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  1. Hugh Reese, Sr Hugh Reese, Jr Simeon Averitt Reese William Henry Reese William Thomas Reese, Sr. William Thomas Reese, Jr. REESE-LOVE FAMILY

  2. Two possible examples of family crests … REESE and CASEY

  3. The REESE Male Line • We will try to work our way back from current Reese family to the Reese men who came from Wales. Reese was a common name in Wales, being spelled RHYS (meaning “Red Head”). • Once in America, the RHYS was quickly changed to REES, which was changed to REESE or even misspelled REASE further on. • One set of REES brothers landed in Delaware in the mid 1700s. They were QUAKERS. One brother stayed in the Delaware, Pennsylvania area, one brother headed west and one brother headed south to Virginia. We think this latter brother, Hugh Rees, is our direct descendant and this is the path we have been trying to prove for the past twenty years. • The migration of the Quakers from Virginia, to South Carolina and eventually to Georgia is providing some good clues as we find wills and land grants.

  4. Quaker Info here found in McDuffie County Archives - Leonardo Andreas files on REES family. There are extracts of wills and deeds and other notes that he made. The same information is also in the typewritten pages I found which led me to believe that they had gone over the same sources, and foremost, the information matched. Rev. David Rhys B: 1680 Wales Maud Owens 7 Roger Rees B: 1716 PA D: 9Oct1762 Craven County, SC Quaker David Rees B: 1703 PA D: Apr1787 Charlotte, NC M: Susan Ruth Polk Esther Rees B: 1711 PA M: Mr. Mackay Evan Rees B: 1712 PA D: 1760s Charleston M: Sarah (d: 1757 Charleston, SC) Thomas Rees B: 1713 PA D: 1762 Charleston, SC M: Mary Crawford Hugh Rees I B: 1710-14 Moved to Bristol Parish, VA M1: Sarah Pendleton M2: Elizabeth Jordan Daniel Rees B: 1718 PA M: Mary in NC Owned land in NC, SC, and GA 6 • unknown • unknown • unknown • Joseph (Rev.-Baptist) • b: 1732 Kent Co. PA • d: 5Mar1795 • m: Ann Reynolds • d: 23May1755 Ruth Rees B: 1720 PA Never married • Which John Reece is this????? • Children orphaned 1779 • Thomas Reece • Ezekial Reece • Parents: John Reece and Jane Bracken • of Mill Creek New Castle, DE M: 18Apr1771 Sarah or Susanah Pendleton Quaker Isham Rees B: 8Aug1732 Bristol Parish, Dinwiddie Co. D: 6Aug1801 SC ??? Methodist min. M1: Susan Coleman b: 1735 M2: Rhoda Thomas 1768 Amelia Co. VA 5 James Jos.Rees B: 15Aug1741/47 VA D: 8Jan1839 GA M: Elizabeth Brown b: 15Jun1770 d: 1843 Hugh Rees II. (Revolutionary War Colonel) B: 20Dec1742 Prince George County, VA D: 12Dec1825 Columbia County, GA Buried McDuffie, GA (near Thomson, GA) M1: 1765 VA M2: Elizabeth Newsom 20Nov1794 Warren County, GA Priscilla Rees B: 21Feb1729 Sarah Rees B: 10Oct1735 William Rees B: 1740 VA D: 1810 SC • Dr. Joseph Brown Mackey Reese • b: 22May1792 d: 7Nov1848 • m: Sophia Taswell Emerson • William Brown Reese 22May1793 • Julie Ann Rees b: 1795 • Margaritta Rees b: 1797 • Mary Porter Rees b: 1798 • Emily Rees b: 1808 • Martha Jane Reese • Demaris Reese 1777 GA • Married Gilham Sturdivant • In Warren County GA • Charles Reese • Robert A. Reese • John C. Rees b: 26May1770 • Prince Edward Co., VA • Jordan Rees b: 30Nov1772 • Bedford Co., VA • Cuthbert Rees b: 1756 • Isham Rees b: 1757 • Williamson C. Rees b: 1758 • Sarah F. Rees Elizabeth Jordan Benjamin Rees B: 1752 VA D: 11Sept1805 Columbia, GA M: @1779 SC Sarah James Elizabeth Rees B: 23Apr1743 VA Neil Rees B: 10Feb1745 Edwin Rees B: 1750 VA D: 23Jul1782 SC M: Mary I am tracking down linage of Rev. David Rhy/Rees who lived in Cum Creek, chester Co. PA in 1701. He had David, Esther, Evan, Thomas, Hugh (my ancester), Roger, Daniel, Ruth-all born in PA. Evan and Sarah Reese had Rev. Joseph Reese, a pioneer Baptist minister in SC. Hugh Rees I was born ca 1714 and moved to Bristol Parish, Va. His son Hugh was a Col. in the Rev. War and in buried near Thomson ,Ga.Has anyone traced Rev. David Rees's roots? He may have migrated to the US around 1699-1701 to Rhode Is. due to religious persecution to join a Quaker Colony, but that didn't work out so he moved on to PA. robert columbia, sc usa Tuesday, July 04, 2000 at 09:33:14 • Jeremiah Reese 1777 GA • Talbot Reese 1779 GA • Taliaferro Reese 1781 GA • Albert Reese 1783 GA • Martha Reese 1785 GA • Epatha Reese 1787 GA • Richey Reese 1791 GA • (Sherwood) James Reese 1793 GA • Sally Rees • Elizabeth Rees

