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NHI Handbook for foreigners PowerPoint Presentation
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NHI Handbook for foreigners

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NHI Handbook for foreigners - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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NHI Handbook for foreigners. Northern Region Branch Bureau of National Health Insurance . Published by the Northern Region Branch of Bureau of National Health Insurance. Contents. PREFACE……………………….……………..... 2. UNDERWRITING…………….…………………… 3. PREMIUMS…………….………………………….

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NHI Handbook for foreigners

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    1. NHI Handbook for foreigners Northern Region Branch Bureau of National Health Insurance Published by the Northern Region Branch of Bureau of National Health Insurance

    2. Contents • PREFACE……………………….……………..... • 2. UNDERWRITING…………….…………………… • 3. PREMIUMS…………….…………………………. • 4. SCALE OF NHI INSURANCE INCOME………. • 5. NHI IC CARD…….…….….……….................... • 6. BENEFITS…………………....………………….. • 7. HOTLINE AND WEBSITE….………………….. • 8. SERVICE COUNTER MAP…………………….. • 9. APPLICATION FLOW CHART OF SERVICE • CENTER………………………………………….. • 10 TELEPHONE DIRECTORY ……….. • 11.SERVICE CENTER SERVICE ITEMS ……… 1 2 5 2 7 8 10 5 6 8 11 14 15 16 17 9 13

    3. PREFACE From July 17, 1999, foreigners, staying in Taiwan for at least 4 months and holding Resident Certificate, are eligible for and should enroll in the NHI Program. Foreign employees with specific employers should enroll in the NHI from the date of employment. This handbook is a quick and easy way for foreigners to understand and enroll in the NHI program. It includes underwriting, premiums, NHI IC Card, benefits, hotline, website and the Service Center guide. The Service Center of the Northern Region Branch of Bureau of National Health Insurance to serve persons living in Taoyuan County , Xinzhu County, XinzhuCity and Miaoli County areas.

    4. UNDERWRITING Enrollment 1.Foreign employees should provide photocopies of their Work Permit and Resident Certificate to their places of employment (i.e. employers) for enrollment in the NHI program as of the first workday (under Category 1). 2.Unemployed foreigners, if qualified as dependents of an insured person, may enroll under that insured person. 3.Unemployed foreigners, if not qualified as dependents of an insured person, should bring the Resident Certificate to the village (township, municipal and district) administration offices to enroll in the NHI Program after residing in Taiwan for 4 months(Category 6).

    5. Withdrawal The insurance coverage will be cancelled under the following conditions: 1.Foreign residents who cease to have a legally acceptable reason to reside in Taiwan or decide to leave Taiwan will lose their eligibility for coverage and should apply to withdraw from the insurance. All outstanding premiums should be paid prior to departure from Taiwan. 2.Foreign residents who leave Taiwan for vacations or business trips and still have a valid permit to remain in Taiwan will continue to have the coverage. 3.Foreign residents who plan to leave Taiwan for more than 6 months can either continue to pay the premium to keep the coverage or to withdraw from

    6. the insurance. In the latter case, no premium is required. 4. Upon returning to Taiwan, application to reactivate the coverage should be submitted. Those who choose to discontinue the coverage, but return within the 6-month period need to repay the premiums to cover the period while absent from Taiwan. Those who continue to pay premium and maintain coverage are eligible to claim for emergency treatment or childbirth medical expenses while living outside of Taiwan. Proper documentation certifying the medical condition and expenses incurred is required for reimbursement.

    7. PREMIUMS 1.People who are qualified to be the beneficiaries of the NHI Program must enroll in the National Health Insurance Program under an appropriate category. The insured are classified into 6 categories according to their occupation. The insured and their dependents must pay premiums monthly. For their convenience, employees and their dependents' premium will be deducted directly from their salaries. 2.For Category 6,those who enroll through local (city/district/town/village) administration offices, the local branch of Bureau of National Health Insurance will mail them their premium bills by the end of the following month. The insured may pay

    8. the premiums for their dependents and themselves at banks or other agencies that been contracted by the BNHI. 3.Premiums may be also paid directly through a monthly bank account transfer.


    10. NHI IC CARD 1.Starting from Jan 1, 2004, please use the NHI IC Card when visiting the doctor. For newborns or first-time enrollees, please fill out the "IC Card Application Form" with your NHI registration (remember to attach a copy of your ID card on the back of the application form, and your photo if possible). Mail or bring it in person to a nearby NHI branch office or liaison office. Or, call the NHI IC Card Service Line (0800- 030598) for further information. 2.You can have your photo on the NHI IC Card. This photo should be 2-inch, color/black- and­white and taken within 2 months. On the photo, no hats or colored eyeglasses are allowed. We won't accept any photo other than a certified photo.

