sarco products debuts first diet spatula n.
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Diet Spatula Reduces Fat in Fried Foods PowerPoint Presentation
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Diet Spatula Reduces Fat in Fried Foods

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Diet Spatula Reduces Fat in Fried Foods - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Patented spatula removes extra fat content from bacon, burgers and other fried foods without ruining their shape, flavor or texture. Fat Spatula is a 3 in 1 kitchen utensil or gadget that can be used as a spatula, tongs and strainer.

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Presentation Transcript
sarco products debuts first diet spatula

SARCO Products Debuts First Diet Spatula for Reducing Fats

Florence, AL – Feb. 21, 2018 – The introduction of the Fat Spatula proves the spirit of

innovation and entrepreneurship is alive and well. Now available on Amazon, the Fat Spatula is

three kitchen utensils in one that provides food control at the flick of a thumb and helps reduce

fat for weight loss and a healthier lifestyle.

“We’re dedicated to providing

innovative, quality products and

service,” said Jace Sargent, president of

SARCO Products, LLC and the creator

of the Fat Spatula.

Reducing fat in the diet for better

health can be difficult and

inconvenient. The Fat Spatula enables

individuals to eat the foods they love and significantly reduce the amount of unhealthy fats that

are consumed. There’s no need for messy paper towels to blot grease off foods or to run them

under water to rinse away excess fat.

The Fat Spatula is designed with a spring-controlled, stainless steel wire grid on top of the flat

spatula surface that squeezes and acts as a strainer. It removes extra fat content from bacon,

burgers and other foods without ruining their shape, flavor or texture. People simply press down

with their thumb on the lever incorporated into the handle.

The kitchen gadget is created with a non-stick nylon surface for easy clean-up that’s heat

resistant for up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit making it safe for use with stove-top fried foods. The

fat reducing spatula is an easy and effective method for making healthier bacon, leaner meats and

reducing fat in any diet.

The fat-fighting ability of the Fat Spatula is coupled with its versatility as a pair of tongs for

gripping and flipping. It’s equally effective for corn-on-the-cob, fries and hotdogs, along with

shrimp, pasta, and tossing salad. It’s free of BPAs, is dishwasher safe, and resistant to stains and


Introduction of the patented Fat Spatula provides consumers with a highly-versatile, multi-

purpose kitchen utensil that encompasses a spatula, tongs and strainer to help drain liquids and

fat from skillet-fried foods for healthier eating. The “diet spatula” saves time, space, is a helpful

tool for aiding in weight loss, and the non-slip grip keeps it securely in the hand for safety.

Media Contact

Jace Sargent

SARCO Products, LLC – President

Phone: (256)-436-3503


121 Fairground Rd., Florence, AL 35630