  5. 5 father: John or William of Frederick, VA??? Hugh I??? … mother: MIGRATION- 1765 married in VA- 1770 landowner with brothers William & Isham in Craven County, SC (Camden District)- 1795 landowner in Warren County, GA- 1825 died in Columbia County, GA- 1825 burried in McDuffie County, GA Hugh Rees(e) and Elizabeth Newsom(e) Warren and Columbia Counties were joined together on October 18, 1870 to form McDuffie County. The entire area was originally St. Paul's Parish with original settlers made up of Creek, Cherokee, Uchee and Shawnee Indians. A biography of Joseph McMath (by Jonathan Snyder) reports that ... "On 1 August 1795, he (Joseph) purchased 300 acres of land on Brier Creek in Warren County, Georgia from James and Mary McCormick for the sum of thirty pounds. The land bordered Thomas Jones' land on the West, William Whares' land on the North and Rees' land on the West. He obtained 100 acres of land on Brier Creek in Warren County, Georgia from Hugh Rees for the sum of $100 on 15 March 1798. This land bordered William Whairis and vacant land to the Southwest, Newsom's and vacant land to the West and Brier Creek to the Northwest. On 21 September 1803, he sold 200 acres of land in Warren County, Georgia to Jesse Carter for the sum of $40. This land bordered lands owned by Hugh Rees, Jesse Carter and Clabern Newsom" ... Did Hugh migrate from VA and SC with the Newsom family? Were they Quakers looking for religious freedom? Is Claiborne Newsom his wife's brother (Elizabeth was born in 1758)? Their parents would be Soloman Newsom, Sr. and Martha Matthews? There was a Claiborne Newsom, born 1742 in Brunswick County, VA ... married to Hester Duckworth. His parents were ???. Claiborne died in 1824 Columbia County, GA. There is more information about his anscestors on Family Search online. A listing of Early Wrightsborough Township Landholders, Residents and Associated Families, 1768-1810, includes Hugh Rees and his spouse, Elizabeth Newsom plus Benjamin Rees with no spouse listed. This index is made up of names taken from various sources, the main ones being Hinshaw's American Quaker Genealogy, Vol. 5 and "The Story of Wrightsboro, 1768-1964", as well as much information provided by descendants of some of the families. This Quaker Colony began in 1767 when 12,000 acres were reserved for the Quakers provided at least 10 families settled on the land by February 1, 1768. Click here to read more about Wrightsborough Colonization. Posted by: Sue Date: Sept 09, 2001 at 20:44:21 According to papers "Notes on the Rees Family by H.C. Gray, 1022 Mosby Rd., Memphis TN" on file at Evans Memorial Library, Aberdeen MS. (H.C. Gray m. Jimmie Carothers, dau. of James Wilson Carothers and Fannie Myrtle Alsup, dau. of Lycurgus Alsup, son of Elisha Benton Alsup and Martha Rees, dau. of William Rees and Lettice McCrary. "Around 1820 two sons of Hugh, namely Moses, William Rees, and their sister Thirza, who married Allen Duckworth, son of William (corrected to Jeremiah) Duckworth, moved to Monroe County, Miss. Along with them came Jeremiah Rees, son of Benjamin Rees, their cousin." Probate Court of Monroe County: pack 94; Margaret Duckworth et al: "The minor heirs of Allen Duckworth Viz: Margaret, William, Samuel, Cordelia, Thirsy, Martha, Joseph, and Allen Duckworth. Jeremiah Reese appointed guardian 1831. Money received for wards by Jeremiah Reese from estate of William Duckworth.

  6. Children of Hugh and Margaret (James) b:@1748 VA to Sherwood James, Jr. and Martha Holiday ... d: 1793 Columbia, GA ... m: @1765 VA Williamb:abt. 1766/1777 VA Johnb:abt. 1769 SCd: 5 Apr 1819 Jefferson, GA Dorcusb:abt. 1770 SC Maryb:abt. 1772 SC Sarahb:abt. 1774 SC Benjaminb:abt. 1776 SCd: 1865 GA Thorzab:abt. 1782 SC Jeremiah Reesb:abt. 1786 SC d: 29 Aug 1833 Lincoln, GA Hugh, Jr.b:abt. 1790 Columbia, GAm: Martha McGee Children of Hugh, Sr. and Elizabeth (Newsome) b: 22 Jan 1772 GA ... d: 7 Jan 1848 Columbia, GA ... m: 20 Nov 1794 Warren, GA Elizabethb:1797 Warren County, GA Female Reesb:1799 Columbia, GA Britton C.b:1801 Columbia, GA Mosesb:1804 Columbia, GA Mariah Prudenceb:1804 Columbia, GA Simeon Averittb: 1805 Columbia, GA Harrisonb:1805 Columbia, GAd:5 Jun 1875 McDuffie, GA Vincentb:1808 Columbia, GA ? 5

