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UI/UX Design Service | UI/UX Mobile App Design Trends | Hire UI/UX Developer PowerPoint Presentation
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UI/UX Design Service | UI/UX Mobile App Design Trends | Hire UI/UX Developer

UI/UX Design Service | UI/UX Mobile App Design Trends | Hire UI/UX Developer

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UI/UX Design Service | UI/UX Mobile App Design Trends | Hire UI/UX Developer

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  2. Mobile app design has come to the point where every Mobile App Design Company looks to sustain its reputation in the market. The future of mobile app design is brighter considering the current use of smart phones. At present, 8 out of 10 people are using their Smartphone for every bit of work they need to accomplish. So, the question is how we can accelerate the use of the mobile application in the coming future? As we know, we as a user tend to use such mobile application which has best UI/UX design. What can UI/UX Design Company offer that makes users believe that the Mobile design company is more aware of users’ essentials? The discussion about mobile app design will have no gravity unless the UI/UX Design Company doesn’t provide user-friendly experience into the mobile apps. For this, the mobile app design company needs to hire UI/UX developer who has the right skills and experience about the mobile designing and has the ability to work as per the user requirement. Let’s look some UI/UX mobile app design trends which will become eye-catching in 2019 The following UI/UX Mobile App Design Trends will isolate certain aspects of the current UI/UX mobile design features on which you can work and improve your mobile app designing. Pixlogix

  3. Image Revolution The new era of mobile app design is about utilising high-quality images. The latest mobile app trends are dealing with scalable vector graphics; according to it, the use of grainy and low-resolution images will be eliminated. In addition to that, .PNG and JPGs. will be replaced by SVGs (scalable vector graphics). You can use different images containing information or massage which user can quickly identify by observing that exact image. You can put more attention towards designing UI for multiple resolutions; you can use an independent resolution which concentrates at sizes emergent from the pixel of grind. Pixlogix

  4. Diffuse background Diffused colour has given freedom to developers to design CTA (call to action) button which provoke the audience to respond immediately. We cannot deny the importance of such features for mobile marketing. UI/UX Design Company should have awareness about how background design brings more easiness for the user to understand the mobile app. In 2019, softer and simple colour with high resolution will be the key factors for any mobile app design. Pixlogix

  5. Easy navigation Navigation is an essential part not only in website application but also in mobile design applications. Every user has considered navigation as a significant feature while going through any mobile device; Navigation can be formulated by using different style and methods, it can be horizontal, vertical. Moreover, it can come with highly detailed graphics and linear orientation of colour schemes. The primary purpose is to deliver simple and easy navigation to the user. Navigation icon and drop-down menus will assist the navigation process for functioning smoother. Mobile Application Design Company needs to Hire UI/UX Developer who has the potential to design a user-friendly navigation system. Pixlogix

  6. Colour gradient In early days, UI/UX Design Company used to have common and flat colour for developing a mobile application. For example, look back at the original logo of Instagram, and now compare that logo with recent one which was designed using purple and gold gradients. You will know that how colour can bring new visual aspects to the mobile application. Colour gradients bring more creativity in the way that common colours could not do. In addition to that, colour gradients can effectively deliver messages and emotions to the user. Pixlogix

  7. Innovative material design The concept of material design was first introduced in 2014 by Google. Since then it has become the core feature for developing the mobile application and its appearance. Recently, the material design offers a pivotal solution of light and dark background for mobile application. You can easily find the maximum use of material design for both Android and IOs platforms. Secondly, the material design provides more space for innovation and creativity which you can develop while building a mobile app. “Unlike real paper, our digital material can expand and reform intelligently. Material has physical surfaces and edges. Seams and shadows provide meaning about what you can touch,” — MatiasDurate, Google’s director of Android user experience. Pixlogix

  8. Typography adjustment The nature of the pictures, the types and number of colours, and the density of pixels are such essential factors in the UI designing. All mentioned factors normally reflect on the main screen. We need to give primary attention to the font that we use for the mobile app. There is an element called font among images every time we design application. For example, Apple offers bold fonts in the headers section to emphasise the text. Hence, if you use standard typography for the headings and other description, you can easily convey your information to the user. You can also deliver good presentation through standard typography, for example, if you use large heading; it will make the screen more organised by adding more visual accents. Pixlogix

  9. Auto location detector If you are building a mobile application which mainly based on product selling, then you should implement such a feature. This will perfectly help you to locate your user. For example, if you are developing an app for food. You can design an auto location detector in your app. Thus, you will not need to ask the user about their address as it already will be received from the mobile app. Hence, you can easily reach to your customers without any misunderstanding about the location. Font selection The font selection for designing mobile application should be distinctive. Big and bold font easily differentiates your mobile apps from others. The wordplay with the fonts may become an effective technique for the developers in 2019. The font designing and presentation will impact user’s mind which he/she will remind for a long time. Finally, your advancement in the field of mobile application depends on what ideas, innovation, and trendy designs you are planning to deliver in the market. To provide Best UI/UX Design is not an easy task; you need to Hire UI/UX Developer who has vast experience in the field of design and can give the best outcome when it matters. Pixlogix

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