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Website UI and UX in Warminster and Salisbury PowerPoint Presentation
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Website UI and UX in Warminster and Salisbury

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Website UI and UX in Warminster and Salisbury
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Website UI and UX in Warminster and Salisbury

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  1. • WebsiteUIandUXinWarminsterandSalisbury • In this developing age of online marketing or digital word, having a smooth interface to enhance the user experience is one of the most crucial tasks for business owners, regardless of whether large or small. From designing and developing the brand, constructing strategic and SEO-based content to developing the fully functional website –the tasks are many and we at Artsanac try to offer the best website design in Salisbury. Thanks to our passionate work force, since starting as a graphic designing firm in 2010 to getting a full rebranding in 2015, Arsanac Ltd has experience of working withpartners and clients round the world. • We seek to create a fully responsive digital platform for you by incorporating the latest website UI and UX in Warminster and in all over England such as Wiltshire, Somerset and Frome. Our development projects offer the best experiences with tailored interface so that everyonewillfinditeasyandenjoyabletobrowsethrough. • What Goes In The WebDesign And Development? • Creativity is what matters and what sells in Website design in Salisbury and hence, bringing the best ideas to incorporating them on a digital platform is what matters. For this, the following capabilities are well practised– • UX and UI design is made unique and responsive to make the journey off digital platformbetter • CMS is incorporated so that your digital platform has editorialaccess • SEO is done strategically to make the website appear on the first pages of the search engines

  2. • Proper email marketing is implemented in website design in Salisbury with marketing campaigns through email andnewsletters • After a few tests and cross-checks, the website is hosted to check its reliability and speed • To enhance the business presence, marketing on social media platforms are done strategically. • Finally, various unique advertisement banners with creative HTML5 is made so that the business gets enough exposureonline. • UI and UX –TheWork • UI or User Interface and UX or User Experience are the two integral yet different aspects of website designing. While the UX designers are dedicated towards making the product website functional, usable, adaptable and delightful to watch or browse at the same time, theUI designersdealwiththeoverallinterfaceorfeelofthewebsite. • The website UI and UX in Warminster at first, make a proper context and strategy such as customer analysis, competitor analysis, content development and product structure and strategy. After the strategy is made, the series of wireframing, prototyping, iteration or testing is done before planning for development. In coordination with the UI designers, the UI designers track the goals of the client and coordinate with the developers. To put it simple, the UX designer takes part in not only designing but also in marketing and managing part of theproject. • After testing and refinement work, the UX design is done according to the client requirement. Now, coming to the UI or User Interface designers in the website UI and UX in Warminster and other areas of UK, they keep track of how the website is laid out.By

  3. • designing the pages or screens from the home screen to the products or services page and contact form, the UX designers ensures that the interface can communicate with the users visually. • Take for example, incorporating the analytics dashboard can front-load some of the most vital contents of the website on top or on either side, or even let the user adjust the graph by using a control knob or slider. UI designers create a cohesive website design while ensuring that the applied design language is consistently applied throughout theproduct. • After prototyping the website design in Salisbury, quirky and user-friendly animation is used while making sure that the pages adapt to all the screen sizes for any compatible device. • How The UX and UIWorks? • Although a plain and simple website looks good, it can never offer the excitement or delight that a perfectly designed website has. To ensure that the users find exactly what they are lookingforonthewebsite,weputemphasisonthefollowingcriteria– • Landing/On-boardingPage • While too many unnecessary details cluttering the landing page will confuse the users, a dull and dead page without any necessary information will not be an exception either. Hence, we try to make the first impression long-lasting by using relevant information, background information oranimation. • Simple StrategicContent

  4. • By staying within the word limit, we make the proper selection of words without any grammatical mistakes and incorporate SEO-based keywords so that the content looks profession, is easier to read and can reach out tothe wider audience. • Micro-animation • Using the proper amount of white space and text hierarchy, we also make use of functional and indicative animations in designing websiteUI and UX in Warminster and other areas so that the user can understand the functionality without being explained with the textual representation. • Finally, by making perfect use of content variation and uniformity while offering engaging contactformorlivechatoption,thewebsitebecomesreadytobe launched. • Our Service Ares for Website UI and UX: Frome, Warminster, Salisbury, Devizes, Trowbridge, Bath, Chippenham, Swindon, Bristol, Poole, Bournemouth, Southampton, Portsmouth, London, Reading, Cardiff, Birmingham, Wiltshire, Somerset, Avon, Devon, Midlands and more UKcities. • For more details, Contact Us: • Address: The Old Church School, Butts Hill, Frome, BA11 1HR, UnitedKingdom • Phone:01373754000