  7. Benjamin Adams I B: late 1600s Surrey Co., VA D: Jun1756 Sussex Co., VA Agnes Ezell D: 1817 Parents of Benjamin Adams I may have come from New Kent, VA Benjamin Adams II B: @ 1755 Southhampton Co., VA D: @ 1795 Southampton Co., VA Will dated 30Oct1794 and probated 12Mar1795 Margaret Frances Atkinson B: roughly 1745-1750 D: 1817 Sally Adams B M: Adam Ivey Priscilla Adams B: M: Joseph Prince Nancy Adams B: • Betsy (Elizabeth) • B: @ 1785 VA • M: Jordan Pate • Moved to Upson County • bef 1860 Arthur Augustus Adams B: @ 1775 Southampton Co. VA Moved to Columbia County, GA 1808 D: January, 1822 Columbia County Charlotte Adams B: M: Herbert Pate • Elizabeth Reese • B: @ 1785 Southampton Co. VA • M: 27Aug1801 Southampton Co., VA • Daughter of Randolph and Sarah “Sally” Harris Reese • Moved to Warren County after death of Arthur • D: @ 1826?? When Charity was given a guardian Sarah Elizabeth Adams B: 1806 M: Wike Ivey D: 28Nov1881 Randolph County GA Elijah Adams B: 1806 M: Charity Adams B: 1808 M: Jesse B. Farr of Upson County, GA ?? Adams M: Simeon Reese John R. Adams B M: Benjamin Adams B February 16, 1803 VA M: December 18, 1823 Emily Ivey Warren Co.,GA … daughter of Dinkins and Lydia Hodgins Ivey … Lydia was daughter of John and Mary Vernon Hodgins, original Quaker settlers of Wrightsborough, GA (land grand February 2, 1769) Benjamin, his wife and mother are buried in the 16th district of Upson Co., GA. … west of US 18, south of Thomaston past Tobler Creek • Mary Ann Ivey 15Jan1826 • d: 2Jun1900 • m: James Monroe Culbreth

  8. Benjamin REES (planter) B: 1754 VA M: @ 1779 SC Sarah James D: January 6, 1806 Columbia County, GA Will registered January 7, 1806 Sarah James Daughter of Sherwood James, Jr. And Martha Holiday Richa Rees B: 9Jun1780 GA M: Martha Rees B: 20Mar1783 GA M: Bull Jeremiah Rees B: 14Feb1785 M: Nancy D: 1866 Monroe County MS Epatha Rees B: 18Oct1786 GA M: William Simpson Rees B: 18Apr1788 GA M: Tolbert or Talbot Rees B:16Oct1789 M: Benjamin Taliaferro Rees B: 6Jun1791 M: Martha Matthews Sherwood James Rees B: 6Jun1793 GA M: Sarah Rees B:16Oct1789 M: James Amoss Albert Rees B: 18Oct1798 GA D: • Lycurgus Gustavus Rees From David Reese of Villanova: I again emphasize that I am a descendent of Benjamin's brother Hugh, so have relatively little on Benjamin and his descendents.1. Taliaferro- for those who do not know, this name is generally pronounced something like tol-li-ver. Thus "Tollie" as a nickname is logical. Depending on peoples's ability to spell, how it was spelled on legal documents, etc., a specific person's name could have various spellings.2. I will list what I have as Benjamin's children, with no knowledge it is correct or complete:1) Richard/Rickey. 9Jun17802) Martha. 20Mar17833) Jeremiah 14Feb17854) Ephatha 18Oct17865) William Simpson 18Apr1788 (not in Benjamin's will)6a)Tolbert 16Oct17896b)Sarah 16)ct17897) Benjamin Taliaferro 6Jun17918) Sherwood James ("James")6Jun17939) Albert 18Oct17983. I have some info on Lycurgus Gustavus Rees(e) son of Benjamin Taliaferro/Martha Matthews and his ten children H.C. Gray's findings: (an excerpt)William Rees, son of Hugh Rees, m. 20 May 1809, Warren County GA to Lettice McCrary, dau. of Matthew McCrary JR (of Laurens CO SC) and Frances Evans. William Rees came to Monroe County MS around 1820, lived in the southern part of the county near Buttahatchie River. Some time before 1840, he moved to Yalobusha County MS, where he lived near Oakland MS. Moses Rees also moved there and lived with Hulda Coulter, widow of Charles Rees who had remarried a Mr. Coulter.William and Lettice McCrary Rees' children:1. Charles Rees, b. GA, moved to Monroe County MS before 1830. He m. Hulda (Evans?). He died in Monroe County MS before 1840, where she m. Richard Coulter, a man much her elder. Their children: Andrew Jackson Rees, Marion McDonald Rees, Martin Van Buren Rees2. Martha Rees, b. GA, 10 Sep 1811; m. 20 Sep 1832 Elisha Benton Alsup.3. Sarah Rees, b. ca. 1829, Monroe CO MS m. S. Hardy Payne4. Lettice McCrary Rees b. ca. 1815 m. Simeon Gilmore5. Jane Rees m. Hugh Love6. James M. Rees, b. ca. 1825, m. Eliza I. Hardy (sister to B.T. SR's Mary M.)7. William Rees, b. 22 Jan 1825, AL d. 18 Aug 1899 Monroe CO MS m. Frances A. Hardy (sister to Eliza, Mary)8. Samuel Rees, b. 04 Dec 1823, d. 08 Apr 1904 m. Henrietta C. Hardy (sister to Mary, Eliza, Frances)9. Matthew Carroll Rees, b. ca 1830, m. Georgia Whitworth?10. Frances Rees, b. ca 1832 - lived with M.C. Rees in Yalobusha CO in 1860, deceased by 1899 Notes on the Rees Family by H.C. Gray, 1022 Mosby Rd., Memphis TN

