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How to Develop Significant Royalty Income Marketing Oxyfresh Dental PowerPoint Presentation
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How to Develop Significant Royalty Income Marketing Oxyfresh Dental

How to Develop Significant Royalty Income Marketing Oxyfresh Dental

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How to Develop Significant Royalty Income Marketing Oxyfresh Dental

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  1. How to Develop Significant Royalty Income Marketing Oxyfresh Dental

  2. Initial Questions for You: • What have been your3 biggest challengesin building an Oxyfresh organization? • What are3 good reasonsdentist offices should incorporate Oxyfresh into their practices? • Which products do you consider to be Oxyfresh’s “competition” and why?

  3. If You Had to Leave a VM for a Dental Prospect and Only Had 15 Seconds, What Would You Say?

  4. Does it Really Work? • Over 85% of the dental offices I enrolled from ‘93-‘97 still order product regularly! • I have 900+ offices in over 40 states in my downline, and I almost never speak directly with any of them! • My Oxy check would remain the same or be greater than the previous month’s even if I didn’t make ONE call this month! • I built my business part time (6-8 hours per week) primarily on the phone! • The majority of Oxy’s top leaders built with dental.

  5. Why Does it Work? • Dental offices can order hundreds or thousands per month (it is a supply, and they have a built-in retail base). • They will continue to order for years and years. • They are used to ordering monthly. • They don’t need you to order. • They will refer others if asked. • Some will decide to join you and build a downline.

  6. This Means True Residual Income!!!

  7. If You Build With Dental, You Are Almost Guaranteed Your Volume (And Therefore Your Check) Won’t “Dip” Below a Certain Amount!

  8. Why is This Still a Great Opportunity? • There are several hundred thousand dentists and hygienists out there not yet using Oxyfresh. • The % of offices considered to be “Oxyfresh targets” has gone up significantly in the last few years. • Most offices are now retailing products. • Oxyfresh fills a “need” for most offices.

  9. Why is This Still a Great Opportunity? • Technology allows you to prospect efficiently. • Dentists are looking to make more without working more (% overhead has gone up over 15% in last 15 years). • Many RDHs are looking for a “dental related business”. • Dentists are looking to retire earlier and recognize the sale of their practice may not be enough.

  10. Plus… The overwhelming majority of Oxyfresh’s RETAIL CUSTOMERS order the dental products. They will continue to do so for years and pay top dollar for them, which, by the way, tells you WHY this NWM opportunity is for real!!!

  11. Today’s Objective: To teach HOW to create $2,000+/mo. from dental volume.

  12. When You Are Profitable, You Have Options… • Spend more time continuing to build your Oxy business (re-invest into your business). • Cut back a bit from your “real job”! • Take a step back and enjoy the residual income(stay active).

  13. After Today… • You will understand basic proven sales and marketing principles. • You will know how to present Oxyfresh as a PROGRAM and as a BUSINESS to professionals. • You will know what NOT to say and do. • You will have a better understanding of how to structure your Oxy organization. • You will be able to take additional ADVANCED trainings at a special price.

  14. After Today… • Basics of marketing. • Basics of sales. • Keep it simple. • Asking questions. • WHY dental offices BUY! • When and how to introduce the NWM • opportunity.

  15. …ING’s • Marketing. • Networking. • Targeting. • Prospecting/Asking. • Selling. • Structuring. • Supporting.

  16. Let’s Get Started!

  17. Who Are You? • Oxy rep or consultant? • Distributor or businessperson? • How do you present yourself? • Attire and/or “phone tone” • Successful • Confident

  18. Would You… • Read what you are sending to others? • Listen to what you are saying? • Return your calls? • Buy from you? • Go into business with you?

  19. Are You… • TELLING them why they should have Oxy in their office? • Using NWM jargon? • TELLING them they shouldn’t be using “that other product”? • TELLING them things you can’t prove? • TELLING them all about the ingredients and the company?

  20. Marketing 101 “Delivering the right message to the right people with the right presentation!” (Dan Kennedy) BENEFITS TARGET SOLUTIONS

  21. The Key to Being A Successful Marketer Feature OR Benefit? • Oxygene. • Doesn’t stain. • Alcohol-free. • Stability. • Doesn’t burn.

