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How to Develop an Effective Non- Profit Marketing Plan PowerPoint Presentation
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How to Develop an Effective Non- Profit Marketing Plan

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How to Develop an Effective Non- Profit Marketing Plan - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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How to Develop an Effective Non- Profit Marketing Plan . 1. Marketing Plan. Nonprofit. Goals Benchmark and Measurement Situation Analysis Target Audience and Segments Calls to Action Framing the Message Best Strategies Tactics Resources Step-by-Step Work Plan.

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Presentation Transcript

1. Marketing Plan



Benchmark and Measurement

Situation Analysis

Target Audience and Segments

Calls to Action

Framing the Message

Best Strategies



Step-by-Step Work Plan

Courtesy Nancy E. Schwartz


For Profit

Major Objectives

Major Strategies

Product / Service Plan

Marketing Communications Plan

Sales Plan

Customer Service Plan

Internet Plan

Research Plan


2. Goal, Objectives, Positioning Statement

A. Mission Statement-why existB. Vision Statement-what you plan to achieve

C. ActivitiesD. Program

E. Goals

f. ObjectivesG. Positioning Statement


Mission StatementThe mission of the American Antigravity Corporation is to provide online scientific and educational material and support to the scientific community and general public, relating to aerospace, renewable energy, and other scientific disciplines. American Antigravity fosters learning and academic excellence by working with scientists, educators, and inventors to create a safe, fulfilling, and academically enriching environment for breakthrough science.

Our PositionThe Wisconsin Nonprofits Association is committed to advocating on behalf of the nonprofit sector in Wisconsin. As a primary role of our organization, WNA promises to be an active advocate to protect the rights and benefits of the nonprofit sector. Through our Board, members, strategic partners and staff we will also play a key role in providing advocacy education and support to our members along with providing opportunities for open participation and engagement in the advocacy process. 

Goal-At the Community-Driven Institute, our vision is a vibrant, healthy, compassionate world.

Objective- Three to five measurable steps to achieve end result….Motivate 15 area residents to attend a two-part community meeting


Positioning Statement

Who : Bloomingdale-NYC

What : Fashion focused department store

For whom : Trend conscious, upper middle class

What need: Looking for high end products

Against whom: Other department stores

What’s different : Unique merchandising in a theatrical setting

So: It makes shopping entertaining


3. Major Strategies

Benchmark and Measurement

Situation Analysis

Major Strategies


Benchmark and measurements covered in Research Plan.

Situation analysis is your Fact Book:

a. Industry

b. Segments

c. Competition

Strategy-Nurture relationships with prospective supporters within relevant local organizations , from the Lions Club to the Chamber of Commerce


4. Service Plan

Resources-staff, who does what, finances, description of services

Step-by-step work plan-how to roll out the program…action plans

1. Each necessary step or action 2. Who responsible

3. Completion date

C. Budget


5. Marketing Communications

A. Target Audience B. Tools C. Creative Strategy


B. Tools

AdvertisingPublic RelationsOn-site PromotionsInternet


C. Creative Strategy

Target: Teen sun worshippers

Buying decision: Teens, moms, manufacturers, health professionals, clubs, schools

Purpose: Use SPF 15+

Promise teens: Be more attractive to the opposite sex. Promise moms: It’s safe to stay in the sun longer. Promise manufacturers: increased sales

Support: SPF 15+ blocks most harmful rays (ACS authority)

Personality: Healthy, effective, savvy, fun, contemporary

Timing: Pre and early tanning season (some continuous)

Objective: Encourage people to avoid sunburn


Contributor Promotion

Direct mail


Sales literature

Trade shows







6. Client Service Plan

A. Attitude, not DepartmentB. Take Care of Your EmployeesC. Procedural and PersonalD. Understand clientE. Set StandardsF. FeedbackG. Proactive




Banner ads

Blogs, FaceBook, etc.



Procedure for SEO

Create your concept

Select your ISP

Select your software

Register your domain name

Develop your site


Register with search engines

Promote your site

Keep testing


Keywords & meta names

2-4 words

Maximum 25

<meta name=“keywords” content=“golden watches, men watches, silver watches, metal watches”/>


Keyword suggestion tools..

<meta name=“description” contents=“bla,bla”/>

<meta name=“robots” contents=“index, follow”/>


Links, code and submission

Open directory…

Valid HTML code…

Submit every 3-4 weeks



Submission services…


Social Media

Linkedin-110 million profiles

Twitter-be sure you add a link

Lean –forward and lean-back mediums

Facebook-you are not your target audience nonprofit professionals


8. Research Plan

  • In-house activities
  • Benchmark Studies
  • Advertising research
  • Sites

Key question: Is the person willing to recommend your service to friends and colleagues?


9. Assistance

Integrated Marketing Advisory Board-

Database, email lists, donations