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PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT Sponsored by: itisthetruth/cpts/

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public service announcement sponsored by itisthetruth cpts cat org
PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENTSponsored by: itisthetruth/cpts/

The following is a Public Service Announcement from the “Citizens for the Preservation of Traditional Society and the Cultivation of American Thinking (CPTS/CAT)”. This public health bulletin is meant to protect you from the dangers of which you may or may not be aware. This information is real and must not be disregarded.

pickles will kill you
Pickles Will Kill You

Pickles will kill you! Every pickle you eat brings you nearer to death. Amazingly, “the thinking man” has failed to grasp the terrifying significance of the term “in a pickle”. Although leading horticulturists have long known cuccumis sativius possesses indehiscent pulp, the pickle industry continues to expand.

Pickles are associated with all the major diseases of the body. Eating them breeds wars. They can be related to most airline tragedies. Auto accidents are caused by pickles. There exists a positive relationship between crime waves and consumption of this fruit of the curcubit family.

Don’t believe this? Let the statistics bare witness:

the truth about pickles
The Truth About Pickles:

Nearly all sick people have eaten pickles. The effects are obviously cumulative.

99.9% of all Southern Californians who die from cancer have eaten pickles.

97.3% of all soldiers have eaten pickles.

96.8% of all Southern California college students have eaten pickles.

99.7% of the people involved in air and auto accidents ate pickles within 14 days preceding the accident.

93.1% of juvenile delinquents come from homes where pickles are served frequently.

Still not a believer of the dangers of pickles? The proof is overwhelming! How can you argue what is obviously true?

a quick quiz survey
A Quick Quiz/Survey

Define the Following:

  • Hate:

Loathing and contempt for people or things

  • Prejudice:

Predilection toward something or dislike of another

Answer the Following:

  • When I think of the community I live in, I think of:
  • When other people think of the community I live in, they think of:
  • Explain both answers.
  • Discrimination:

Acting out on one’s prejudices

  • Bigotry:

Discrimination based on race or religion

  • Tolerance:

Acceptance of others’ differences despite one’s prejudice

symbols of hate

Symbols of Hate

America’s Legacy of Images of Intolerance and Intimidation

somewhere in america
Somewhere in America
  • Every hour ...

someone commits a hate crime.

  • Every day ...

at least eight blacks, three whites, three gays/lesbians, three Jews and one Latino become hate crime victims.

  • Every week ...

a cross is burned.

