field techniques in geography l.
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Field Techniques in Geography

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Field Techniques in Geography - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Field Techniques in Geography. A Pictorial History* *(or what am I doing here in the middle of these bugs and raccoons!?!?). Mt. Desert Island, Maine. Mt. Desert Island. Eastern MDI, Acadia National Park. Blackwoods Campground, Acadia NP. Mt. Desert Island SPOT Satellite Image – June 1989.

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field techniques in geography

Field Techniques in Geography

A Pictorial History*

*(or what am I doing here in the middle of these bugs and raccoons!?!?)

Our Indian Guide Pointing Out the Ocean (1997)back row: Kelli, Teresa, Andrea, Laurafront row: Magda, Jeff, Kris, Gene
echo lake
Echo Lake

John 199?


1985 Acadia National Parkfront row: JonathonBergash, Dom Thongs, Anita, ???, Keith Clarkemiddle row: Lisa Cliadakis, Karen Stern, Mia, Margaret, Frank, Karen Lustig back row: Nick, Tom, ???, Larry, Mark Bosworth, ???


1988 Acadia National Parkfront row: Steve Schoenhaus, Tom Walter, Pete Vreeland, Ann Conner, Karen Mulcahy, Ken Walterback row: ???, Kathy Huddy, ???, Jan Bartoszewski, Bob Ferri


1992 Acadia National Parkfront row: Mark Ferry, Yuri Ghorakovitch, Selema Kahnrow 2: Rudy Buenafe, Jeff Osleeb, Cecelia Querobin, Steve Pekar, Tanya Meda, Ann Litkerow 3: Sherry Felix, Joe Klebener, Tony Lopez, Phil laPorta, Andrea Wolfe, Dom Thongsback row: Ron Moehle, Tom Walter


1997 Acadia National Parksitting: Andrea Csabai, Kelli Pecunies, Gene O’Donnellstanding: Laura Tosin, Magda Dragan, Jeff Erlitz, Dom Thongs, Kris Cheppaikode, Teresa Kiezik, Tom Walter, Andrew Klingle


1999 Acadia National Parkfront row: Tom Walter, Justin Walter, Susan Phon, Lucy Choy, Danette Tur, Linda Bahoritshback row: Yvonne Carvalho, Andrew Carter, John Donohue, Piotr Piwowarczyk


2000 Acadia National Parksitting: Adnan Farooqi, Kristen West, Christine Dobush, Luke D’Orazio, Luz Mendez, Tim Calabresestanding: Denise Valetin, Nlisa Prochniak, Janet Norquist, Andyes Moiseau, Imran Chowdhury, Dana Reimer


2001 Acadia National Parksitting: Jacek Kleczkowski, Mike Morgan, Joanna Grossman, Nora Donnelly, Julie Rimbaultstanding: Anita Shoup, Chris Santolla, Claudia Hernandez, Fruzina Molnar, Louis Geurtin, Amrit O’Connor, Tom Walter, AnnMarie Jones


2002 Acadia National Parkfront: Cari Brenneman, Edyie Saleh, Kristi Belt, Rachel Kamenman, Shastine Van Vugtmiddle row: Bensheng Ouyang, Leron Hensen, Marco Felipe, Tom Walter, Natalia Krasnova, Clarice Annegersback row: Glenn Schembri, Joel Alvarez, Anna Triebwasser, George Musa, maura Gilmartin, Ilir Tota


2003 Acadia National Parksitting : Kim Wolff, Maggie Sparicin, Rita Noorzad, Joanne Kuo, Sara Hodges, Karen Oserstanding: Tom Walter, Kevin Phillips, Chia Bassinger, David Sutton, Jeff Bliss, Dom Thongs, Arron Lipman, Julio Gonzales