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ULIP – Smarter Investments

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ULIP – Smarter Investments - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Unit linked insurance plans i.e. Ulip plans in India ensuring your family and security by maximizing savings and investments in a right way Click to know more https://www.bajajallianzlife.com/ulip/ulip.jsp

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Unit Linked Insurance Plans also know as wealth insurance plans provide a wide range of financial solutions which cover the possibilities of wealth enhancement. When a person invests in ULIP, a part of the amount is secured for insurance cover, while the rest is invested in the markets/stocks. Major amount goes into stocks whereas a partial amount is kept aside for life cover. The performance of the underlying funds determines the investment. The two in one element involved in these types of investments make it a great alternate when it comes to both protection as well as savings. The flexibility and transparency involved in ULIPs enable the investor to customize the plans according to his/her needs. There are various types of plans that come under ULIPs which include retirement, children’s education, wealth and health plans. The investment can be done depending on the priority.


An appropriate plan can be the one that has a life cover, right fund options and long term investment. The applicable charges on these plans are appropriately bifurcated. Policy administration charges, premium allocation charges, mortality charges and fund management charges are usually included in ULIP. Policy administration charges get deducted every month while premium allocation charges get deducted from the premium amount paid by the investor. This amount is used for medical costs and the remaining sum gets invested in the fund opted by the investor. Mortality charges also get deducted each month. This is the sum assured to provide life cover and may vary depending on the value of the fund selected. The insurance company also deducts fund management charges for the maintenance of the chosen funds. A great ULIP will clearly mention all the deductions and flexibility before and after the investment.


Considering certain criteria before investing, you can easily choose the best ULIP rates. Firstly, you will have to understand the plan and the ULIP charges that will be implied. Secondly, compare different plans available in the market and then shortlist the best plan that fits your requirement and budget bracket. If one is clear about where he needs to make the investment, he/she can buy a ULIP online. Decent mortality charges, favorable premiums, long term investment and a good life cover are some of the factors to look for while choosing a ULIP plan. Investing after studying the features of the ULIP rates, will help you obtain the best results.


ULIP has not just given real investors a tax benefit by investing, but also due to the fact that they provided an opportunity to the salespeople in generating a high commission sale. ULIPs are also a great way to manage the investors risk return profile. From the available range of life insurance policies, ULIPs have become the most purchased insurance plans in the recent times. The high rate of return, has also made ULIP a tough competitor against traditional insurance products. The high maturity value of the invested sum and mortality benefits are some of the other reasons why an individual should invest in ULIP.


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click to know more on ulip https www bajajallianzlife com ulip ulip jsp
Click to know more on Ulip :https://www.bajajallianzlife.com/ulip/ulip.jsp

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