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Jim Zwerg PowerPoint Presentation

Jim Zwerg

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Jim Zwerg

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    1. Jim Zwerg

    3. Early Life His dad was in the military. Had a brother that was three years older than him, named Charles. Jim was on the student post for his school.

    4. How he got interested Jim became interested in civil rights in his freshman year at Beloit College.

    5. SNCC Students throughout South formed the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (SNCC)

    6. What his parents thought Jims parents did not want Jim to go on the freedom rides.

    7. How he was treated on the freedom rides For 1961 there was a picture of me in the hospital. So many people had gone through so much more. I started crying. I shouldnt be there. - Jim Zwerg

    8. Freedom Ride Buses One of the buses the Freedom Rides used was set on fire in Alabama in 1961.

    9. Jim Zwerg gets arrested Jim Zwerg was arrested with Paul Brooks, a black man, when police found them sitting in the front of the bus together.

    10. Time in jail In jail, Zwerg was able to communicate with fellow freedom riders through music. Paul and Sylus got melody to go our bail keep your eyes on the prize, hold on.

    11. Trouble with alcohol Like Paul Brooks, Jim turned to alcohol for comfort after the trauma of the freedom rides.

    12. Ministry Jim became a minister on June 13th, 1965. Jim resigned from ministry in 1975.

    13. In honor of the Freedom Rides A few years ago, Jim was asked to ride to Montgomery to commemorate the freedom rides

    14. Jims life today Jim and his family now live in Tucson, Arizona.

    15. God God was always with Jim during his adventures and He is still with Jim today.

    16. Where I got my info I got my information from: The discussions we had with Mr. Moran I also got info from the book Freedom Riders by Anna Bausum.