  22. Features — what something IS (ingredient, name of a position, how long a product has been around, how long a company has been in business). Features can set up or be followed by a benefit. Benefits — what something DOES (solves a problem OR creates an opportunity). “What this means (to you) is…”

  23. The “So What?” Principle… Ask this question to determine whether your statements are unique to your business and/or a BENEFIT to your prospects or customers. “Oxyfresh has Oxygene in it!” “You will get to Director if you place a Fast Start Order!” “Oxyfresh is a company I’m involved with that has great products!”

  24. Burger King vs. McDonalds Why is BK #2? Look at the marketing… Flame broiled VS. I’m lovin’ it!

  25. Networking “Creating Mutually Beneficial Relationships” (Bob Burg) • The other person never knows you are networking if you are doing it correctly. • It is more about “farming” than “hunting.” • What is the purpose of your business card? TO GET THE OTHER PERSON’S CARD!!!

  26. Traits of the GREAT Networker • Follows up. • Positive attitude/Enthusiastic/Motivated. • Trustworthy/Sincere. • Good listening skills. • Thanks people. • Enjoys helping.

  27. Don’t sell clothes → Sell a style and attractiveness • Don’t sell insurance → Sell peace of mind • Don’t sell toys → Sell my children happy moments

  28. Don’t Sell Toothpaste and Mouthrinse → Sell ??? PEOPLE EXCHANGE THEIR HARD EARNED MONEY FOR TWO THINGS: • Good feelings. • Solutions to PROBLEMS. Why would a family buy Oxyfresh? Why would a DENTAL OFFICE buy Oxyfresh?

  29. 3 Solid Sales/Marketing Principles that Make the OXYFRESH Opportunity a GREAT One! • It’s always best to be positioned at the HIGH END of the PRICE SCALE (let the competitors focus on being the cheapest). • Do more business with your satisfied customers, rather than focusing on getting lots of new customers! (LEVERAGE instead of EXPENSE). • Adding more products gives you an automatic pay raise!

  30. The Oxyfresh Dental Success System (ODSS) • Why is the name significant? • What makes the program unique? • What are the product/program benefits? • WHY should a dental practice offer them?

  31. Important Product Line Comparisons • Natural vs. Non-toxic/Safe. 2. Cruelty-free? 3. Drugs/Therapeutics • Anti-bacterial? • Periodontal treatment—what are offices using these days? 4. Whiten teeth vs. “keeps teeth white” or “keeps teeth their whitest”.

  32. Why Aren’t We Leading With Periodontal Benefits? Are Dental Offices Interested in “Cosmetic” Product Lines?

  33. Main Benefits of the Whole Product Line • Long-lasting fresh breath (that also tastes great!) • Doesn’t stain. • Doesn’t burn or dry. • Gentle on gingival AND on restorations. • Safe. • Fights cavities. • Keeps teeth their whitest. • Soothing and ASSISTS in healing.

  34. Let’s Look at Some of the Products

  35. Toothpastes • Low Abrasion (45 RDA--one of lowest in the entire industry) uses calcium carbonate (fine chalk). • Oxygene, non-fluoride, does contain SLS (sodium lauryl sulfate). • Sucralose, white paste, mint flavoring (mainly peppermint). BENEFITS? WHO SHOULD USE THIS PASTE? Don’t need fluoride, don’t like fluoride, cosmetic dentistry support.

  36. Fluoride Paste • Oxygene, 0.235% sodium fluoride(the ONLY paste in dentistry that combines stabilized chlorine dioxide and fluoride). • Low abrasion (not as low as regular paste mentioned above but under 100 RDA) uses hydrated silica. • White paste, peppermint/spearmint flavoring • Sucralose, zinc acetate, does contain SLS. BENEFITS? Who should use this paste? Cavity-fighting, prefer this mint combination.

  37. Power Paste • Oxygene, Non-SLS. • Low-abrasion. • Lemon-mint Flavoring. • Liquid Gel, No Dyes. BENEFITS? Who should use this paste? Doesn’t want foam, anti-SLS, power brush, dry mouth, lemon flavoring.

  38. Mouthrinses-“The One Minute Solution!” Unflavored: • Oxygene and deionized water. • No mint or xylitol. • Some use as a “flush” (nasal, tonsillar) and contact lens cleaner! Who should use this rinse? Those who can’t use mint (allergy, homeopaths) or don’t like mint. Fresh Flavor: • Oxygene, xylitol, mint. • No zinc; “sweetest” taste of the rinses. Who should use this rinse? Those who have good general oral health, and want a basic deodorizing rinse.