    11. 3.In addition, since the NHI IC Card consolidates various health insurance cards, after Jan. 1, 2004, the children' health handbook and the mother's maternity health handbook will be issued by the Bureau of National Health Promotion instead. 4.After you have used the NHI IC Card 6 times, you should update your card at the Public IC Cards Kiosk installed at all BNHI branch offices; or looking for the IC Cards Reader installed at nearest the hospital or local town office. Name ‧Guilloche and Rainbow Printing‧Microline Printing‧Optically Variable Ink Printing‧Ultraviolet Fluorescent Ink‧Laser Engraving Technology Serial number Birth Date ARC number

    12. BENEFITS • Medical services • In cases of illness, injury, or childbirth, • the beneficiaries can receive medical services; including medical outpatient services and inpatient services from an NHI healthcare provider. • 2.The beneficiaries must pay a co-payment when receiving medical services and observe the medical regulations. • Medical expenses reimbursement • In cases where beneficiaries receive • medical services overseas, such as • unexpected medical services need or • childbirth, they are entitled to claim • reimbursement. They should make their • claim within 6 months after the treatment • with receipts, including detailed services • item and document of diagnosis.

    13. HOTLINE AND WEBSITE 1.Improving the quality of care has always been the concern of the Bureau of National Insurance. If you have any questions regarding NHI regulations, or you want file a claim, please contact 0800-212369 or (03)4339111. 2.You may also visit the NHI web site for further information: or

    14. Introduction The Service Center is a subdivision of theNorthern Region Branch of Bureau of National Health Insurance to serve the public around Taoyuan County , Xinzhu County, XinzhuCity and Miaoli County. Office hours 8:30a.m. – 5:30p.m., Monday to Friday.

    15. Items of service General Information NHI IC Cards Application Health Insurance Application Overdue Payments Inquiry Printing of Payment Forms Printing of Insurance Details NHI Relief Funds Loan Installment Payments for Individuals (Overdue Payment) Reimbursements Catastrophic Illness Card Medical Forms for Sale Medical Expenditure Document Drop-Off CTC Premiums Collection

    16. SERVICE COUNTER MAP Counter 15 Bulletin Board Restroom 13 12 11 Bulletin Board Counters 8 to13 10 9 8 7 6 16 17 18 19 Counters 16 to 19 Waiting Area 5 4 3 2 1 Volunteer Service Counter Counters 1 to 7 Card Public Telephone Banking Service ATM Application Procedure Application Forms Welcome Main Gate

    17. APPLICATION FLOW CHART OF SERVICE CENTER Application Take A Number NO1→Underwriting Consultation NHI IC Card Issue NO2→Catastrophic Illness Certificate Reimbursements Of Medical Expense NO3→Premium Installments NHI Relief Funds Loan Waiting Area Process By Order Complete

    18. TELEPHONE DIRECTORY Items Telephone Fax Address BNHI headquarters 02-27065866 02-27025834 140 Hsin-Yi Road, Section 3, Taipei, Taiwan 106, R.O.C. Notthern Region Branch 03-4339111 03-4381800 No.525, Sec. 3, Jhongshan E. Rd., Jhongli City, Taoyuan County 320, Taiwan (R.O.C.) Domestic toll free number 0800-212-369 NHI IC card call service 03-4381815 03-4381814 The insured groups in Extension category 1 2049~2062 2002~2005 03-4378720 The insured groups in Extension categories 2 to 6 4010~4020 Reimbursements Extension 03-4381821 3326~3327 03-4381838 Complaints for Medical Services 03-4381824 03-4381821 Healthcare providers contract affairs 03-4381825 03-4381821 Taoyuan office 03-3667841 03-3627618 No.440, Jieshou Rd., Taoyuan City, Taoyuan County 330, Taiwan (R.O.C.) Xinzhu Countyoffice 03-5527615 03-5528420 No.135, Jhongshan Rd., Miaoli City, Miaoli County 360, Taiwan (R.O.C.) Xinzhu City office 03-5335847 03-5335809 No.226, Guangming 9th Rd., Jhubei City, Hsinchu County 302, Taiwan (R.O.C.) Miaoli County office 03-7273995 03-7273964 No.3, Wuling Rd., Hsinchu City 300, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

    19. L O C A T I O N Service Center Northern Region BranchBureau of National Health Insurance Freeway YKK Sec. 3,Jungshan E. Rd Sec. 2, Jhonghua Rd., N Carrefour Rongmin S. Rd Jhongli Train station Freeway Huanzhong E. Rd 3 Address Website Address No.525, Sec. 3, Jhongshan E. Rd., Jhongli City,Taoyuan County 320,Taiwan (R.O.C.) E-mail Address Tel :886(3)433-9111 Fax:886(3)438-1800 Northern Region Branch Bureau of National Health Insurance