  • The Ugly Truth: Bias is a human condition, and American history is rife with prejudice against groups and individuals because of their race, religion, disability, sexual orientation or other differences.
  • The 20th Century saw major progress in outlawing discrimination, and most Americans today support integrated schools and neighborhoods. But stereotypes and unequal treatment persist, an atmosphere often exploited by hate groups. Spread on the Internet and accessible by personal computers, hate clearly knows no geographic bounds.
hate crime
Hate Crime
  • When bias motivates an unlawful act, it is considered a hate crime. Race and religion inspire most hate crimes, but hate today wears many faces:
    • The greatest growth in hate crimes in recent years is against Asian Americans and gays and lesbians, according to FBI statistics.
    • Most hate crimes occur in the North and West -- not in the South, as many assume.
    • Pennsylvania hosted more Klan rallies in the 1990s than Alabama.
active u s hate groups in 2002
Active U.S. Hate Groups in 2002
  • Black Separatist
  • Christian Identity
  • Ku Klux Klan
  • Neo-Confederate
  • Neo-Nazi
  • Racist Skinhead
  • Other
hate symbols
Hate Symbols
  • Various symbols have been used by those who wish to propagate hate throughout America’s history
    • While many are familiar with some of the more common symbols (e.g., the burning cross, or Swastika), other symbols with seemingly more benign meaning have been adopted by groups to express hate in a less overt manner.
    • Let’s look at some you might know of, others you’ve never seen, an some you might not have known express prejudice.
swastika iron cross
Swastika & Iron Cross
  • Symbol Type: Neo-Nazi Symbol
  • Traditional Use/Origins: The Iron Cross (without the swastika) was a medal that originated during the Napoleonic Wars and became one of the world’s most easily recognized military decorations.
  • Hate Group/Extremist Organization: Neo-Nazis
  • Extremist Meaning or Representation: Demonstrates a belief in National Socialism
  • Background/History: Adolph Hitler renewed use of the Iron Cross in 1939 and superimposed the Nazi swastika in its center. Following the fall of the Third Reich, the symbol became strictly prohibited in post-war Germany. Today, the symbol is often displayed by neo-Nazi groups, especially as jewelry (e.g., pendants & shirts). The Iron Cross without the swastika is also frequently used as a hate symbol in the same manner as the Nazi-era Iron Cross. It is also often displayed on clothing and accessories (i.e., Independent).
confederate flag
Confederate Flag
  • Symbol Type: General Racist Symbol
  • Traditional Use/Origins: Civil War/Old South
  • Hate Group/Extremist Organization: White Supremacists
  • Extremist Meaning or Representation: White southern pride
  • Background/History: Although the flag is seen by some Southerners simply as a symbol of Southern pride, it is often used by racists to represent white domination of African-Americans. The flag remains a subject of controversy because some Southern states still fly the flag from public buildings or incorporate it into their state flag’s design. The flag is also used by racists as an alternative to the American flag, which they consider to be an emblem of what they describe as the Jewish-controlled government.
thunder lightning bolts
Thunder/Lightning Bolts
  • Symbol Type: Neo-Nazi Symbol
  • Traditional Use/Origins:Nazi symbol signifying the Schutzstaffel (SS), Heinrich Himmler’s police forces, whose members ranged from agents of the Gestapo to soldiers of the Waffen SS to the guards at concentration and death camps.
  • Hate Group/Extremist Organization: Neo-Nazis, Racist Skinheads
  • Background/History:The symbol is frequently seen in neo-Nazi tattoos and graffiti and characterizes the beliefs of neo-Nazis and racist skinheads – violence, anti-Semitism, white supremacy and fascism.
skin fist
“Skin” Fist
  • Symbol Type: Skinhead Symbol
  • Traditional Use/Origins: The skinhead movement began in the late 1960s in England's working-class neighborhoods. Later, a racist offshoot focused around a music scene called "Oi!"(Cockney slang for "hey”, also a short term for the Greek oi polloi or "common people"). The term "Oi" was also given to punk-rock bands in the late 1970s and early 1980s.
  • Hate Group/Extremist Organization: Racist Skinhead
  • Extremist Meaning or Representation: Skinhead Aggression
  • Background/History: Alludes to the Aryan or White Power Fist. The letters "S-K-I-N" tattooed on the fingers is currently popular among racist skinheads. Slogan also popularized in clothing.
spider web tattoo
Spider Web Tattoo
  • Symbol Type: Prison Tattoo
  • Hate Group/Extremist Organization: Racist Convicts
  • Background/History: The spider web design tattoo is often found on the arms or under the arms of racists who have spent time in jail. In some places, one apparently "earns" this tattoo by killing a minority. However, non-extremists may sometimes sport this tattoo as well, unaware of its other symbology, simply because they like the design.
  • To all people of the "White Aryan Race"! Wake up, open you [sic] eyes, look around you! We of the White nation are fighting a great battle ... We, as a nation need to use our god [sic] given rights to fight this war against the canaanite jew [sic] and all other non-white races, for they are the true enemy of our White race.-- From an Oregon inmate in the February 1998 issue of Thule, a white supremacist publication written by and for prisoners