  39. Fluoride: • Oxygene, xylitol, mint. • 0.05% sodium fluoride (consistent with OTC strength fluoride in other rinses). • No zinc. Who should use this rinse? Those that need cavity-fighting protection, and want good deodorizing benefits, good for use in OxyCare 3000, ortho (braces), children. Patented Zinc: • Patent is on the combination of Oxygene and zinc ion (we use acetate). • Has the most xylitol of the rinses. • “Drier” taste than the other rinses. Who should use this rinse? Those who need powerful deodorizing benefits, periodontal maintenance, OxyCare 3000.

  40. Power: • About TWICE as much Oxygene and zinc. • Less xylitol than patented zinc. • Sucralose, aloe → soothing. • Lemon-mint flavor (lemon may stimulate salivary glands) → helps dry mouth sufferers. Who should use this rinse? Those that want MAXIMUM deodorizing benefits, like the lemon flavoring, good for use in OxyCare 3000.

  41. Oxyfresh Mouthrinses Review, Summary and Other Important Information • All contain Oxygene and are clear (NON-STAINING!) • What is Oxygene? • Stabilized Chlorine Dioxide. • Neutralizes VSCs. • All have xylitol except unflavored. • All come in gallon sizes except unflavored. • Patented zinc and power come in 4 oz. (travel size) as well.

  42. What About Zinc • Naturally found in body. • Excellent deodorizer (VSCs, VOCs and VAs). • Can be an astringent (drying) and have metallic taste. • Benefit of combining the two—Oxygene and zinc? • Biocompatible and synergistic effect (work better together than if used individually). • Allows us to use less of each to maintain excellent taste and benefits. • What do we need to know about Xylitol? • What do we need to know about Sucralose?

  43. Why Alcohol is Bad • Many can’t or shouldn’t use it for health reasons(pregnant, children, former or current substance abusers, diabetics, multiple medications, handicapped, cancer patients, cosmetic, halitosis, perio considerations). • It dries the mouth and BURNS! • It may shrink composite resin restorations. • It may degrade cement/bonding agents used to cement veneers, crowns and other restorations. • It may increase the possibility of oral and pharyngeal cancer. • IT MAKES BREATH WORSE! How?

  44. Dental Gels • Regular Oxidizing • Oxygene, aloe and chamomile. • Unflavored, non-fluoride. • Soothing, tissue “conditioner”. Who should use this product? • Dentists/hygienists —post extraction sites, periocoronitis, syringe interproximally after quadrant therapy, sores, immediate dentures, before impressions, general inflammation, on curettes/scalers. • Consumers: sores, inside dentures, on Oolitts, inflammation, tooth eruption.

  45. Dental Gels 2. Fluoride • Oxygene, aloe/chamomile, 0.22% sodium fluoride (non-prescription). ·Xylitol, mint flavoring. ·TRIPLE BENEFIT—deodorizes, soothes, and fights cavities. Who should use this product? Ortho/braces (WHY?), children, elderly.

  46. Dental Gels 3. Super Relief ·Oxygene, aloe/chamomile, zinc, folic acid. ·Wintergreen mint flavor. Who should use this product? Those that need MAXIMUM “assistance” with healing/soothing

  47. Other GEL Important Notes • Very unique product and very attractive to dental professionals that do a lot of surgery, cosmetics, perio, and ortho. • I tell professionals it saves a lot of “emergency” visits! OxyCare 3000 • Hydromagnetic oral irrigator. • Every family needs one, ortho, perio, breath, implant, C/B). Retail profit (great “upsell” product)

  48. Retail Customers Focus on… • Great tasting. • Long-lasting fresh breath. • No burning, drying, staining. • Romance. • Families—Safety, all will use, SAVE MONEY. • OxyCare 3000---upsell once using Toothpaste, Mouthrinse—big retail profit! GET THEIR DENTIST’S NAME!!!

  49. Statistics To Think About • 65%--Percentage of Americans who suffer from poor oral health (US Surgeon General’s Office, 2003). • By 2010, the majority of dental school graduates will be women. • 85%--of dentists say they are “concerned” about a comfortable retirement. • The average dental office (in U.S.) grosses $500,000 per year, and each dentist’s net is only $130,000.

  50. Trends In Dentistry: • Emphasis on cosmetics and practice management. • Moving away from drugs and towards safer products. • Retailing becoming much more common (not whether to sell, what to sell). • Patients on multiple medications. • Looking to improve hygiene profitability. • More networking (conferences, email groups). • Technology. • Looking for ways to separate themselves.