the cry of albania l.
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The Cry of Albania

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The Cry of Albania Church of God  Great Lakes Region  2010 Project The Cry of Albania

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The Cry of Albania

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the cry of albania

The Cry of Albania

Church of God  Great Lakes Region  2010 Project

the cry of albania3
The Cry of Albania

Church of God congregations in the Great Lakes Region have adopted a major project to provide a place to advance ministry in Albania. We are helping them acquire a church property in Marikaj, a town located 15 minutes from the two largest cities and economic centers in Albania. The acreage features a 2,700 square foot building set in the center of the land and surrounded by vines and fruit trees.

The property costs $130,000, and apart from local church use, it will be developed into a retreat and education center, as well as a conference center for the Church of God in the area. It will also be an excellent place for youth and children’s recreation and camps.

Remodeling is needed inside the building, which features two apartments and a meeting hall which can seat 300 people. There are plans to renovate the roof, and for possible future expansion.

Please check out these pictures and prayerfully consider aiding the effort to pay for this property. The Albanian Church of God has a mission and a desire to reach this country of 3.6 million with the gospel of Jesus Christ.