unit 2 fun in the park l.
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Unit 2 Fun in the Park PowerPoint Presentation
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Unit 2 Fun in the Park

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Unit 2 Fun in the Park - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Unit 2 Fun in the Park. by Miss Lam Wing See. Mimi and Betty live in Tung Chung. There is a park in Tung Chung. They go to the park every day. What is it?/ What are they? This is …/ They are…. slides. a slide. This is a slide./ These are slides. These are swings. This is a sand pit.

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Unit 2 Fun in the Park

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unit 2 fun in the park

Unit 2 Fun in the Park

by Miss Lam Wing See

mimi and betty are now in the park they see some animals where are they
Mimi and Betty are now in the park. They see some animals.Where are they?


  • The cat is opposite the dog.
  • The dog is opposite the cat.
  • The dog is behind the rabbit.
  • 4.The rabbit is in front of the dog.


in front of

activity one
Activity One

Draw what you listen.

  • Draw a dog.
  • Draw a cat in front of the dog.
  • Draw a rabbit behind the dog.
  • Draw a cat opposite the dog.
activity two
Activity Two

Competition (in groups)

Close eyes and draw pictures.

  • Draw a pen.
  • Draw a ruler in front of the pen.
  • Draw an eraser behind the pen.
  • Draw a TV. Draw a girl opposite the TV.
activity three information gap activity
Activity three—Information gap activity
  • Two versions of worksheets are provided to students.
  • Draw what they can see in their worksheet and ask one classmate to draw the things in the correct page.
  • Check with their classmates.
betty and mimi want to go to different places in the ocean park can you tell them
Betty and Mimi want to go to different places in the Ocean Park. Can you tell them?

(Read the map first.)

Mimi: Excuse me. Where’s the cable car?

_____: Turn right here. It’s behind the …

Betty: Thank you.

__________: You’re welcome.


Map of the Ocean Park

roller coaster



sand pit



Betty and Mimi are here.

cable car

swimming pool