celtic cross
Celtic Cross
  • Symbol Type: General Racist Symbol
  • Traditional Use/Origins: The symbol for the Celts of ancient Ireland and Scotland; also used as a Christian symbol
  • Hate Group/Extremist Organization: Neo-Nazis, White Supremacists
  • Extremist Meaning or Representation: International white pride
  • Background/History: This is one of the most popular symbols for neo-Nazis and white supremacists. First popularized by the Ku Klux Klan, the symbol was later adopted by the National Front in England and other racists such as the racist band Skrewdriver to represent international "white pride." It is also known as Odin’s Cross. It is important to note that the Celtic Cross is used widely today in many mainstream and cultural contexts. No one should assume that a Celtic Cross, divorced from other trappings of extremism, automatically denotes use as a hate symbol.
othala rune
Othala Rune
  • Symbol Type: General Racist Symbol Neo-Nazi Symbol
  • Traditional Use/Origins: The Rune expresses faith in the pagan religion of Odinism and was originally a symbol of the Vikings
  • Hate Group/Extremist Organization: Neo-Nazis, White Supremacists
  • Extremist Meaning or Representation: Aryan heritage and cultural pride
  • Background/History: While not by nature a racist religion, Odinism is popular among white supremacists because its Old Norse origins are seen as representative of Aryan heritage and cultural pride. The symbol was common within Norse and ancient Germanic cultures and was later adopted by the Nazis for this reason. There are many variations of this symbol.
american nazi party
American Nazi Party
  • Symbol Type: Racist/Extremist Group
  • Symbol Description: Red Flag with Swastika in Center headed by the banner "American Nazi Party”
  • Traditional Use/Origins: Variation of Adolph Hitler’s Third Reich flag
  • Hate Group/Extremist Organization: American Nazi Party (ANP)
  • Background/History: Formerly known as the European American Education Association, the group is led by Rocky Suhayda and based in Eastpointe, Michigan. The ANP claims to be dedicated to the preservation of the White Race, the Aryan Republic, and Western-European cultural heritage.
nation of islam
Nation of Islam
  • Symbol Type: Racist/Extremist Separatist Group
  • Symbol Description: “National Flag” of the NOI
  • Traditional Use/Origins: Depicts the Desire of NOI to establish a separate African American homeland in United State.
  • Hate Group/Extremist Organization: NOI has a history of depicting white people as the Devil who enslave all nonwhites
  • Background/History: Founded as an educational/religious organization to support Black Americans after WWI, the group transformed into a quasi-political religious organization. Under current leader, Louis Farrakhan, the NOI has advocated retribution for Black slavery, revolution, violent protest of US governmental authority.
the five percenters
The Five Percenters
  • Symbol Type: Extremist Religious Group
  • Hate Group/Extremist Organization: Five Percenters; also known as Five Percent Nation and the Nation of Gods and Earths.
  • Extremist Meaning or Representation: The five-pointed star symbolizes knowledge and children; the crescent moon symbolizes wisdom and black women; the number seven symbolizes Allah (the seventh letter of the alphabet, G, stands for God); the white background symbolizes the deceptions and lies practiced by white people; the sun symbolizes truth and light; the points around the sun are the symbol of the universe
  • Background/History: Clarence Smith (also known as Father Allah) a former NOI member, founded the Five Percenters in 1964 after he was expelled from the NOI for disagreeing with some of its teachings. The Five Percenters derives its name from the belief that only five percent of the population is righteous. Five Percenters do not consider their beliefs a religion but follow nontraditional variants of Islam. Some Five Percenters profess their beliefs through rap and hip-hop music. Five Percenters believe that blacks are the original people of Earth, that they founded all civilization, and that in fact the "blackman" is god. They also believe whites have deceived the world, causing it to honor and worship false gods and idols.
new black panther party
New Black Panther Party
  • Symbol Type: Hate group symbol
  • Symbol Description:Drawing of a leaping black panther superimposed over a green Africa on a red circle.
  • Hate Group/Extremist Organization: New Black Panther Party for Self-Defense
  • Background/History: The New Black Panther Party (NBPP) takes its name from the original Black Panther Party, a radical left-wing group active in the 1960s and 1970s (former members of which have denounced the NBPP). Groups calling themselves the "New Black Panthers" started forming in the early 1990s, but gained publicity and organization after Khallid Muhammad, ejected from the Nation of Islam, became their leader and spokesman. Since the late 1990s, the group has expanded its presence to a number of states. Its ideology is a mix of black nationalism, Pan-Africanism, and anti-white and anti-Semitic bigotry. Malik Shabazz, based in Washington, D.C., has led the group since Muhammad's death in 2001.
hate on the internet
Hate on the Internet