  9. From David Reese of Villanova: have family names. Typically they used "ap"(son of) and you could have a whole string of names like Rhys ap Jones ap Owens ap, etc.The English changed the spelling to Rees and today in Wales you will see it spelled both Rhys and Rees. Many Rees families added an "e" in America and some spell in Reece.In the 1600s and 1700s, Rees was a common name in Pennsylvana (and Delaware, which at that time was "the three lower counties" of Pennsylvania. William Penn sold a large amount of land just north of Philadelphia to the Welsh and it was called the Welsh Tract.Some of the Welsh were Quakers and others were not. Rees(es) moved from the Welsh Tract to what is now Delaware. From there, they and others moved south, some to SC at a place named Welsh's Neck. From there, they migrated all over the South.Many people, including Rees(es), moved west from Philadelphia to the area between Lancaster and Carlisle PA. This was the start of the Great Philadelphia Wagon Road.In PA, it connected to and followed an old Indian war path down the Shenandoah Valley. Look at a map and follow US 11 or I81. This let people cut over into the western parts of VA, NC and SC and on to Augusta, GA.Most of these early people were farmers, but they included ministers, doctors, lawyers and various types of tradesmen.Other Rees(es) came directly to VA, including my ancestors. The original Rees probably came in 1669, his ship cost being paid by someone else. That person was given 50 acres of land for each person whom he paid transportation. In most case, these persons also agreed to work for him as an indentured servant. Around 1760, five brothers who were descendents of the original Rees moved to SC. All five were farmers. Two fought as Tories (those who were loyal to the King of England) in the Revolution and had their lands conficated. Two moved to GA and continued to farm and both had slaves. Although the children of these two men were born with the name Rees, some changed the spelling to Reese in the early 1800s. Among their descendents were a number of ministers, doctors and lawyers as well as farmers. Children of Jeremiah Rees(son of Hugh)/Sarah PorterWilliam Ozwell b 4Nov1806Elizabeth Maria b 30Jul1808James Madison b 8Jan1810Benjamin Taliaferro b 11Sep1811Washington Jasper b 6Mar1813Gracey Brunetta b 8Dec1814*Tolbert X. b 12Sep1816Jeremiah Green b 15Sep1815Martha Porter b 5Apr1820Sarah Ephatha Matilda b 17Apr1822Charles Augustus Delafayette b 11Jun1824Orlander Bonaparte b 28Apr1826 (as in Bible)Cornelia C.W. b 22Feb1828Albert Scott (he changed it to Singleton) 8Sep1832The above have been corrected for spelling & dates per Jeremiah's Bible record.I will send the Lycurgus info direct. Also my reconstruction of the ancestry of Benjamin, Hugh, etc.I mention that Mary James, sister of Benjamin's wife Sarah, was almost certainly married to his brother William rather than Hugh as is commonly alleged.I cannot comment on William's children as I have never seen them before. I do have the children of eight or nine siblings.The 20May1809 marriage date is as found in Columbia Co. marriage records. It is my understanding that Lettice was his second wife William was supposedly about 45 when he married(born a 1766)Lettice. It is questionable that no children are listed by his first marriage. He was, therefore, about 64 and 66 when his last two children were born. The long spred between some children indicate some children either died before they could marry or some are missing. Searching for parents of John W. Reese born Abt. 1808 in Virginia and died Abt. 1880 in Carroll Co., Georgia. He m. Jane P. Guffin Dec. 28. 1828 in Newton Co., Georgia.Their children were: Benjamin W., George, W. Henry, Wade H., Sarah E., Thomas J., John W., Eliza A., Martha S.John is as far back as I can trace this Reese line. Would appreciate any help!M. Fendley check spelling as REECE for John W but kids used REESE

