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Introduction to Marine Corps Supply GSOC 0101 PowerPoint Presentation
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Introduction to Marine Corps Supply GSOC 0101

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Introduction to Marine Corps Supply GSOC 0101
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Introduction to Marine Corps Supply GSOC 0101

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    2. Overview Introduction to Marine Corps Supply System Organization of Marine Corps Supply Marine Expeditionary Force Supply Structure

    3. Introduction to Marine Corps Supply Mission Purpose Function Phases Classes of supply Types of material Levels of supply

    4. Mission and Purpose Mission: To provide and manage items necessary for operations and maintenance for the Fleet Marine Force, supporting establishments, and the reserves. Purpose: To provide support to Marines in combat and remain responsive to the operating, supporting and reserve forces.

    5. Functions of Supply The six sub-functions of supply: Determine requirements Procurement Storage Distribution Salvage Disposal

    6. Phases and Classes of Supply There are two phases of supply: Producer Phase determines procurement schedules to the acceptance of received supplies. Consumer Phase extends from receipt of supplies to issue and consumption for use. The ten classes of supply are items necessary for the maintenance and operation of a military command.

    8. Types of Material Non-expendable and expendable Non-consumable and consumable Principal and secondary items Repairable and non-repairable items

    9. Levels of Supply Inventory Wholesale inventory Managed at a national level by the Commanding General of Marine Corps Systems Command. Retail inventory Intermediate Support the consumer (ie. SMU, and DSSC). Consumer Using unit supply activity.

    10. Organization of Marine Corps Supply Head Quarters Marine Corps (HQMC) Deputy Commandant, Installations and Logistics (DC I&L) Marine Corps System Command SASSY Management Unit (SMU) Direct Support Stock Control (DSSC) Using Unit

    11. Headquarters Marine Corps Commandant U.S. Marine Corps Installations & Logistics Marine Corps Systems Command Marine Forces Atlantic Marine Forces Pacific

    14. Deputy Commandant, Installations and Logistics Acts on behalf of the Commandant regarding logistics policy and management matters. Contract Division (Code LB) Facilities and Services Division (Code LF) Logistics Plans, Policies and Strategic Mobility (Code LP) Precision Logistics The Know Integrated Logistics Capability The How

    16. Marine Corps System Command Purpose: To serve as the Commandant's principal agent for equipping the Operating Forces to accomplish their war fighting mission. Provide quality systems and equipment to the Operating Forces. Manage systems and equipment during their entire life cycle.

    18. SASSY Management Unit (Camp Lejeune is known as Supply Management Unit) SMU is responsible for the following: Stock management Record keeping Stock replenishment Determining requirements Inventory planning and control Inquiry response

    19. Direct Support Stock Control Purpose: Provide administrative supplies, building maintenance materials, and cleaning items to the base and supported units.

    20. Using Unit The final element in the Marine Corps supply organizational system. Normally battalion size organizations Maintain a supply point located in the unit; the main area for supply operations.

    21. Marine Expeditionary Force Supply Structure MEF Supply Marine Expeditionary Unit (MEU) Division Marine Air Wing Force Service Support Group Marine Corps Base Using Unit-level Supply

    22. Marine Expeditionary Force Supply Consist of the following special staff officers: Material Readiness (LtCol billet) Heads the supply, maintenance, and motor transport functions. MEF Supply Officer and Assistant (Major/Capt billet) Reports to Material Readiness Officer on all matters pertaining to supply in the MEF. The MEF consist of Major Subordinate Commands: The Division, MAW, and FSSG.

    25. Division Supply Division Supply Officer: Provides policy and directs supply support for the division. Supply Management Team (SMAT) Purpose is to analyze, train and provide assistance to division supply accounts. Division depends on the FSSG as its primary source of Combat Service Support (CSS). Infantry and Artillery Regiment Supply Officers; Six Battalion Supply Officers

    27. Marine Air Wing Supply Material Readiness Officer: Provides policy and directs all ground supply related matters for the Wing. The MAW also consist of a SMAT Team. Supply Officer billets in the MAW are non-deployable unless the entire Wing deploys.

    29. Force Service Support Group Supply Group Supply Officer: Provides policy and oversees supply support for the FSSG Battalion Supply Officers. Comprised of seven battalions providing Combat Service Support. Supports the MEF whether deployed or in garrison.

    31. Marine Corps Base Supply Base Operations Officer: Senior (LtCol) billet supporting tenant units or commands in local area. Referred to as Station or Post depending on location and mission. Base Supply Support Officer (Major billet)

    33. Using Unit-Level Supply Commanding Officer Supply Officer Responsible Officer Responsible Individual Supply Chief Warehouse Chief