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Bed Bugs & Other Annoying Issues in the Workplace

Bed Bugs & Other Annoying Issues in the Workplace. The material provided herein is for informational purposes only and is not intended as legal advice or counsel. Please help yourself to food and drinks Please let us know if the room temperature is too hot or cold

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Bed Bugs & Other Annoying Issues in the Workplace

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  1. Bed Bugs & Other Annoying Issues in the Workplace The material provided herein is for informational purposes only and is not intended as legal advice or counsel.

  2. Please help yourself to food and drinks Please let us know if the roomtemperature is too hot or cold Bathrooms are located past the reception desk on the right Please turn OFF your cell phones Please complete and returnsurveys at the end of the seminar

  3. BED BUGS Bell Environmental Services Peter Di Eduardo

  4. Bed Bugs Blood feeders Common in U.S. before WWII Comeback due to: Changes in pest control practices Increased international travel Hitchhike in belongings Not known to transmit diseases

  5. Bed Bugs Hotels Apartments & houses Hospitals & nursing homes Schools Office buildings And spreading to... Modes of transportation Movie theaters

  6. Bed Bugs ¼ inch Reddish brown Oval, flat Sometimes confused with cockroaches or ticks

  7. Compare German Cockroach Nymph Bed Bug

  8. Compare

  9. Compare Bed Bug Tick

  10. Bed Bug Bites Appearance depends upon sensitivity of person No diagnosis without specimen

  11. Bed Bug Habits Flattened bodies make them good hiders Prefer to hide in seams, cracks and crevices close to where people sleep or spend majority of their time Hiding areas marked with fecal spots (dried blood)

  12. Mattress & Box Spring

  13. Mattress & Box Spring

  14. Furniture

  15. Furniture

  16. Prevention? There is no way to prevent bed bugs from infesting an area In residences, encasements can prevent them from infesting mattresses & box springs

  17. Infestation Sites

  18. Bed Frames

  19. Furniture

  20. Bed Frames

  21. Prevention  Early Detection The best approach is to catch bed bugs at the early stage of an infestation Know the Signs!

  22. Bed Bug Signs

  23. Stages of an Infestation

  24. Early Detection Be mindful of where you place your belongings Inspect your belongings when you return from traveling Inspect used furniture and other used items before bringing indoors

  25. Early Detection

  26. Early Detection Know the signs and contact Bell Environmental Services once you see them!

  27. Early Detection Dog inspections Quick & over 90% accurate Ideal for multi-unit buildings or large office areas Can limit treatment areas Roscoe

  28. Preparation Prep List Residential vs. Corporate What to do with clutter -- personal items, clothing, toys, books, etc. Treatment success depends largely upon how well an area is prepared

  29. Preparation Do not move infested items to uninfested areas unless sealed in plastic bags Do not move employees (patients or tenants) to uninfested locations until they and their belongings have been inspected and dealt with properly

  30. Preparation Normal wash cycle with hot water will kill all bed bug stages Running clothes or items through the drier for at least five minutes at most settings is also as effective

  31. Treatment Cryonite®/ InstantFreeze Dry ice “snow” Pesticide free contact kill No residues – immediate reoccupation! Ideal for electronic equipment & sensitive environments

  32. Developing Bed Bug Protocol • Understand seriousness of issue and HR ramifications when suspicions of bedbugs arise or specimen is discovered • Involve: 1. Senior management 2. Human Resources 3. Communications 4. Facilities Management

  33. Developing Bed Bug Protocol • Understand Nature of the problem • Bed bugs are not inherent to any building • They’re Hitchhikers -- brought in with employees, their bags, purses, luggage, or on furniture • Rarely is it the company’s fault that bed bugs were introduced into a building (unless proper action was not taken to eliminate a known issue)

  34. Developing Bed Bug Protocol • Understand Nature of the problem • When 1 bed bug is sighted, acknowledge that there may be more • Bed bugs adjust their hours and feed on people when they are on site rather than their nocturnal schedule in a residence

  35. Developing Bed Bug Protocol • Proper Diagnosis and Treatment Plan • Consult with a licensed PCO • How large of an area to treat? • Using certified canines • Importance of non-pesticide approach • Bed bugs biological immunities to pesticides • Treatment limitations • Liability • Local Law 37 in NYC

  36. Bed Bugs in the WorkplaceAre you Prepared? Presented by:David Cassidy

  37. The Current Situation

  38. Updated: Thu., Jan. 13, 2011 1 in 5 bugged by bedbugs One in five Americans has either had an experience with bedbugs themselves or knows someone who has. Seventy-eight percent of respondents were most concerned about infested hotels, while others said they were wary of picking them up at work. "I was surprised just how pervasive the problem is," said Missy Henriksen, a vice president at the National Pest Management Association, which commissioned the online survey.

  39. Bed Bugs Found at New Jersey Movie Theater Update: Tuesday, 31 Aug 2010, 4:02 PM EDT Published: Friday, 27 Aug 2010, 6:47 PM EDT MYFOXNY.COM – A movie theater at the Monmouth Mall in Eatontown, N.J., has been reopened after being temporarily shut down because of bed bugs found inside three of its auditoriums. Two AMC theaters in New York City also recently had bed bug problems: One in Times Square and one in Harlem.

  40. Employees who work in Goldman [Sach]'s Jersey City, N.J., office tower have been moved from certain floors and ordered out of the building at times because exterminators have been in checking and spraying for bed bugs, said two separate sources at the firm. Neither source was comfortable being quoted by name, citing company policy.

  41. A History of Bed Bugs • Originally introduced to U.S. with the early colonists • Thought to be gone from the U.S. after 1960 • Several theories to explain comeback: • Never really went away • Increase in international travel • Pest control treatments have become more targeted and less toxic

  42. Office Memo: Bed Bugs Are Back “They've moved out of the boudoir and into movie theaters, retail stores, libraries, firehouses, and inevitably, the workplace.”

  43. Threats • Damaged reputation • Lost Revenue • Decreased Productivity • Litigation

  44. HR Issues With Bed Bugs

  45. Legal Issues • Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) • OSHA Regulations • Whistleblower status • Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) • How Bed Bugs can trigger “disabilities”/accommodation issues • Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) • When can someone claim FMLA leave for bedbugs? • Workers Comp/3rd Party Negligence • The Workers Comp loophole and innovative plaintiff attorneys

  46. Legal Issues, Cont’d • Privacy and Defamation Issues • National Labor Relations Act – concerted & protected activity

  47. Policy Concerns • Traveling Employees • In-home Service Employees • Company Uniforms • Company Vehicles • Leave Time for Extermination • Extermination Costs – Who pays?

  48. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)

  49. The "H" in OSHA Stands for Health • OSHA regulates more than just safety hazards in the workplace. • OSHA was founded to assure workers of both safe and healthy working conditions. • The health issues that OSHA monitors often are overlooked. • Health issues include indoor air quality, sanitation, ergonomics, environment, workplace stress, and workplace violence

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