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WCRSDP Assessment Plan PowerPoint Presentation
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WCRSDP Assessment Plan

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WCRSDP Assessment Plan
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WCRSDP Assessment Plan

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  1. WCRSDP Assessment Plan Engin Sungur Jon Anderson UMM Statistics

  2. Outline • Introductions • Overview of existing structure • Data collection instruments • Data collection instructions • Analysis through Assessment Matrix • Questions and clarifications

  3. Existing Structure

  4. Study Design

  5. Data Collection Instruments • WCRSDP Board Member Survey • Grant Recipient Survey • Partner Survey • The internet communication tool is a way for those involved in this project to discuss issues and give opinions. It will also be considered a data collection tool, as we monitor the discussion.

  6. Data Collection Instructions • A prompting email will be sent to each of you at the Partnership-supplied email address. If you have had a recent email change, please let us know! • Please do not try to enter data on our forms until we send you the prompting email. • You will be sent the internet address for the data collection forms and the communication tools that are provided for online discussions during the data collection period.

  7. Survey Instructions • All surveys use similar phrases and terms such as asset and need. • We have chosen to use the term “asset” to mean resources or things that contribute in a positive way to our region. • We hesitate to give many examples for fear of artificially directing responses toward provided examples. • The WCROC, UMM, prairie potholes, brisk weather, Big Stone Lake all might be considered assets by respondents.

  8. Survey Instructions • After responding to the relevant questions about the first asset you can identify, either click the button to provide similar information about another asset or, if finished, click the “Done Entering Assets” button to move to the next part of the survey. • Up to ten assets can be provided by a responder. • You will then provide information on assets that are lacking or insufficient in this region.

  9. Survey Instructions • You will then provide information on assets that are lacking or insufficient in this region. • Up to six insufficient assets or lacking assets can be provided. • Respondents then can provide up to six regional needs, and the corresponding information for each need.

  10. Survey Instructions • Respondents then answer questions directly related to the WCRSDP. • Final comment section is provided to address any thoughts not adequately communicated in the survey. • The communication tools (BLOG) is also provided to address this purpose. • Please navigate through the survey using the buttons provided, and please resist the temptation to scroll through the survey. • It will be tedious and confusing if you scroll !

  11. Assessment Matrix • One important final product of these data is our assessment matrix. • This spreadsheet contains columns of regional needs identified in the study, with sub-categories. • The rows of the matrix are regional assets, with sub-categories. • We will complete the matrix to the best of our abilities, but your input will be important as it is constructed.

  12. Assessment Matrix • The matrix will enable you to visualize the needs and assets of our region, and will also help you determine combinations of needs and assets being addressed by the partnership, and combinations not addressed.

  13. Questions and Comments?