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NJSL Hub Libraries PowerPoint Presentation
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NJSL Hub Libraries

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NJSL Hub Libraries - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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NJSL Hub Libraries Several tasks and consultations contributed to the overall review Infrastructure review visits and reports Design meetings with Verizon and Sprint Qualitative feedback from public libraries The overall design had not been seriously revisited for 7 years

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NJSL Hub Libraries

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Presentation Transcript

NJSL Hub Libraries

  • Several tasks and consultations contributed to the overall review
    • Infrastructure review visits and reports
    • Design meetings with Verizon and Sprint
    • Qualitative feedback from public libraries
  • The overall design had not been seriously revisited for 7 years

NJSL Hub Libraries Program

  • Hub library program provides internet access to over 300 public library entities
  • The goal of providing access has been accomplished – focus now directed toward services and network stability and efficiency
  • Hubs have done an admirable job of providing services with limited resources
  • Hubs have been valuable partners with NJSL to implement and maintain this program over the past 7 years

Current Hub Library Issues

  • There is no network, no redundancy, many points of failure
  • There is significant waste inherent in the current hub system
    • Duplication of effort, costs
    • Lack of vendor leverage
  • There is no uniformity of service with the current configuration
    • No mechanism for measuring quality of service

Current Hub Library Issues

  • Current configuration does not allow us to take advantage emerging technologies
  • There are many more connectivity options now than there were 7 years ago
  • There is substantial demand from the field for expanded services
  • Hub library services have not evolved with technology needs due to very different hub structures that made reaching consensus on a new service direction difficult

Hub Program Options

  • There are essentially two ways to improve this system:
  • Invest additional time and money in the existing configuration
  • Reconfigure the infrastructure to increase efficiencies
  • There are no additional funds available for option 1
  • Option 2 can provide for a more efficient use of taxpayer money, thus NJSL has decided to pursue option 2

Future Infrastructure Considerations

Goal: To design and implement a stable, scalable infrastructure from which to deliver and expand technology services to libraries.

The new design includes three points of presence (POPs)

One POP in each of the three NJ local access transport areas (LATAs)

Redundant connections between POPs

Three different ISP backbones to the internet

Close to 100% expected network uptime


Current Core Services

  • Internet access
  • Web site hosting
  • E-mail hosting
  • Anti-virus protection
  • Basic technical support
  • Expanded Core Services
  • Anti-spam protection
  • Domain name services
  • Router maintenance/insurance
  • Firewall/Intrusion protection

Planned Optional Services

  • Data storage and backup
  • Disaster recovery
  • Technology consulting
  • Project management
  • Planned Optional Services
  • Help desk
  • Network management/reporting
  • Domain registration
  • Dial-up access

Transition Issues

  • Each library will be contacted to discuss specifics related to the transition to the new network
  • Public IP addresses will change – these will be made available to you at least one month in advance
  • Statewide database vendors, Jersey Cat and JerseyClicks will be notified of the entire NJSL IP range for all libraries that connect to the new statewide network
  • Libraries may need to contact other vendors with new IP assignments for authentication

Transition Issues

  • New Cisco 1841 series routers and Cisco 2950 switches will be provided to libraries that have older Cisco gear
  • Libraries may choose to manage routers themselves or have the NJSL Technology Services organization manage routers
  • All routers will be self-insured by NJSL with next day replacement of failed equipment
  • Mail accounts and web sites will be moved to new servers in colocation facilities

Transition Issues

  • Dedicated project transition team from Verizon
  • Will utilize existing Access NJ circuit
  • Verizon circuits will be remapped from the existing Hub to the new statewide network
  • Old hub and new mapping will exist concurrently until new network connectivity is tested and approved
  • No financial burden to libraries
  • Access NJ circuit is not required to take advantage of most other services


  • Technology services staff on call 24/7 for urgent issues
  • Help desk staffed during library hours
  • Toll free help desk phone number
  • Web-based help desk system login provided to each library
  • Network and services supported by full-time NJSL dedicated staff as well as consultants
  • Hubs have agreed to cooperate with the transition as part of their 2006 contracts

E-mail Service FAQ

  • E-mail accounts for library staff and up to 10 generic aliases
  • 100 megabyte mailbox size limit
  • Choice of managed or unmanaged e-mail administration
  • Anti-spam and anti-virus protection is provided on all e-mail accounts
  • Special situations/exceptions regarding size limits considered by request

Service FAQ

  • Domain choice – register/keep your own or use domain for e-mail/web
  • Web hosting on Red Hat Linux servers – MySQL databases supported, 1 GB size limit
  • Windows web hosting option will be available
  • Complete web site access via FTP
  • Each library will receive an initial 8 public IP addresses
  • Special situations/exceptions considered via IP justification form

Service FAQ

  • 24/7 monitoring for device and circuit faults
  • Intrusion Protection System will block malicious traffic, hacking, attacks on network
  • Network management modules can isolate network problems to the device level
  • Bandwidth utilization reports can be provided for your circuit
  • Alerts can be provided via e-mail when a router or circuit is down
  • Discounted server hosting available by arrangement


  • Verizon circuit completion date is October 17
  • Cisco will then install, configure and test the network for approximately two months
  • Migration of libraries to the new network will begin around Christmas
  • Migration will continue through June of 2006
  • NJSL and volunteer libraries will move first
  • Independent libraries will be the first group
  • County libraries and consortia members will follow


Questions, Comments, Concerns?

Other feedback related to the plans…

Details, FAQ and this presentation at:

Contact Rob Zangara

(609) 984-3282