  10. Hugh Reese II. (Revolutionary War Colonel) B: 20 Dec 1742 Prince George or Sussex County, VA D: 12Dec1825 Columbia County, GA Buried near Thomson, GA McDuffie Co Capt. 9th Co. Columbia Regt 20Jan1791 (Margaret) Mary Jane James B: @ 1748 VA D: 1793 Columbia County GA M: @ 1765 VA Quaker 5 Thirza Reese B: 1782 SC M: Allen Duckworth Benjamin Harris Reese B: 1776 NC D: 1865 GA M: Elizabeth Pierson William Reese B: 1766 VA M: Lettice McCrary John Reese B: 1769 D: 5 Apr 1819 Jefferson, GA M: Sarah Ganeway Dorcus Reese B: 1770 SC M: Burkhalter Mary Reese B: 1772 SC M: Burkhalter Sarah Reese B: 1774 SC M: Holliman Hugh Reese III B: 1790 Columbia, GA M: Martha McGee b: 1799 Jeremiah Reese B: 1786 M: Sarah Porter 1805 • Louisa 1814 • M: Thomas • Sarah E. 1838 • Cynthia 1826 GA • James 1824 GA • Rachel 1830 GA • Martha 1833 GA • Curtis 1834 GA • Urich 1836 GA • Dozier 1839 GA • Talbot 1842 GA • Amanda 1845 GA • William Ozwell 4Nov1806 • Elizabeth Maria 30Jul1808 • James Madison 8Jan1810 • Benjamin Taliaferro 11Sep1811 • Washington Jasper 6Mar1813 • Gracey Brunetta 8Dec1814 • Jeremiah Green 15Sep1815 • Tolbert X. 12Sep1816 • Martha Porter 5Apr1820 • Sarah Ephatha Matilda 17Apr1822 • Charles Augustus Delafayette 11Jun1824 • Orlander Bonaparte 28Apr1826 • Cornelia C. W. 22Feb1828 • Albert Scott 8Sep1832 • (all spellings per Jeremiah’s • bible records Elizabeth Newsom(e) B: 22Jan1772 VA D: 7Jan1848 M: 20 Nov 1794 Quaker 1850 Warren County, GA census lists the families of: Britton, Moses, Harrison, HughIII, Harris (Benjamin) with mother Elizabeth Newsom Reese Britton C. Reese B: 1801 GA M1: Lucinda McG(h)ee 2Oct 1823 (license 27Sep1823) M2: Louisa D: <1860 Sarah Reese B: 1795 Elizabeth Reese B: 1797 M: Brooks Nancy Reese B: 1798 Moses Reese B: 1804 M2: Michal Todd b:1817 Harrison Reese B: 1805 M1: Susan Short • James 1828 GA • Nancy 1834 GA • Sarah 1835 GA • Matthew 1836 GA • Jonas 1838 GA • Merill 1841 GA • Moses 1841 GA • Damaris 1846 GA • Martha 1847 GA • Cicero 1849 GA • Elizabeth 1831 GA • Jepe 1835 GA • Hansel 1839 GA • Charlotte 1841 GA • Lavinia 1845 GA • James R. 1847 GA • William O. E. 1849 GA • Sarah Jane 1833 GA • M: John Jackson Pate • Christopher C. 1837 GA • Francis M. 1839 GA • Both John Jackson Pate and Christopher Reese were Privates in • Co B 48th GA Inf Reg. John J. Pate died of wounds received in combat, Christopher Reese died of disease. • Around 1820 two sons of Hugh, namely Moses, William Rees, and their sister Thirza, who married Allen Duckworth, son of William (corrected to Jeremiah) Duckworth, moved to Monroe County, Miss. Along with them came Jeremiah Rees, son of Benjamin Rees, their cousin." Mariah Prudence Reese B: 1804 M: 21Feb1820 Henry Scott Vincent Reese B: 1808 M: Susan Short Sim(e)on Averitt Reese B: 1802 M: daughter of Arthur Adams b: 1806 ?? Adams B: 4 Very little is known of Simeon Averitt and the only tie to William Henry is a “Simeon” noted in the 1860 census as a 60 year old man, born in VA and living with William & family. The assumption is that he is William’s Father. William Henry Reese B: 1832 Eugenia Hackney B: 3

  11. 1850 Warren County GA Census: 33-42, 1 825 Hugh Reese 60 M Farmer GA Martha 51 F GA Cynthia 24 F GA James 26 M GA Rachel 20 F GA Martha 17 F GA Curtis 16 M GA Urich 14 M GA Dozier 11 M GA Talbot 08 M GA Amanda 05 F GA 1850 Warren County GA Census: 28-32 333 Briton C. Reese 49 M Farmer GA Louisa 41 F GA Sarah J. 17 F GA Christopher C. 13 M GA Francis M. 11 M GA 1850 Warren County GA Census: 14-22 604 Harrison Reese 45 M Farmer GA Eliza 35 F GA Elizabeth 19 F GA Jepe 15 M GA Hansel 11 F GA Charlotte 09 F GA Lavinia 05 F GA James R. 03 M GA William O.E. 01 M GA 1850 Warren County GA Census: 23-32 824 Joel 49 M Farmer GA Nancy 47 F GA Effa F. 24 F GA Epsy 22 F GA Benjamin 20 M GA Joel 09 M GA Temperance 05 F GA Felix F. 08 M GA Eliza A. 05 F GA Georgiana 05 F GA 1850 Warren County GA Census: 13-18 713 Prudence D. Reese 37 F GA Indiana V. 15 F GA Rufus A. 11 m GA James J. 07 M GA Henry C.l 05 M GA William M. 03 M GA 1850 Warren County GA Census: 32-36 724 Washington Reese 38 M Mechanic GA French A. 24 F GA Christopher C. 05 M GA Emilier R. 02 M GA Ora A. L. 8/12 F GA 31-34 833 Harris Reese 64 M Farmer NC Elizabeth Reese 80 F VA Louisa Thomas 36 F GA Sarah E. 12 F GA

