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The Port of Quincy PowerPoint Presentation
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The Port of Quincy

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The Port of Quincy
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The Port of Quincy

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    1. The Port of Quincy

    3. Intermodal Business Plan Timeline Mid 1980s: Commissioners propose intermodal facility. Mid 1990s: Commissioners discuss feasibility of intermodal & industrial facilities. January 2001: Port purchases 320 acre industrial site adjacent to BNSF mainline. February 2005: Construction is completed on siding tracks and paving, intermodal facility is considered operational. September 2006: Port of Quincy Intermodal Services Division is created.

    4. Port of Quincy Intermodal Services Division Staff

    5. The Appeal of an Inland Intermodal Facility Inland freight facility alleviates truck traffic to and from Seattle Location is ideal to attract distribution and import/export facilities Access to BNSF mainline allows both Eastbound & Westbound container traffic. With projected increases in containerized freight, an inland intermodal facility alleviates congestion at coastal ports.

    6. Statewide Rail Capacity and Needs Study, Interim Report #2 The railroads are pursuing a number of operational strategies to increase freight velocity, that is, to increase the volume of freight moved through the system using existing infrastructure. These strategies will have significant impacts on the Washington State rail system. The strategies include: Operation of longer trains and higher slot utilization on intermodal trains (e.g., maximizing the number of containers on intermodal flat cars); Marketing and operation of single-destination unit trains for carload traffic; Consolidation of traffic at central terminals by third parties; Elimination of mainline switching wherever possible (i.e., picking up and putting out of individual cars or sets of cars for a specific shippers and receivers while the train is parked on the mainline); and Transfer of responsibility for branch line switching from Class 1 railroads to local short lines wherever possible

    7. What does the Port of Quincy Intermodal Facility have to offer? 5500 feet of rail storage siding on two tracks; Double stack container capability; 16 acres, with an additional 40 acres to expand; Storage capacity for over 1,500 containers and chassis; 24 multi-phase refrigeration unit plugs; 230 & 460 volt

    8. Intermodal Facility

    9. Industrial Parks

    10. Potential Clients within 5 miles Columbia Colstor Con Agra

    11. Benefits of Container Yard Designation To Steamship Lines Several consistent, high volume shippers in Quincy area. Container availability would encourage business. Containers at intermodal site would decrease equipment lease times. A pro-active step in developing inland rail freight facilities To Port of Quincy, Intermodal Services Division Containers on intermodal property would promote confidence in service. Ready supply of containers would encourage intermittent business. Containers on property would streamline loading and transloading timelines.

    12. Questions?