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Street Marketing Case Studies: Outdoor Postering PowerPoint Presentation
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Street Marketing Case Studies: Outdoor Postering

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Street Marketing Case Studies: Outdoor Postering - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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This Attack! case study shows how out-of-home tactics, such as Outdoor Postering, can provide immediate access to high-traffic locations without the need for permitting!

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“Posted up, down and around town”

Mobile Media

Flyer Distribution

Costumed Characters

Brand Ambassadors

Bi-lingual Staff

Presented by Attack! Event Staffing, Field Support & Guerrilla Services


Why Postering Works?

Posted Up, Down and

Around Town

Attack!'s guerrilla postering capabilities give you the opportunity to blanket hot-spots where your target market lives, works and plays. Outdoor postering provides immediate access to high-traffic locations without the need for permitting. Multiple flights of eye-popping, affordable, full-color posters ensure maximum exposure.!

CoSometimes an over-sized, furry character is just what the doctor orderedstumed Characters


Dark Watch: College Infiltration


  • Extend the typical sales cycle for the “Dark Watch” video game to the college aged gamer demographic.

Winning Strategy

Attack! Brand Ambassadors infiltrated college campuses in the Top 20 DMAs.

The street-level program included static stickering, sidewalk stencils, flyer distribution and postering.

In additon, Attack! executed a Dark Watch launch party with game console competitions hosted by promotional models and MCs.


  • Static Stickers
  • Postering/Stenciling
  • Launch Parties
  • Spokesmodels/Emcees


  • Reached 20 college campuses
  • 2,000 Dark Watch stencils sprayed
  • 500,000 brand materials distributed
  • Project credited for continual increase in game sales

Game U Best Buy: Games Gear Gadgets Tour


  • Raise brand awareness and drive traffic to the nationwide “Games, Gear and Gadgets” tour, as well as promote the Gears of War game release.

Winning Strategy

On 16 campuses across the nation brand ambassadors visited dorm buildings, popular on and off-campus locations and nearby high-traffic businesses.

Street teams drove traffic to the on-campus events and increased interest in the approaching release of Gears of War.


  • Ideal event turnout
  • Students flocked to the game stations before, during and after class


  • 8,000 flyers distributed
  • 64 staff members hired
  • 128 hours worked

PA Tourism: Awareness Campaign


  • To increase awareness of and interest in travel to the great state of Pennsylvania.

Winning Strategy

Attack! executed a two-part awareness campaign for PA Tourism that included poster, placemat and hotel key-card distribution.

In New Jersey, consumers were targeted via colorful, informative placemats within the state’s many diners.

In Pennsylvania, branded keycards replaced the standard hotel keycards in over 125 hotels.

Six months later, placemats and posters were distributed in New York City.


  • 800,000 placemats distributed in NYC over 13 days of execution
  • 3,000 posters posted over 7 days
  • 175,000 keycards distributed amongst 125 hotels

Thank You!

Contact us for more information on Postering

Jeffrey Lee

Office: 323-454-4472 ext: 231


Jeffrey Lee

Office: 323-454-4472 ext: 231