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Leadership Forum - Providing Solutions

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continue. Leadership Forum - Providing Solutions. Raytheon and Natel working together, to our Customers through Integrated Supply Chain Management and Raytheon Six Sigma. providing solutions. continue. Leadership Forum 29 January 2004.

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leadership forum providing solutions


Leadership Forum - Providing Solutions

Raytheon and Natel working together,

to our Customers through Integrated Supply Chain Management and Raytheon Six Sigma

providing solutions

leadership forum 29 january 2004


Leadership Forum 29 January 2004
  • Natel was invited to participate in Raytheon Leadership Forum
  • Natel was identified as a model for Solution based approach to Vendor/Customer relationship
  • Natel was the only vendor/subcontractor invited to participate
  • Natel’s story was used as example to be duplicated across Raytheon
  • Natel received recognition from highest levels at Raytheon for providing solutions at speeds unachievable by Raytheon on their own
raytheon natel



History of Solutions

  • RMS Stinger Engagement
  • Low Temperature Co-Fired Ceramic, Reactive
  • Aluminum Nitride, Proactive
  • Air Force Program, Proactive
  • Microelectronics Transition
what they are saying


What they are saying !!!

“In my career, I can count on one hand the number of suppliers to gain trust and sustain quality and performance across a myriad of programs. Natel is part of that handful. They’re small enough to work with, yet large enough to pack clout. They have initiated “Lean Manufacturing” and it works. They do what they say they will do!”

Major Prime, Program Materials Director

For more details see “An Outsourcing Success Story” article

the answers


The Answers

How is Natel able to offer solutions and still remain profitable?

recipe for success


Recipe for Success

How is Natel different?

  • Implementation of Lean and 6 Sigma
  • 1 hour of focused, individual and one-on-one anomaly and recurrent training; per employee per week
    • Training emphasizes quality, not quantity
  • Never accept current solution as final, always looking for better, faster solution
  • Always searching for problems/pitfalls and addressing them before they happen
  • Aggressive culture of “Lean Enterprise”
program management


Program Management

Tightly organized, Lean Management Team

  • Highly motivated to support all disciplines
  • Up to 25 years experience working as a team
  • Historical and verifiable success stories tied to large transitions
  • Demonstrated facilitator of Prime/Natel solution oriented relationships
implementation strategies


Implementation Strategies
  • Development of key relationships (open and candid)
  • Executive Level involvement
  • Clear objectives identified
  • Dedicated senior level program involvement
subcontracts and material


Subcontracts and Material
  • Develop long term relationships
  • Detailed forecasting and future buy commitment strategies
  • Continuous lead time reduction efforts
  • Continuous price reduction efforts
  • Demonstrated savings(15-20%) and lead time reductions(50-75%)


  • Goal of 96% percent first pass yields
  • Goal of 1 day cycle time for assembly
  • Increased emphasis on non production “Lean Initiatives”
  • Natel is never satisfied with the current state
  • Speed and agility coupled with the highest possible customer satisfaction
  • As a result, Natel’s sales have increased from under 17 million in 1999 to over 46 million in 2003
the explanation


VP’s and Managers




The Explanation

Quality First !!!

Anomaly Based Training Performed Immediately

Application of Six Sigma Training and Programs

All this has contributed to a proactive evolution of:

Lean Enterprise

Lean Management

Lean Manufacturing

Lean Operations

the explanation cont


The Explanation, cont.
  • “Lean” suggests that there are 7 main areas of waste
  • Initial success achieved by going after the “low hanging fruit”
  • Additional refinements made in:
    • In-Line and balanced assembly: Eliminated Waste in transportation and handling and reduced wait times
    • Uncluttered/Organized Production Lines: Speeds efficiencies and improves morale
  • Reduced cycle times:
    • Assembly cycle time is down to 3-4 days; industry average is 60 days
    • This eliminates excess inventory and material handling
    • Also provides near real time identification of process/component problems
the explanation cont13


The Explanation, cont.
  • Material cost reduction’s of up to 20% on 15 year historical numbers achieved by:
    • Creating spend concentrations
    • Long term commitments to reduced supplier base
    • Providing detailed multi-year forecasts
  • Significant material lead time reductions achieved
the implementation


The Implementation

Can this be replicated in any operation or application?


Most defense electronics operations today are running at less than 50% efficiency!

the implementation cont


The Implementation, cont.

What does it take to make an organization successfully lean?