Started and run by Don Black, a former member of the Ku Klux Klan, has become a kind of portal to hate on the Internet.

The National Alliance

America's premiere neo-Nazi group may have provided the inspiration for the Oklahoma City bombing.

The 11th Hour Remnant Messenger

Created by Silicon Valley millionaires Carl Story and Vincent Bertollini, the 11th Hour Remnant Messenger despises blacks, homosexuals, abortionists, and a host of others, but reserves its true hatred for Jews, who it sees as enemies of God."

American Knights of the Ku Klux Klan

Associated with the racist South of a distant past, 100 Klan groups exist in the U.S. today. The modern-day Klan has gone to great lengths to clean up its image with such revisionist tactics as replacing the phrase "white supremacy" with "white separatism."

Nation of Islam

Nation of Islam Student Association (NOISA) official site intends to indoctrinate children (and adults) into the mindset of the organization. Presents opinion in a fact-based manner as though it were an educational resource.

other hate groups
Other Hate Groups
  • Other groups exhibit the same antisocial behavior normally associated with the extremist groups we’ve examined.
  • What other types of organizations are based around hate, prejudice, discrimination and the violence?
    • GANG:Webster's Dictionary defines a gang as:
      • A group of persons working to unlawful or antisocial ends; for example, a band of antisocial adolescents or, A group of persons having informal and close relations
    • Generally, a gang may be defined as a group of three or more persons who:
      • Share a common identity, usually through a gang name
      • Typically adopt and use certain signs, symbols and/or colors and,
      • Who individually or collectively engage in criminal activity.
super gangs
  • The US Department of Justice defines Super Gangs as gangs with a large membership, and whose normal operations meet the following criteria:
    • Membership exceeds 1,000 members nationally.
    • The gang can be documented in multiple states.
    • The gang maintains extensive drug networks.
    • The gang exercises aggressive recruiting strategies.
    • The gang has a multiethnic membership.
    • The gang has advocated ambition for power and massive membership.
documented gangs in the city of san diego
Documented Gangs In the City of San Diego
  • There are gangs in theCity of San Diego
  • Compared toin L.A.



number of documented gang members in the city of san diego
Number of Documented Gang Members In the City ofSan Diego
  • There are approximatelydocumented gang members in the City of San Diego
  • Compared toin L.A.