  12. 1910 North Eastern Georgia County Map

  13. 1850 Warren County GA Census: 3-13 1039 Ezekial Reese 50 M farmer GA Sarah 45 F GA Jane 22 F GA Matilda 20 F GA John 18 M GA Taliaforo 16 M GA Eliza 14 F GA Emily 12 F GA Benjamin 10 M GA Temperance 08 F GA Mary 03 F GA 1850 Warren County GA Census: 7-18 1051 Moses Reese 46 M farmer GA Michal 33 F GA James 22 M GA Nancy 16 F GA Sarah 15 F GA Matthew 14 M GA Jonas 12 M GA Merill 09 M GA Moses 09 M GA Damaris 04 M GA Martha 03 F GA Cicero 7/12 M GA 1850 Warren County GA Census: 32-36 724 John Shields 64 M farmer GA Lucy Shields 55 F NC Sarah Shields 23 F GA Martha Shields 18 F GA William H. 18 M GA Rebecca D. Roberts 11 F GA Robert Roberts 10 M GA

  14. Joseph Reese B: D: 1779 Southampton Co., VA recorded 14Feb 1779 Mary B: Edward Reese B: D: 1781 Southampton M: Olive Thorpe bef 1772 JosephReese B: M: Christian Lundy Mary Reese B: M: Thomas John Reese B: @ 1735 Southampton Co. VA D: 1794 Parish of St. Luke, Southampton Co. Will is listed in Hampton Co. recorded 13Nov1794 • John Reese • Joseph Reese • Edwin Reese • Lewis Reese • Rebecca Reese • Silvia Reese • Polly Reese Mary Thorpe B: 24Jun1735 Rogers Reese B: @ 1761 Rivers Reese B: @ 1763 M: Piety Vick b: 1772 VA Rowell Reese B: @1767 John Reese B: @1766 M: Rebecca Collier Joseph Reese B: @1768 M: Delilah Porter Patty Reese B: @1770 M: Matthew Morgan Mary “Polly” B: 1765 D: aft 1795 M: John Thorpe 21Feb1781 Selah Reese B: @1768 M: Benjamin Adams Jr. 1Jan1784 VA D: very young Randolph Reese B: @1759 M: 1Nov1782 Southampton Co., VA D: @ 1814 when estate is settled • Nancy Reese • b: 2Feb1796 VA • Lucy Reese b: 1798 • David Adams • b: 4Aug 1787 Reuben Reese B: @1765 M: Charlotte Harrison 11Nov1792 Southampton Co. Lucy RosannaReese B: @1769 M: William Johnson 1792 lived in Warren Co., Georgia Sally Reese B: @1764 M: Benjamin Ivey 17Oct1782 Sucky Reese B: @ 1762 M: Philip Ivey 9Jan1786 VA Sarah “Sally” Harris B: VA Dauther of Joel Harris D: @1817 when her estate is settled Southampton Co., VA Anslem Reese B: D: 1824 Southampton Co., VA No children Redmond Reese B: Charity Reese B: John Reese B: Howell Reese B: Harris “Harry” B: Rivers Reese B: ! Check out Northampton County, NC 1830-1850 census records for some of these Reeses. Elizabeth “Betsey” B: M: Arthur Augustus Adams Sally Reese B: M: Norfleet Ivy Polly Reese B: D: bef 1828 M: George Ivy

  15. Hugh Reese III B: 1790 Martha McGee B: @ 1794 Columbia County GA Thomas Reese B: 1823 James Reese B: 1824 Cynthia Reese B: 1826 Rachel Reese B: 1830 Martha Reese B: 1833 Curtis A Reese B: 1834 Uriah Reese B: 1836 Dozier Reese B: 1839 Tolbert A. Reese B: 1842 Amanda Reese B: 1846

  16. William Henry Reese B: 1832 Warren County, GA D: Nov1879 Milledgeville, Baldwin County GA 3 Sarah Shields B: daughter of John Shields b: 1786 and Lucy b: 1792 NC M: 1852 D: between 1856-1858 Eugenia Hackney B: daughter of John O. Hackney b: 1816 GA and Margaret A. Lyle b: 1824 GA M: 16May1858 Wilkes County, GA D: between 1868-1870 John S Reese B: 1856 James H.Reese B: 1860 Margaret A. Reese B: 1862 Elizabeth “Lizzy” Reese B: 1864 William Thomas Reese, Sr. B: 26Jan1868 GA D: 25Jul1943 Hamlet, NC 2 Josephine Hackney B: M: 1870 Lillie Lee Jordan B: 1872 The Rock, GA D: 12Mar1893 Wife #1 Samuel Reese B: 1871 Robert Reese B: 1874 Mattie Reese B: 1876 Nancy (Nannie) Bonds B: M: 22Dec1895 D: Wife #2 1 Lillian (Sis) B: 22Aug1897 D: 27Dec1989 Charleston SC Henry Aiken B: 1898 M: CatherineMilliken D: 1975 Charles Gladstone B: 14Aug1900 Hamlet NC D: 24Jul1914 Hamlet NC Mildred Alma B: 13Mar1902 M: Rufus Plato Edwards D: 4May1974 Hamlet Marion Allen B: 13Sep1906 D: 25Apr1908 Hamlet, NC William Thomas Jr B: 09Feb1910 Monroe, NC Union County M: 10Dec1936 Phila., PA Dorothy Helen Love James Leonard B: 23Sep1913 Hamlet M: Lena Alma Taylor D: 16Jun1982 Hamlet Richmond County

