the art of manipulation persuasive techniques in advertising l.
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The Art of Manipulation Persuasive Techniques in Advertising PowerPoint Presentation
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The Art of Manipulation Persuasive Techniques in Advertising

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The Art of Manipulation Persuasive Techniques in Advertising - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Art of Manipulation Persuasive Techniques in Advertising. Please take notes… Or memorize. The Art of Manipulation Persuasive Techniques in Advertising. An advertisement is, essentially, a persuasive argument.

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Presentation Transcript
An advertisement is, essentially, a persuasive argument.
  • The advertiser proposes a need (or problem), which may or may not have existed prior to the ad, and then proposes a “solution” to that problem.
  • Often, consumers accept the “solution” as a result of unfair, illogical, or intentionally misleading advertising techniques.
parts of an argument
Parts of an Argument
  • ISSUE - problem or controversy about which people disagree
  • CLAIM - the position on the issue
  • SUPPORT - reasons and evidence that the claim is reasonable and should be accepted
Unfair Emotional Appeals
  • Unrealistic Claim
    • A cologne ad claiming their product will make the wearer irresistible to women.
  • False Authority
    • Michael Jordan selling underwear.
    • Catherine Zeta-Jones selling cell phones
  • Association
    • a cigarette advertisement featuring a scenic waterfall, or healthy people engaged in rugged physical activity.
    • A fast food ad featuring an attractive model inexplicably spraying water on herself.
Unfair Emotional Appeals
  • Appeal to “Common Folk”
    • an ad showing a product being used in an average household
    • a politician suggesting he is like everyone else
  • Ad Hominem - attack on the person rather than his/her viewpoint
  • “Join the Crowd” (Bandwagon) C’mon, everyone else is doing it!
Errors in Logical Reasoning(commonly called logical fallacies)invalidate arguments or render them flawed.
  • Stereotyping
    • “Female police officers should not be sent to crime scenes because apprehending criminals is a man’s job.”
  • Hasty Generalization(Conclusion derived from insufficient evidence)
    • “Because one apple is sour, all of them in the bowl must be sour.”
errors in logical reasoning
Errors in Logical Reasoning
  • Non Sequitur(“It Does Not Follow”)
    • “My doctor is young; I’m sure she’ll be a good doctor.”
  • False Cause
    • “Because I opened the umbrella when I tripped on the sidewalk, the umbrella must have caused me to trip.”
  • Either-Or Fallacy(Unnecessary Dichotomy)
    • “You’re either with me, or you’re against me.”
errors in logical reasoning10
Errors in Logical Reasoning
  • False Analogy
    • To prevent shoplifting, we ought to ban kids under eighteen from shopping. There are hardly any children in retirement communities, and shoplifting rarely occurs there.
  • Loaded Language (Emotionally charged or biased)
    • Even good kids can be influenced negatively by those dirty little punks who live across the street.
  • Limited Sample
    • Skaters always wear their hats backward; my friend is a skater and that’s what he does.
which persuasive tactic is being used
Which persuasive tactic is being used?
  • Come early so you won’t have to stand in line – because everyone knows you can make a deal with Dave and save.

Bandwagon / Appeal to Common Folk

  • As a test pilot, Susan Gibbs knows performance. “That’s why I drive a Chevy.”

False Authority

  • Olson’s pizzas are lower in fat and calories. Other pizza makers don’t care about your health.

Ad Hominem / Emotionally Charged Language

“We work magic with your children,” says Eileen of Eileen’s Day Care. “Call us, and your children’s dreams will come true.”

Unrealistic Claim

  • Liberty Bell Airlines flies anywhere in this great land, from sea to shining sea.

Loaded Language / Association

  • Candidate Alan Wilson knows how to put in a good, honest day’s work. His father worked in a coal mine for over 40 years.

Appeal to Common Folk / Non-Sequitur / Loaded Language


Review of Terms


“Join the Crowd”

Ad Hominem

Appeal to “Common Folk”


False Authority

Unrealistic Claim

False Analogy

Loaded Language

Limited Sample

Non Sequitur

False Cause

Either-Or Fallacy

Hasty Generalization


And where I work it’s the USA!!!

People who smoke other brands should go live in Canada!


Choose the brand that Santa smokes.

And don’t be left on the naughty list.