  • Commitment from all levels of the organization to support change
  • Empowerment by Management of all levels of organization to effect change
  • Removing barriers that crop up during times of change
the result summary


The Result - Summary

Small organizations committed to a lean structure, can take advantage of these principles and achieve the success described. Natel’s focus on its specific and special manufacturing niche has allowed it to become an expert. This allows Natel results that “Big Companies” may not be able to achieve. Also it allows big companies (or prime contractors) to focus on their core competencies of system development and integration.

the future


The Future
  • Through “Lean Manufacturing”, Natel is and will continue to realize significant improvements in all business metrics
  • Our demonstrated success brings us up the learning curve, positioning Natel to move deftly and quickly
  • Proven ability to mitigate risk and prevent product flow disruption is ready to serve again
  • Significant capacity immediately available, with two separate facilities available
  • Natel’s robust infrastructure and experience is poised to add to your success
more about natel


More About Natel

Click a link to read more……

Natel’s Business Summary (8 Slides)

Natel’s Manufacturing Highlights (11 Slides)




Multi Chip Modules

Microwave Integrated Circuits



Evolution Of A Solution Oriented Partnership

  • Natel History:
    • Started in 1975
    • A small minority owned business
  • Evolved To Become:
    • A Model of Integrated Supply Chain
      • Through Raytheon Six Sigma
      • Collective risk taking and problem solving
    • A DoD Supplier Diversity success story: Awarded 2003 Subcontractor of the Year for Region IX by the SBA
    • A collaborative link in providing real value to customer

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More about Natel

c ompany h istory


  • MIL-PRF-38534 Certified in 1990
  • ISO 9001 Certified in 1998
  • ISO 9001:2000 Certified 2003
  • Acquired Power Microelectronics Division from Semtech in 1992
  • Acquired Powercube from Unitrode in 1994
  • Acquired Scrantom Engineering, Inc. from Solectron in 2003

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More about Natel





o be the value and quality leader in our industry, as viewed by our customers.


Innovation Quality Service

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More about Natel

marketing focus


Marketing Focus
  • Space Level RAD-HARD Hybrids
  • Military Hybrids
  • Medical Hybrids
  • Power Hybrids
  • COB, SMT, MCM, BGA & Flip Chip
  • DC-DC Converters
  • Microwave Integrated Circuits
  • RF/Microwave Hybrids
  • Photonics/Optoelectronics
  • Circuit Card Assembly
  • System/Box Level Assembly

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  • F15/F18 – Radar (Raytheon)
  • Patriot Missile (Raytheon)
  • Sparrow Missile (Raytheon)
  • STD Missile MHIP (BLK-III) (Raytheon)
  • Space Level 8482 and 5155 Classified (TRW)
  • Stinger (General Dynamics/Raytheon)
  • Lantirn (Martin Marietta)
  • F-16 Radar (Westinghouse)
  • F-15 Avionics Integrator (McDonnell Douglas)
  • Pivad (Lockheed Electronics)
  • MIL-STAR (Raytheon)
  • Aegis (Raytheon & RCA)
  • Sea Fire (Texas Instruments)
  • Roland (Boeing)
  • ASRAAM(Hughes)
  • AMRAAM(Raytheon)
  • Pacemakers (TPS)
  • Defibrillators (Telectronics Pty Limited)

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k ey b usiness r elationships



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risk mitigation


Risk Mitigation
  • Multiple locations capable of production
  • Disaster recovery success demonstrated
  • Redundant technical and process support
  • Data/Documentation storage and recovery strategies

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  • Region IX U.S. SBA Contractor of the Year (US Small Business Administration)

2003 Systems Command Medallion – Outstanding Member APG-73 Program Team (Raytheon & US Naval Air Command – Admiral James Goodwin)

  • Surface Navy & Electronic Warfare - Outstanding Performance in Engineering & Manufacturing SLQ 32 (Raytheon Goleta)
  • Cert of Appreciation – Outstanding Support to Operation Enduring Freedom

(DCMA – Diane J. Diekman – Capt., USN. Commander)

  • Outstanding Support – Standard Missile Program (Raytheon Tuscon)

2001Supplier Excellence Award F-15 & F/A-18 Radar Programs(Raytheon El Segundo)

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20001X1024 Test System(Schlumberger)

1999 Quality System Qualification Declaration (DCMC)

  • HS601 & ICO Satellite Program(Hughes Space & Communications)

1997F-22 Program Aircraft 4001(Boeing)

1995 Outstanding Supplier (Hughes)

1975-1995 More than 20 customer awards and recognitions

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More about Natel


This is only a glimpse of what Natel can offer. Please let us have the opportunity to share more on how Natel is right for your outsourcing needs …

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