the crips
The Crips
  • Symbol Type: Racist/Extremist Militant Group
  • Symbol Description: Crips insignia in blue (often in tattoo form)
  • Hate Group/Extremist Organization: Street Gang (predominantly African-American)
  • Background/History:The Crips gangs originally formed in East Los Angeles during the 1960s and 1970s.  By the mid 1980s, offshoot Crip gangs could be found in most major cities around the U.S.   During the 1980s, several Crip and Blood gangs developed in Belize (Central America).  Gang-affiliated youth from this country immigrated to the United States during the late 1980s, especially into East Coast states like New York, New Jersey, Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia.  In 1989, Belizean immigrants in New York City formed the Harlem Mafia Crips in Harlem, as well as several other Crip sets such as the Rolling 30s Crips, 92 Hoover Crips, and Rolling 60s Crips.  During the late 1990s, Crip gangs were well-established in New York, New Jersey, North Carolina, Georgia, Connecticut, Florida, Pennsylvania, and other East Coast areas.
the bloods united blood nation
The Bloods/United Blood Nation
  • Symbol Type: Racist/Violent Street Gang
  • Symbol Description: Gang insignia in color red (often in tattoos)
  • Hate Group/Extremist Organization: Street Gang (predominantly African-American)
  • Background/History:The Pirus first evolved in Los Angeles during the 1970s as a black street gang which formed for self-protection from the Crips gangs which predominated in Los Angeles during this era.  The Pirus were later known as the Bloods, because they claimed the color red.  Blood gangs began to spread across the United States during the 1980s, and were frequently portrayed in music, movies, and other media formats. The United Blood Nation, simply called the Bloods, formed in 1993 within the New York City jail system on Riker's island.  Prior to the formation of the Bloods, the Latin Kings were the most prevalent and organized gang in the NYC jail system.  The African American inmates, organized by some of the more violent and charismatic inmates, formed a protection group which they called the United Blood Nation (UBN).  UBN emulated the Bloods street gangs in Los Angeles.  Several of the leaders of UBN then formed eight Blood sets to recruit in their neighborhoods across New York City.  By the mid 1990s, thousands of members of Bloods street gangs were establishing themselves as a force among national gangs and  were continuing steady recruitment.  At this time, the Bloods were more violent than other gangs, but much less organized.  A common ritual among these gangs involved shedding blood, through stabbings or slashings, as an initiation ritual.  By the year 2000, the Bloods have become the most violent gang on the East Coast.
almighty latin kings queens
Almighty Latin Kings & Queens
  • Symbol Type: Racist/Violent Street Gang
  • Symbol Description: Latin Kings/Queens ID Tattoo
  • Hate Group/Extremist Organization: Street Gang (predominantly Latino)
  • Background/History: Started in Chicago, Illinois, during the 1940s, this group is made up primarily of Hispanics.  By the late 1970s, the Latin Kings were one of Chicago's largest and most violent gangs.  The group spread to the East Coast in the 1980s through the prison system, where two inmates in a Connecticut prison created the Almighty Latin King Nation of Connecticut.  They fine-tuned the concept of the Chicago Latin Kings and created a well-written King Manifesto, which incorporated prayers and religious beliefs.  This gang, which spread throughout the Connecticut prison system, quickly became the largest gang in Connecticut.  In 1986, the manifesto was added to in the New York prison system, and a group called the Almighty Latin King Nation was formed at the Collins Correctional Institution.  Within a few years, the Latin Kings had spread through the New York state prison system, and onto the streets.  By the early 1990s, New York City had hundreds of Latin Kings members, and this population grew into the thousands throughout New York State and nearby New Jersey within a few years.  From 1995 to 1999, the ALKN were the target of a series of RICO (Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations) investigations, which resulted in the arrests of hundreds of ALKN members in charges connected to racketeering and drug distribution.  Today, the Latin Kings on the East Coast remain loosely connected to the Chicago chapters.  The Latin King Nation struggles for unity and is seemingly finding difficulty in reorganizing to its previous size. 
hate done locally
Hate Done Locally
  • San Diego
    • Published on 06-04-2003
      • Hundreds of copies of a publication portraying Muslim women as sexual objects and ridiculing Jews, Jesus and Palestinians were distributed at the University of California-San Diego.
    • Published on 12-09-2004
      • A 34-year-old man allegedly used a racial slur against a San Diego County sheriff's deputy, then punched him outside a fast-food restaurant.
    • Published on 10-03-2004
      • A black man allegedly stabbed a Latino man while using racial epithets.
    • Published on 08-28-2006
      • Two 15-year-olds were arrested for assaulting a black student outside a high school.
  • Santee
    • .Published on 04-30-2002
      • Two local high school students were accused of beating a black man while yelling racial slurs after an altercation at a gas stations. Both suspects are minors
    • Published on 05-20-2006
      • Nazi symbols and profanities were spray-painted on walls around an elementary school
  • Los Angeles
    • Published on 04-10-2004

Windows of a synagogue were shattered during Passover week.

