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Elluminate Live! Synchronous Web-Conferencing Software PowerPoint Presentation
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Elluminate Live! Synchronous Web-Conferencing Software

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Elluminate Live! Synchronous Web-Conferencing Software - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Elluminate Live! Synchronous Web-Conferencing Software. Quick Reference Guide With Troubleshooting Tips. Tips for Elluminate Sessions:. Before you log into the session, make sure you have your headset plugged in.

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elluminate live synchronous web conferencing software

Elluminate Live!Synchronous Web-Conferencing Software

Quick Reference

Guide With Troubleshooting Tips

tips for elluminate sessions
Tips for Elluminate Sessions:
  • Before you log into the session, make sure you have your headset plugged in.
  • Reboot your machine it has been running for a long time or you were using several programs
  • Close unnecessary programs to release your computer’s memory
  • After you log in, run the audio setup wizard to make sure that your audio and your microphone is working properly.
  • Verify your connection speed
  • Miguel’s number: 404 - 413-1188 (nurmcm@langate.gsu.edu)
  • Elluminate Live phone: 866-388-8674 options 4, 2
logging into elluminate live
Logging Into Elluminate Live

Login page

Login at:


Enter username & password

NOTE: Username & passwords are emailed to your GSU email a few days before the start of your first virtual session. Call 404-413-1188 if you have not received your account two days before your first online session.

choosing your session to join
Choosing Your Session to Join

The current day’s sessions are displayed

Click join to get into your session up ½ hour before lecture start time


run audio microphone setup
Run Audio & Microphone Setup

Set your audio up before each session begins.

  • Audio Set Up Utility
    • Tools Menu  Audio  Audio Setup Wizard
  • Optimal Microphone Setting
  • Permission for Using Microphone

The Logitech USB 250 or 350 headsets are recommend and supported. Call local electronics store to check availability of headset.

Press the microphone button once to speak.

Press the button again to turn off your microphone.

connection speed

Note: If you are on a campus computer, chose LAN

Connection Speed
  • Set your Connection Speed from the TOOLS MENU>> Select Preferences





The Participant Interface

Whiteboard Tools


Raise Hand

Send Message


the participants window
The Participants Window
  • Raise/Lower Hand
  • Emoticons
  • Step Away

Press once to raise hand.

Press again to lower hand.

Ways to express your feelings to the moderator.

The yellow halo around icons show who is doing what. Orange and Red rectangles next to icons show load time delay.

Press once to “step away.”

Press again to “return.”

understanding color indicators for audio
Understanding Color Indicators for Audio


You may also experience increased speed in audio where the moderator sounds like a chipmunk.

Mics should be turned off to allow system to adjust to normalcy.

direct messaging window
Direct Messaging Window
  • Permission for Using Direct Messaging
  • Send a Text Message
    • Public
    • Private

Type here

Send message here

The moderator can view all public and private messages.

  • Types
    • Yes/No
    • Multiple Choice
    • Slowdown/Speedup Class Pace
  • Responses will appear in the Participants window if the moderator has selected to show them
whiteboard tools
Whiteboard Tools
  • Permission for using Whiteboard
  • Tools

Be careful with the Eraser tool. You can only erase whole objects not part of objects. There is also a risk of deleting the whole screen.

accessing previously recorded sessions
Accessing Previously Recorded Sessions

Login at: www.elluminate.com/member.jsp

1. Click Utilities tab

2. Press


4. Press view recorded list button

3. Search for up to 30 days at a time


Previously Recorded Sessions

  • Recorded Sessions are recorded from the moment the first participant enters the virtual classroom not when the lecture begins.
  • It is possible to have up to ½ hour of non lecture time at the beginning of the recorded session.
  • If this is the case, move the slider at the bottom of the window to approximately ½ hour. See next slide as example.
finding where your recorded sessions start
Finding Where Your Recorded Sessions Start

Participants are entering the virtual session, testing audio and talking to each other

Session has been recording for over 22 minutes but lecture has not begun.

No presentation has been loaded onto the Whiteboard yet


4. Move slider until you find the start of the session.

trouble shooting audio
Trouble Shooting Audio

Headset not available in audio setup wizard

replug headset in USB port >>

Return to audio setup >>

Choose Logitech headset.


Reboot computer and plug in headset before running Elluminate Live

No Microphone input in your headset while in a Session

  • Go to tools Menu >> Audio >>

Select input device >>

Choose Logitech Microphone

No sound in your headset

  • Go to Tools Menu >> Audio >>

Select Output device >>

Choose Logitech Speakers.

Email Miguel: nurmcm@langate.gsu.edu or phone: (404) 413 -1188

Elluminate Live: 866-388-8674 ext 4, 2

dropped connections

Trouble Shooting:

Dropped Connections
  • Reboot your computer
  • Do not use a wireless connection to participate in Elluminate
  • Verify internet connection equipment is working properly (DSL, Cable, dial up)
  • Try to rejoin session
  • If problems persist then call Elluminate to determine problem (866)388-8674 opt 4, 2