe

Cranial Lobe

Pus-filled ectatic airways

Lt Lateral view

case 15 osu t 1112
Case 15 (OSU T-1112)

History: This is one of a litter of 1 wk old Hampshire pigs. They were fine for 3 days, then became depressed, turned “blue” and died within 12 to 24 hrs. The owner has lost 40/72 pigs. The photos were taken at autopsy.

case 16 osu 92 889
Case 16 (OSU 92-889)

History: This is “Sassette” Mann, a 2 ½ yr old Fe Himalayan cat presented because of depression and “difficult breathing”. PE revealed a cyanotic patient with muffled chest sounds. Thoracic radiographs showed extensive pleural fluid. The thoracentesis produced cloudy colorless fluid with a low cell count (500/μl) in which 90% were mature lymphocytes.


Pleural Effusion

Lt Lung

Lt Lateral View