  • Riverside
    • Published on 05-27-2003

Jesus A. Gomez, 20, a suspected gang member, was charged with murder, two counts of attempted murder and other charges after he allegedly targeted and killed a 13-year-old boy because he was black.

  • Anaheim
    • Published on 04-23-2003

A group of teenagers allegedly attacked an 18-year-old Lebanese-American teen.

  • Murrieta
    • Published on 02-15-2004

White supremacist symbols were painted on a mailbox

what can be done
The good news is ...

All over the country people are fighting hate. Standing up to hate mongers. Promoting tolerance and inclusion. More often than not, when hate flares up, good erupts, too.

This guide sets out 10 principles for fighting hate to push it out of our communities. Experience shows that one person, acting from conscience and love, can neutralize bigotry. A group of people can create a moral barrier to hate. Here’s how you can make a difference:

1. ACT: Do something. In the face of hatred, apathy will be interpreted as acceptance — by the haters, the public and, worse, the victim. Decency must be exercised, too. If it isn't, hate invariably persists.

2. UNITE: Your instinct for tolerance is shared by others. There is power in numbers in the fight against hate. Asking for help and organizing a group reduces personal fear and vulnerability, spreads the workload and increases creativity and impact.

3. SUPPORT VICTIMS: Hate-crime victims are especially vulnerable, fearful and alone. Let them know you care. Surround them with people they feel comfortable with. If you're a victim, report every incident and ask for help. Victims of hate crimes have been attacked for being who they are, and silence amplifies their isolation. They need a strong, quick message that they are valued.

4. DO YOUR HOMEWORK: Know who and what your are fighting. Eruptions of hate generally produce one of two reactions: apathy ("it's just an isolated act of kooks") or fear ("the world is out of control"). Before reacting, communities need accurate information about haters and their danger.

5. CREATE AN ALTERNATIVE: Hate has a First Amendment right. Courts have routinely upheld the constitutional right of the Ku Klux Klan and other hate groups to hold rallies and say what they want (provided it does not incite violence). You can find another outlet for anger and frustration and people's desire to do something. Communities can restrict group movements to avoid conflicts with other citizens, but hate rallies will continue. Your efforts should focus on channeling people away from rallies.

What Can Be Done?
what can be done cond
What Can Be Done? (cond.)

6. SPEAK UP: You, too, have First Amendment rights. Hate must be exposed and denounced. An informed community is the best defense against hate.

7. LOBBY LEADERS: Persuade political, business and community leaders to take a stand against hate. Early action creates a positive reputation for the community, while unanswered hate will eventually be bad for business. The fight against hate needs community leaders willing to take a stand.

8. LOOK LONG RANGE: The best barrier to hate is a tolerant community. A small group of committed people can build a moral barrier to hate or at least create an atmosphere in which hate outbreaks are rare.

9. TEACH TOLERANCE: Bias is learned in childhood. By the age of three, children are aware of racial differences and may have the perception that society sees "white" is desirable. By the age of 12, they hold stereotypes about numerous ethnic, racial and religious groups, according to the Leadership Conference Education Fund. Because stereotypes underlie hate, and almost half of all hate crimes are committed by young men under 20, tolerance education is critical.

10. DIG DEEPER:Peeling away the face of hate reveals a country with deep, systemic and unresolved prejudice, discrimination and inter-group tension. Look into issues that divide us: economic inequality, immigration, religion, race, etc. Look inside yourself for prejudices and stereotypes. Change starts from within. GO OUT AND MAKE THE WORLD A BETTER PLACE!

  • American Defamation League (
  • Encarta
  • Federal Bureau of Investigation (
  • Gangs or Us
  • Jewish Defense League (
  • National Alliance of Gang Investigators Associations (
  • San Diego Police Department Gang Unit
  • Southern Poverty Law Center (
  • United States Department of Justice (