  17. Chart of 7 Reese generations (best guess)

  18. Rees, Edwin, Isham, William, Huberd, Hugh Camden District (Formerly Craven County), South Carolina 1770 A memorial exhibited by Philip Pettypool to be registered in the Auditors Office of a plantation or tract of land containing 93 acres situated in Craven County St. Marks Parish SW on land granted to Isham Rees and John McIntosh, NW on land laid out to Sherwood James and one Hopkins, NE on land granted to Alexander Campbell, SE on William Rees land. Survey certified the 25th Sept. 1770. Also of another plantation or tract of land containing 250 acres situated in Craven County St. Mark's Parish near the High Hills of Santee in Wateree River Swamp bounding NE on land granted to Sherwood James, S on land granted to Lewis Evans, all other sides vacant land . Survey certified the 27th Sept 1771 and both granted the 22nd day of Nov  1771.   Set this hand Jan 14 1772  - Isham Moore D.S. 1782Edwin Rees, planter, will proved 29 July 1782. WifeMary, daughters Sally and Elizabeth. Executors BrothersHugh Rees and Isham Rees, Edwin Rees; witnesses:Philip Pettypool, Sarah Rees, Thos Andrews. Inventory by Isham Moore,Huberd Rees, Abijah Rembert, 17 August 1782; mentions Philip Pool, Matthew Gayle, Adam F. Brisbane, Samuel Hatfield, Robt Dearington, Thomas Andrew, Dr. Wright, Capt. Josiah Furman, Peter Brunson, Henry Whelar, Mr. Hardis, George Spain, David Neal, Col. Nathl Moore, Wm Moore, Wm Rees, James Habersham, Wm Dinkins,Flemin Tynes, Mr. Grimes, Henry Clark, Caleb Gayle, Wm Barden, Greenberry Caper, Isaac Knighton, Edward Lane, Willis Ramsey, Charles Leflour, Alexander Campbell, James Borough, Benjamin Holloway, Lenard Powell, Capt. Lewis, Matthew Peterson, Mr. Skiner, Robt Moses, Ephraim P. Pool, Golbert Crosswell, Archabald Henson, John Denny, Philip P. Pool, John Hamilton.

  19. Rees, Reuben, Richard, Hugh 1820 US Census, Warren County, Georgia, Captain Hutchinson's District Henry Pool Jr  1mu10, 1m16-26, 1m26-44, 1fu10, 1f45+Reuben Reese 1m10-15, 1m16-25, 1m45+, 1f1-15, 1f16-25, 1f45+, 1 male slave 14-25Henry Pool Sr 1mu10, 1m16-18, 1m16-25, 1m45+, 1fu10, 1f16-25, 1f45+Richard Reese 1mu10, 1m16-25, 1fu10, 1f16-25James Pool 2mu10, 1m26-44, 3fu10, 1f26-44 1830 US Census, Warren County, Georgia James Pool 2m5-10, 1m10-15, 1m30-40, 2f5-10, 2f10-15, 1f15-20, 1f30-40Henry Pool 1m5-10, 1m10-15, 1m30-40, 2fu5, 1f5-10,1f10-15, 1f30-40Hugh Reese 1m20-30, 1fu5, 1f15-20Henry P. Pool 1m15-20, 1m60-70, 1f40-50, 1f60-70 [m1 Susan Ratcliffe]Samuel Pool 1mu5, 2m5-10, 3m10-15, 1m30-40, 1fu5, 1f30-40

  20. 5 Hugh Rees Will Registered June 14, 1826Georgia}Columbia Co.} In the name of God AmenI Hugh Rees being old and infirm of body but of sound mind and disposing memory do make constitute and ordain this to be my Last Will and Testament First I give and bequeath to my beloved wife Elizabeth Rees all that tract ol land lying on the east side of Maddox creek which I purchased of Joel Sanders supposed to be about one hundred and forty acres for and during her natural life or widowhood--I also give her during her life or widowhood a negro man and negro women to be chosen by her out of all belonging to my estate at the time of the division thereof herein after mentioned said tract of land and negroes at her death or future marriage to be equally divided between all the children she may have living--I also give my said wife one horse saddle & bridle, a bedstead bed and furniture, two cows and calves a sow & pigs & half dozen year old hogs provision and plantation tools sufficient to last her a year all tho said articles to be selected by her at the time of but previous to the division of my estate herein after named 2. I give and bequeath to my son Simmon Averitt Rees the tract of land on which he now lives containing about one hundred and ten acres on the south end of a tract purchased from Joseph Landrum and adjoining Frederick Brown and others. 3rd It is my will and desire that my two sons Britain Rees abd Vincent Rees have and enjoy all that tract of land containing two hunred acres lying on Middle creek in Warren County adjoining Robert Walton and others and which was deeded to them by Richard Fletcher to be equally divided between them 4th I give and bequeath to my several children following viz: to Benjamin Rees, Hugh Rees, William Rees Moses Rees, Jeremiah Rees, Thirza Duckworth, Dorcas Burkhalter, Mary Burkhalter, Nancy Rees and Sarah Holliman in addition to whatthey have already received fifty dollars each and fifty dollars to be divided among the children of my daughter Elizabeth Brooks deceased 5th Is is my will and desire that the rest and residue of my estate after paying for my just debts be kept together till the first January after my son Vincent Rees comes of lawful age for the support of my wife Elizabeth Rees and her children and for the education of sd children according to the discretion of my sd wife and then to be equally divided among all the children of my sd wife. For the betteer Execution of this last will and testament I appoint my wife Elizabeth Rees my Executrix and my son in law Henry Scott and Bill Sanders my Executors. 4

  21. Hugh Rees Will Registered June 14, 1826 (continued … page 2 of 2) In witness whereof I have here unto set my hand and affixing my seal the 13th day of November 1823Hugh Rees (seal)WitnessB.M. SandersJohn ReesBenjamin AdamsGeorgia}Columbia County} Billington M. Sanders on of the witnesses to the within instrument of writing and after being duly sworn deposeth and saith that he saw Hugh Rees the testator sign seal and acknowledge the written instrument to be his last will and testament and that the testator was of sound mind and disposing memory at the time of subscribing the same and that he together with John Rees abd Benjamin Adams signed the same as witnesses in the presence of each other and by the request and in the presence of the testator Bill SandersSworn to in open courtMay 22, 1826S. Crawford Clk

  22. The 1870 census shows William Henry (38) with wife Eugenia (29) and their five children … the youngest being William Thomas Reese, Sr. (2)

  23. Mary McCurdy Casey @1800 - 1852 Married Stephen Casey Children: Mariah Jane (1836-1908) Sarah Ann (married Masey) Mary E. (married Christopher and Edward Prince) Malinday (married McAdams) Edward - 1848

  24. Mariah Casey Bonds Of Lowndesville, SC Sons: Daughter: Nancy Bonds

  25. Mariah Jane Casey Bonds The 1900 census lists M.J. Bonds as "housekeeper", living in the household of M.T. Hutchison. We took a research trip to Lowndesville, SC in 1995 and met the local historian, Mr. Arnette Carlisle, who had been married to a niece of M.J. Bonds. The story, as he told us, was that Mariah had been married to S.J. Bonds at the age of 14 and had 6 children by him. He thought the S.J. stood for Sugarus Josepheus Bonds. They moved to Coosa County Alabama where they lived until S.J. joined the Confederate Army and was killed in the Civil War around 1864. He is believed to be buried near Nashville, TN, maybe in the National Cemetery at Murfreesboro. Mariah, with 5 children (Mary, Marion, Reese, Sanford and John), traveled by wagon, alone, back to SC where Mariah had 6 more children. It is believed that she had these children while living with M.T. Hutchison but did not marry him because she did not want to lose a Civil War pension she was receiving for being the wife of Bonds. M.T. Hutchison also received a Civil War pension as he was wounded three times and captured on 28-Jul-1864.

  26. Milton T. Hutchinson Of Lowndesville, SC Not sure if this is an earlier picture Of Milton but there is a resemblance.

  27. William Thomas Reese, Sr. William, Sr., a 32nd degree Mason, a Woodsmen of the World and Shriner spent 32 years working for the Seaboard Line as a railroad foreman. He was a Methodist. Born in Grovetown, Georgia, January 26, 1868 … Died in Hamlet, North Carolina, July 15, 1943 Married Lillie Lee Jordan from “The Rock” Georgia … Lillie died within first year of marriage Married Nancy Bonds of Lowndesville, Georgia

  28. Early tintype of Wm. Thomas Reese, Sr. Possibly from time he Was married to Lillie Lee

  29. Hamlet, North Carolina

  30. William Thomas Reese, Sr. William Thomas, Sr. spent his last years in Hamlet, NC. He is buried in Monroe, NC (Union)

  31. Dad’s two sisters … Aunt Amy (Alma Edwards) and Aunt Dis (Lillian Reese)

  32. Some of my fondest summer vacation memories are of our trips to North Carolina … This is 1962. Joyce, Aunt Dis, Dad, Cousin Nancy with Corby, Her mom Aunt Amy, Aunt Lena, Uncle Jimmy, Nancy’s husband Walter Joan, Cousin Leonard, Cousin Carole, Cousin Lillian and Karen

  33. Reese Burial Plot in Monroe, NC (Union County)

  34. William Thomas Reese, Jr. and Dorothy Helen Love Married on December 12, 1936

  35. Dorothy Helen Love

  36. July, 2002 – 8 Great-Grands and 4 Grand-Children

  37. William Thomas Reese, Jr. and Dorothy Helen Love 65th Wedding Anniversary December 12, 2001

  38. December, 2001 – The East Coast Clan